Rampage Jackson, Bob Sapp, Musical Chairs of Death, and other oddities set for Fight Circus 6

Fight Circus keeps embracing the madness.

By: Anton Tabuena | 3 months ago
Rampage Jackson, Bob Sapp, Musical Chairs of Death, and other oddities set for Fight Circus 6

It seems fitting that Fight Circus’s next event will happen on April Fool’s Day.

Mixed Martial Arts has a long history of freakshow fights that are more spectacle than sport. In recent years, Thailand’s Full Metal Dojo has not only leaned heavily on that aspect for their Fight Circus brand, they have fully embraced it.

On their next offering on April 1st, they’re reaching back into that JMMA history by bringing in two PRIDE vets in Rampage Jackson and Bob Sapp. Interestingly enough, the pair won’t be in MMA matches or even competing against each other — I guess that would be too basic. Fight Circus got their biggest name star ever, and decided to crank up the weirdness and instead put the pair of vets together, quite literally.

Rampage and Sapp will be tied together and will compete in a Siamese boxing match. Their opponents? Fight Circus promoter Jon Nutt will return to the ring, and will be joined by (err, to?) Bangtao coach Andrew Wood.

Apart from the headliners, Bloody Elbow has also learned about the rest of the madness and festivities Fight Circus has planned for their event in Phuket.

According to promotion officials, the co-main event will be Fight Circus’ first female 2 vs 1 match up, with Lethwei champion Souris Manfredi taking on two Thai fighters.

As Bloody Elbow has learned, the promotion will also debut another insane concept called “the Musical Chairs of Death,” where six contestants play the traditional party game in order to determine three match ups and the type of fights they’ll compete in.

The winner will be able to pick his opponent, who in turn will be the one to choose the discipline they’ll compete in. It’ll be curious to see if this becomes a more traditional fight, or if the promotion’s crazier rulesets would be utilized, such as spinning shit only, kicks only, or only legs vs only arms.

Two of the odd men out from Musical Chairs will then compete in Blindfold Muay Thai, while the remaining two will be in a 2 vs 1 match up against a bigger opponent.

The event will happen at the Illuzion Nightclub in Phuket, Thailand, and will feature other oddities such as “Human Piñata,” Ring girl tug of war, and Grab Driver vs Win Driver. The current planned line up is as follows:

Fight Circus 6 fight card:

  • Superheavyweight Siamese Twins Boxing: Quinton Jackson and Bob Sapp vs Jon Nutt and Andrew Wood
  • 2 vs 1: Souris Manfredi vs Run THC (Indica & Sativa)
  • Human Piñata: Steve Panda Banks “with a sack full of money and prizes” vs Petzilla and five others.
  • White Collar Brawl – Road Rage Edition: Grab Motorbike Driver vs Win Motorbike Driver
  • Ring Girl 3 vs 3 Tug of War
  • Wheel of Violence: Kushal Vyas vs Joel Fratello
  • Musical Chairs of Death:

Blindfold Muay Thai: Musical Chairs odd men out

2 vs 1: Walter John Veale vs Two remaining Musical Chairs participants.

Dealer’s Choice: Musical Chairs winner chooses opponent, opponent chooses discipline.

  • Old School MMA, 1×10 minute round: Kyoken Tampiyanan vs Campbell Symes
  • Slap fight: Bruno Barone vs Peter Haelewyn
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