Fight Circus 6 full results: Rampage Jackson and Bob Sapp win insane ‘Siamese boxing’ match

Thailand hosts Fight Circus once again, and it’s finding new ways to be weird.  After introducing Bob Sapp into the mix not long ago,…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 2 months ago
Fight Circus 6 full results: Rampage Jackson and Bob Sapp win insane ‘Siamese boxing’ match

Thailand hosts Fight Circus once again, and it’s finding new ways to be weird. 

After introducing Bob Sapp into the mix not long ago, the former PRIDE and K-1 star will play an active role as part of the main event. And not only that, but he’s brought backup. Former PRIDE and UFC star Rampage Jackson is joining him in a tandem boxing match where they’ll share a single shirt to fight Fight Circus founder Jon Nutt and one of his cohorts, Andrew Wood. Nutt’s already fought in his own promotion, getting beat up in a 2 on 1 fight against a pair of breakdancers.

Of course, Nutt and his crew keep trying to push boundaries in different and oddball ways. Just ask him.

Fight Circus Undercard

Muay Thai, Lethwei and bare knuckle veteran Souris Manfredi returns to MMA, but this time facing two combatants known as Indica and Sativa. With those monikers, the afterparty is bound to be a great time. But with Manfredi’s pedigree, it’s not gonna be fun for them in the ring. 

Steve “Panda“ Banks will be in what is known as a “Human Piñata” match. Banks gets a backpack full of cash, and has to fight off six guys. Whomever keeps the bag at the end, keeps the cash. Simple concept, and also bound to spiral out of control in short order. 

There’s a six-woman, 3vs3 tug of war that appears to have them wearing very little clothing. There’s also the Wheel of Violence, where two contestants arrive at the ring and the ruleset isn’t determined until they spin a wheel. It’s literally just that. What are the options? Well, we won’t know either until the event. It could be fighting blindfolded or coated in baby oil, perhaps an “only kicks allowed“ fight. Or maybe fighting with ankle weights on. The possibilities are plenty. 

Also on tap is a slap fighting bout, which considering this is a Fight Circus event, has to have some sort of twist on an already unorthodox type of bout. A blindfolded Muay Thai fight will also take place, along with fight between two motorbike drivers. 

Finally, there’s a “Musical Chairs of Death“ event, that isn’t totally clear in terms of what the parameters are other than literal musical chairs. The participants will be spread out into different types of fights. Two of them will team up in a 2 vs 1 MMA fight later on, while the “winner“ of the musical chairs segment will be in a “Dealer’s Choice match where he chooses his opponent from the other players. The catch? The opponent selected by the opponent gets to choose the type of match that they’ll fight in.

Clearly, way too much thought was put into this. Never imagined I’d say something like that about an event like this. 

Fight Circus 6 Fight Card

fight circus

Fight Circus 6 Full results and highlights

Siamese Boxing: Rampage Jackson and Bob Sapp def. Jon Nutt and Andrew Wood by R3 TKO

2 vs 1: Sativa and Indica def. Souris Manfredi by Split Decision

The Human Piñata: Steve “Panda” Banks def. Petz and the gang 2 to 1

Whitecollar brawl for a bike: Grab Driver def. Food Panda by decision

Ring Girl Tug of War: Ping & PLoy def. Fernie & Kristina

Wheel of Violence: Joel Fratello def. Kushal Vyas by R2 KO

Musical Chairs of Doom: Blindfolded Lucha Muay Thai, R2 KO

Musical Chairs of Doom: Walter John Veale def. 2 musical chairs finalists by R1 KO

Muay Thai: Musical Chairs of Doom finalist 1 def. finalist 2 by R3 KO

Old School MMA: Campbell Symes def. Kyoken Tampiyanan by R1 KO

Dana Black’s Gentlemen’s Power Slap League Finals: Peter Haelewyn vs Bruno Barone

Fight Circus: The Rise or Fall of Sloppy Balboa streams live from Thailand starting at 7:00pm EST, via

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