Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury results and video highlights

Stay up to date with what’s happening today (February 26th) with the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury boxing card, which is going down from…

By: Eddie Mercado | 3 months ago
Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury results and video highlights
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Stay up to date with what’s happening today (February 26th) with the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury boxing card, which is going down from the Diriyah Arena in Diriyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The third time’s the charm! After two failed attempts to put this fight together, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will finally meet today in the ring. This main event matchup isn’t the cream of the boxing crop, but it is two undefeated aspiring boxers that are around the same stage in their careers — seeing which one will advance in the sport, and which one will be resigned to the moniker of ‘celebrity boxer.’ That alone could make for a highly competitive scrap, and that’s really all we can hope for.

Before that, we’ve got a legitimate title fight in the co-main event when the 29-2 Ilunga Makabu puts his WBC cruiserweight belt on the line against the 27-3 Badou Jack. This is a far cry from the typical YouTuber vs. Influencer matchup that we typically see on a Jake Paul undercard, which feels like a step in the right direction for Jake’s Most Valuable Promotions venture.

The Paul vs. Fury PPV card is scheduled to begin at 2:00pm ET, and can be streamed on ESPN+ and FITE.tv.

Main Card (2 p.m. ET on ESPN+ PPV and FITE.tv)

Tommy Fury def. Jake Paul by split decision (76-73 x2, 74-75)

The fight started and the athletes kept punching themselves into the clinch. Fury was tripling up on his jab, and mixing his hook. Paul was jabbing to the body, and would try and come over the top with his right hand.

Paul came out aggressive in the second act, backing up Fury with his jab. Fury started to jab back, using his footwork to momentarily command the distance. This round seemed to be the battle of the jab. Both men were using it effectively, but neither fighter really brought anything behind it.

Paul was jousting with his jab in the third round, and even snapped back the head of Fury on a few occasions. Fury was still pumping his jab out there, but wasn’t connecting as often due to Paul frequently slipping it.

Fury got things going in the fourth frame. He landed a short right hand on the inside that got the attention of Paul, and then followed up with smooth combo. Tommy really found a groove here, making Paul miss. The round ended with Fury landed a shot tot he back of the head as Jake was turning away.

Jake Paul was deducted a point in the fifth round for hitting to the back of the head. He responded with a big hook that had Fury backing up to the ropes. Fury would recover and the battle of the jab continued.

Paul was connecting left hooks and overhand rights early in the sixth round. Fury went right back at him with a couple of uppercuts that jarred Jake. That was cancelled out, however, after the referee deducted a point from Fury this round for excessive clinching.

Fury started the seventh stanza with a clean flurry. Paul went right back at him with his stiff jab, but the fighters kept crashing into the clinch. Fury was having success when he would unload more than two punches at a time, and was coming on strong at the end of the round.

A strong jab from Paul sent Fury to the canvas, and it might have been a slip, but the referee ruled it a knockdown. The fight continued and Fury started to let his hands go. Both men were landing as the fight was coming down the stretch, but the match concluded with excessive clinching.

Badou Jack def. Ilunga Makabu by TKO at :54 of round 12: WBC cruiserweight title

We saw a lot of body work from both fighters early in the opening round. A lot of straights were being exchanged back and forth at a steady, but not frenzied pace. Jack started to open up with his power punches in the second act. He was catching Makabu with stinging hooks while he standing flat footed, and was simply being the busier fighter. Makabu did have a big burst of offense at the end of the round.

Makabu went after the midsection of Jack to open the third round, throwing several blows in a row to the body. The output of Makabu picked up as well, and started to connect with some strong flurries. Jack was sitting back looking to counter, but allowing Makabu to go first wasn’t working out for him.

The body continued to be there for Makabu in the fourth frame. Jack would eat some shots, but then come right back with some pressure of his own. Then a nasty right hook sent Makabu crashing to the canvas! Makabu made the count, and went back to swinging, but the statement was made by Jack.

The right hand of Jack kept finding a home in the fifth round. Makabu was still moving forward behind volume, but he was eating some better counters as a result. The sixth round began with Makabu pumping out his jabs and straights, but nothing he was landing seemed to really bother Jack. This was probably his best round thus far, but that might be because Jack kind of took this round off.

Jack got back to work in the seventh round. He was attacking the body with powerful crosses, which opened up the head a bit. Credit to Makabu for constantly moving forward, but Jack was scoring the better punches. The eighth round opened up with Makabu getting through with a variety of volume. Jack came right back with harder strikes, reestablishing himself as the harder puncher. Makabu did rally back, trying to overwhelm Jack with offense but failing to hurt his challenger.

Makabu came alive in the ninth round. He wasn’t really doing anything different, but his volume seemed like it was starting to accumulate. The defense of Jack wasn’t as sharp as it was in the previous round, but he was still packing heat. Jack took control again in the tenth, putting Makabu on the ropes and delivering some crisp crosses. Makabu weathered the storm and went back to his same low-power volume. The last 30-seconds of the round saw Jack land some huge punches to offset what Makabu had done.

Jack came out in the eleventh and scored a big knockdown. Makabu made the count again, but Jack was teeing off. The heart of Makabu was on display, but that means he was getting duffed. The final round saw Jack uncork another overhand haymaker that sent Makabu stumbling. Jack went in for the kill with fists of fury, throwing punch after punch, until the referee stepped in to rescue Makabu. And new!

Ziyad Alaamayouf def. Ronald Martinez by unanimous decision (38-37 x3)

Muhsin Cason def. Taryel Jarafov by TKO at 3:00 of round 1

Bader Samreen def. Viorel Simion by TKO at 1:26 of round 1

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Ragad Al Naimi vs. Perpetual Okaijah

Ziad Al-Majrashi vs. Philip Quansah

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