UFC Vegas 69 complete results, video highlights: Erin Blanchfield subs Jessica Andrade in two

Stay up to date with what’s happening today at UFC Vegas 69, which is going down from the oh so familiar APEX facility in…

By: Eddie Mercado | 7 months ago
UFC Vegas 69 complete results, video highlights: Erin Blanchfield subs Jessica Andrade in two
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Stay up to date with what’s happening today at UFC Vegas 69, which is going down from the oh so familiar APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Atop the main card sits a top-ranked flyweight fight between the UFC’s former strawweight champion, Jéssica Andrade, and a surging 125-pound contender in Erin Blanchfield.

Andrade is on a pretty sweet three fight winning streak. She knocked out Cynthia Calvillo in the first round, and then dropped back down to 115-pounds to pull off an impossible standing arm triangle on Amanda Lemos… also in the first. In Jéssica’s last match, she won a unanimous nod over Lauren Murphy, so getting past Blanchfield could very well put her right back into a title fight.

As for Blanchfield, right now she is listed as the UFC’s #10 ranked flyweight, and is currently enjoying a lengthy seven fight winning streak. She’s competed four times in the Octagon, winning two decisions and snagging two submissions. Erin is rapidly on the rise, and now has a clear path to the title if she can pull off the win. It will not be easy, though, since Andrade is basically the assistant champion of the strawweight and flyweight divisions.

The main card is slated for 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT, and the preliminary bouts begin at 4:00pm ET/1:00pm, PT — all of which can be streamed on ESPN+.

Main card:

Erin Blanchfield def. Jéssica Andrade by submission (RNC) at 1:37 of round 2: (W) Flyweight

Andrade was letting her hands go right away, but Blanchfield was right there answering back. Blanchfield then closed the distance and began working for a takedown, but Andrade wasn’t having it. Andrade continued to stuff the takedown attempts, but Blanchfield was finding success with her striking. Erin kept catching Jéssica with her chin up in the air, but Andrade was starting to counter with hefty hands.

Blanchfield finally landed a takedown in the second round. Andrade exposed her back, and Blanchfield went right for the rear-naked choke before even sinking the hooks. The former strawweight champ was dead to rights, and respectfully tapped out. WOW! THIS IS A MASSIVE WIN FOR BLANCHFIELD!

Zac Pauga def. Jordan Wright by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Light Heavyweight

Pauga closed the distance to get this one going, pressing Wright against the fence. He was sneaking in some slick elbows, as Wright struggled to get free. The only thing that got Wright off of the cage was a knee to the cup from Pauga, and even then they restarted in the same position. A big elbow from Pauga sliced open the forehead of Wright, which covered Jordan’s face in blood.

The second round saw Pauga go back to his clinch attack, but Wright was able to find some seperation this time. The open space would not last long, however, as Pauga found a way to pin Wright back against the cage. Pauga was able to land a few more elbows, and Wright came up with a big right hand that got the attention of Jordan just before the bell.

The final round saw the fight spend much more time in open space. That’s where Pauga scored a flash knockdown. Credit to Wright for rapidly recovering, but this was a long night at the office for him. Wright was able to get off of the fence, but wasn’t able to make anything happen before time expired.

Jamal Pogues def. Josh Parisian by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Heavyweight

Pogues realized an early takedown, landing in side control with Parisian flat on his back. Parisian started to wall walk to get back to his feet. and delivered a mean front kick to the face. Pogues seemed to have a big speed advantage, both in the feet and the hands. Just before the bell, Pogues snagged a bodylock takedown to finish the round on top.

It took about a minute for Pogues to blast another takedown in the second round. As soon as Parisian stood up, Pogues hit another bodylock takedown. Parisian worked back to his feet again without sustaining any damage, and started to get his striking going. He was finding success, and although he kept punching himself into the clinch, he successfully shifted the momentum in his favor.

Pogues opened the final round with some fast hands, but an accidental low blow from Parisian brought a pause to the match. Pogues used less than 90-seconds of his allotted time before feeling ready to continue. The takedown was there for Pogues, but again Parisian stood back up. Down the stretch, Parisian was stuffing the takedowns and being the aggressor. He even landed a takedown of his own, and snuck in a few punches before the bell.

Marcin Prachnio def. William Knight by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Light Heavyweight

Prachnio came out probing from the outside, staying far away from the explosive power of Knight. The kick was a constant weapon of choice for Prachnio, with none of them being checked by Knight. Complete one way traffic.

The leg kicks kept flying for Prachnio, which had Knight backed all the way up the cage and standing on one leg. Things only got worse for Knight, who just didn’t have an answer for the leg kick. The third round was just more of the same.

Alexander Hernandez def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Lightweight

There was mutual respect being shown on the feet to kick this one off. Miller got poked in the eye, but only took a short amount of time to recover. The fight resumed and Miller connected with a head kick that stunned Hernandez. The veteran tried to follow up with a flurry, but Hernandez did a good job of weathering the storm. As the round went on, Hernandez started to land from range, picking off Miller when he tried to advance. Then, Miller hit Hernandez with a cup check, but like Miller, he too did not take much time to recover.

The straight right of Hernandez was finding a home early and often in the second stanza. The chin of Miller was hanging tough, but these blows were adding up. Hernandez continued to fire from range, keeping Miller exactly where he wanted him. The match quickly devolved into target practice for Hernandez, as Miller continued to struggle to get into his striking distance.

Miller came on strong in the final round. He was putting hands on Hernandez, and even threatened with a guillotine. Hernandez regained his composure and went back to his range striking. Miller was trying to come forward, but kept getting picked off on his way in. Hernandez slipped, and Miller jumped on the back to attack with an RNC. Hernandez gritted through, and then got on top to drop some ground strikes before the bell. Great fight!


Nazim Sadykhov def. Evan Elder by TKO at :38 of round 3: Lightweight

Sadykhov was aggressive right away, trying to walk down Elder. A big punch rocked Elder, but he recovered quickly and kept throwing back. Then, Elder dropped Sadykhov with a big shot! It was Sadykhov’s turn to recover quickly, and get right back to swinging. We got an unfortunate eye poke to Sadykhov, bringing a brief break to the banger. The fight resumed with the same sort of ferocity that it had before the foul, but there wasn’t much time left in the round.

The firefight continued in the second round, with both men going power combo for power combo. Elder changed levels and hit a short-lived takedown, and then forced Sadykhov against the fence. In open space, the momentum kept swinging back and forth, but then Sadykhov blasted a brief takedown of his own. What a matchup!

The incredible pace continued in the third, but ended shortly into it. Sadykhov went high with a head kick that split open Elder above his right eye. The referee brought the doctor in to check on Elder, and the physician recommended that the match be stopped.

Mayra Bueno Silva def. Lina Länsberg at 4:45 of round 2: (W) Bantamweight

Bueno Silva got poked in the eye just 16-seconds into the match. After a brief timeout, the fight resumed and Bueno Silva started to work the body. She was also lighting up the lead leg of Länsberg. The fight drifted into the clinch, and Länsberg was able to land some chipping strikes, but Bueno Silva came up with a takedown.

Länsberg crashed into the clinch to start the second stanza, but it was Bueno Silva that was connecting with elbows. Bueno Silva put Länsberg on her back again, and fully locked down the top of half guard. She patiently waited for her opportunity too advance, and then took the back. Länsberg found a way to escape, but instead of moving to open space, she stepped in to tower right over her opponent. That’s when Bueno Silva beautifully transitioned to a kneebar, and stuck with it until she got the tap. WHAAAT!

Jamall Emmers def. Khusein Askhabov by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Featherweight

Askhabov was looking for the takedown in the opening round. Emmers was defending well against the cage, but took a knee to the cup. The foul paused the action, and then the match was restarted in open space. The fighters began exchanging low kicks, with both connecting with power, but Askhabov was doing a better job of checking some of them. It was a highly competitive round.

Emmers had a strong start to the second round. He was staying long and using his straight punches to score. Askhabov was still exploding into his strikes, and even landed a slick up kick from his back at one point. The explosions got the better of him, though, as he threw a spinning backfist and got dropped for it.

Askhabov had lost most of his explosiveness in the third. Emmers was able to stuff the takedown attempts, and surf atop Askhabov. Credit to Askhabov for continuing to move and scramble, but Emmers was all over him. Time expired as Emmers attacked with a Kimura attempt.

Philipe Lins def. Ovince St. Preux by KO at :49 of round 1: Light Heavyweight

Lins rocked OSP with a straight left in the opening exchange, and then stepped on the gas. He chased OSP all around the cage behind fists of fury, not allowing the veteran a chance to recover. Just as OSP tried to circle out, another haymaker landed that dropped him. Lins dropped down with a ground strike, but the referee was already coming to the rescue of OSP.

AJ Fletcher def. Themba Gorimbo by submission (Guillotine) at 1:37 of round 2: Welterweight

Gorimbo picked up an early takedown, but was so busy trying to control Fletcher that he wasn’t able to do any damage. Meanwhile, Fletcher made use of his time in the full mount by dropping some hammers. Gorimbo threatened with a leg lock to get out of the bad position, and that’s where the round came to a close.

We saw a guard pull from Gorimbo to open the second round, and was able to summon his inner Demian Maia to get on top. He took the back and went for an RNC, but Fletcher quickly escaped and stood up. In the clinch, Fletcher uncorked a nasty elbow that rocked Gorimbo, and then addressed the takedown with tight guillotine. Gorimbo rolled to his back to try and relieve the pressure, but the squeeze was on Fletcher earned the tap.

Clayton Carpenter def. Juancamilo Ronderos by submission (RNC) at 3:13 of round 1: Flyweight

The fighters got to work right away, exchanging combos in the middle of the Octagon. Ronderos then changed levels and drove through Carpenter for the takedown. From his back, Carpenter threw up a triangle attempt, and although he didn’t get it, it was close enough for him to sweep on top. Ronderos gave up his back, and Carpenter hated for a rear-naked choke. Ronderos was stuck and had to tap out. Great debut for Carpenter here!

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