UFC San Antonio: Vera vs. Sandhagen live play-by-play, results, and analysis

Join us here at Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, and play-by-play (main event) as UFC San Antonio: Vera vs. Sandhagen takes place from…

By: Tim Burke | 2 months ago
UFC San Antonio: Vera vs. Sandhagen live play-by-play, results, and analysis
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Join us here at Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, and play-by-play (main event) as UFC San Antonio: Vera vs. Sandhagen takes place from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX.

The main event for this fight night will take place in the bantamweight division with a possible title shot at stake, when the streaking Marlon Vera takes on Cory Sandhagen. The co-main is at women’s bantamweight, with former champ Holly Holm meeting Yuna Santos (Kunitskaya).

This will be a big ESPN show and start at what has become a normal time. The five-fight preliminary card is supposed to kick off at 4pm ET/1pm PT, but will probably be a little later than that due to some late fight cancellations. The six-fight main card will start at 7pm ET/4pm PT. The whole card will air on ESPN+ and ESPN.

Main card

Marlon Vera vs. Cory Sandhagen

Round 1 – No touch. They trade low kicks. Sandhagen looking to jab. Can’t land over the top. Leg kick from Sandhagen and he lands a glancing right. Chito checks a kick. Jab head/body from Sandhagen. Sandhagen changes stances and lands a combo. Hard outside leg kicks from Sandhagen. Vera starting slow. Jab from Vera. Another. Sandhagen lands a jump knee, presses, and gets a takedown. He works on top. Hard elbow from the bottom from Vera. 10-9 Sandhagen.

Round 2 – Not much happening early. Sandhagen shoots but he might be stuck in a guillotine. He pops his head out and works in half. Sandhagen isn’t doing much. He backs out and jumps back into a better position. He lands a few light short shots. Vera trying to spin. Two minutes to go. Few side elbows from Sandhagen. Not much on them though. Vera finally spins to his feet with 1:20 to go. Jab from Vera. 1-2 from Sandhagen. Vera catches a kick but can’t do anything with it. He blocks a jump knee. 10-9 Sandhagen.

Round 3 – Kicks from Sandhagen. Head kick from Vera is blocked. Hard body shot and outside leg kick from Sandhagen. Vera’s throwing one shot at a time. Sandhagen slips on a kick but Vera can’t take advantage. He does land a hard low kick though. Sandhagen constantly changing stances. Body kick from Vera but Sandhagen lands a left in return. Both land jabs. Body kick from Sandhagen. Nice combo from Vera finally. Sandhagen comes back. Uppercut from Sandhagen. He shoots. Vera defends. Sandhagen with a right. He pushes forward. Vera with a hard straight left. They trade front kicks. Sandhagen working the front leg. Combo from Vera after a Sandhagen one. Sandhagen is just much more active. Low kick from Sandhagen. Vera misses with a spin kick. 10-9 Sandhagen.

Round 4 – Sandhagen with a jab uppercut combo he’s used many times. He shoots but Vera resists. Again. Vera with a low kick. Sandhagen pawing him. He shoots again but gets nowhere. Sandhagen starting to circle more. Vera’s not really chasing. Sandhagen is just thowing jabs. He gets a couple through though. A left gets through for Sandhagen. Low kick from Vera. Left hook from Sandhagen. Body shot. Sandhagen touches him with a few again. Vera coming up short on power strikes. Vera wants him to engage but he’s not engaging himself. This is not the usual all action Chito. Finally a nice combo from Vera. He misses with a hook kick. 10-9 Sandhagen.

Round 5 – Sandhagen very active to start. Vera…isn’t. Sandhagen shoots but can’t get a takedown. He tries again and does get Vera down this time. Vera fighting like hell from the bottom but Sandhagen is controlling his legsa nd stacking him up. He steps out and back it. Vera tries to roll away but Sandhagen grabs him again. Vera using kicks from his back on a downed Sandhagen, but they’re to the body. Vera pushes off and stands. Sandhagen goes right back to pressure. Body kick from Vera. Nice left from Vera. Sandhagen with his own left. Vera rips the body. 90 seconds to go. Vera needs a miracle. Sandhagen with a combo. Vera spins but comes up short. Sandhagen shoots, gets rebuffed. Vera grabs a leg and ends up on Sandhagen’s back standing, but Sandhagen peels away. Vera pressess late with big strikes, but where was that the rest of the fight? 10-9 and 50-45 Sandhagen.

Cory Sandhagen defeated Marlon Vera via split decision (47-48, 50-45, 49-46)

Holly Holm defeated Yana Santos via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Nate Landwehr defeated Austin Lingo via submission (rear naked choke), 4:11 of round 2

Maycee Barber defeated Andrea Lee via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

Albert Duraev defeated Chidi Njokuani via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Daniel Pineda defeated Tucker Lutz via submission (guillotine choke), 2:50 of round 2


Lucas Alexander defeated Steven Peterson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Trevin Giles defeated Preston Parsons via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

CJ Vergara defeated Daniel de Silva via TKO (strikes), 4:04 of round 2

Victor Altamirano defeated Vinicius Salvador via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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