BKFC Knucklemania 3 live play by play, results, and discussion

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for results and play-by-play (main card) as Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship hosts it’s 3rd Knucklemania event at the…

By: Tim Burke | 7 months ago
BKFC Knucklemania 3 live play by play, results, and discussion
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for results and play-by-play (main card) as Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship hosts it’s 3rd Knucklemania event at the Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The card is headlined by a BKFC light heavyweight title unification fight between champion Lorenzo Hunt and interim champ Mike Richman. And if you’re an MMA fan, you’ll recognize a few other other names on the card as well. Longtime UFC stalwart Diego Sanchez will make his BKFC debut again former WBA light middleweight boxing champion Austin Trout. And further down the card, former UFC fighters John Dodson and Greg Hardy will be competing as well.

The prelims will begin at 8 p.m. ET and will air on BKFC’s YouTube channel and the BKFC app. The main card airs on FITE.tv at 9 p.m. ET. FITE has slashed the price on this on this event, dropping their usual price of $29.99 down to $9.99.

Join us and let us know what you think of tonight’s fights.

Lorenzo Hunt vs. Mike Richman (LHW title)

Round 1 – Hunt swings and misses. He connects with a right the next time though. Body shot and he checks Richman’s chin. Richman with a jab and big left hook. And a right! They’re both landing big shots to the body and head. Body work inside from Richman. Stiff right hook! Hunt with a right! They trade! Richman waves him in for more. Richman works against the fence. Huge left hook from Richman drops Hunt! He’s up at eight. Hunt comes out and throws a THUNDEROUS RIGHT HOOK AND RICHMAN IS OUT COLD! HOLY HELL THAT WAS CRAZY!

Lorenzo Hunt defeated Mike Richman via KO, 1:50 of round 1

Diego Sanchez vs. Austin Trout

Round 1 – Sanchez wades right in with a right hook. another. Sanchez slips but pops right up and they trade shots. Trout lands to the body, Sanchez counters. Trouts digs to the body inside. More body work. Big shots to the ribs. Sanchez doesn’t like that. Nice right hook from Trout. Jab. Another. Sanchez misses a couple of shots. Trout is walking Sanchez down. Diego eats a body shot and two jabs. Sanchez with a wild right hook. They both land lefts. 10-9 Trout.

Round 2 – Trout jabbing. Sanchez wades in with wide rights that don’t land. Trout with a body jab. Uppercut from Sanchez. Trout resets. He starts pumping the jab. Right hook over the top from Trout. Hard jab. Again. Sanchez swings and misses. Trout is pawing him. Sanchez has a cut on his nose. Trout with more body work. Sanchez lands to the body. 10-9 Trout.

Round 3 – Right hook to the body from Sanchez. Trout with a hard lead left, and again. Short right hook now. Sanchez with a looping hook. Back to the jab for Trout. Jab to the body. Both men look to be slowing down a bit. Trout is just ducking Sanchez’s shots. 10-9 Trout.

Round 4 – Trout with a right hook. Sanchez with a hook to the body. He brings pressure but Trout drops him with a counter! Sanchez is up quick, but he’s bloodied up. Trout is setting up big shots with the jab. They trade combos. Trout with his hands down. Sanchez digs a hook. Huge combo from Trout and Sanchez backs off. Trout is just toying with him now. Sanchez is bleeding like crazy, and even Trout asks them to check it. The old crimson mask. The cut appears to be in his hairline , but they’re stopping the fight regardless. Oh his eyebrow is busted open too. It was pretty one-sided anyway.

Austin Trout defeated Diego Sanchez via TKO (cut), 1:44 of round 4

John Dodson vs. Jarod Grant

Round 1 – Grant jabbing. Dodson fires quick punches. Dodson with a combo and lands the last left. Jabs from Grant. Dodson swings and misses. Jab from Grant again. Dodson with pressure and he lands two lefts inside that put Grant on the floor. He’s up at 9, but takes a knee. And then goes down again. Yikes. Dodson is even concerned.

John Dodson defeated Jarod Grant via KO, 1:41 of round 1

Greg Hardy vs. Josh Watson

Round 1 – Watson charges straight at Hardy but doesn’t land much. Jabs from Hardy. Overhand right. They both land lefts at the same time. Both men score with jabs. Hardy throws Watson to the mat. Hardy back to the jab. Left over the top scores for Watson. Watson ducks a jab and lands a big left that staggers Hardy! He goes awkwardly into the ropes and it’s ruled a knockdown! 10-8 Watson.

Round 2 – They’re checking Watson’s cut. It looks really bad. But they’re letting him continue. I’m surprised. Watson with a counter left and Hardy is down! He’s not getting up! Watson with the big upset! He’s celebrating with blood all over him.

Josh Watson defeated Greg Hardy via KO, :19 of round 2

Jayme Hinshaw vs. Charisa Sigala

Round 1 – They trade right off the bat. Sigala jabbing. Hinshaw with a counter right that staggers Sigala. A couple shots later, she’s down. She seems to have a leg injury. She tried to get up and went right back down, pointing to her leg. Which looks messed up. Yuck. That’s it folks.

Jayme Hinshaw defeated Charisa Sigala via KO, :38 of round 1

Will Santiago vs. Noah Cutter

Round 1 – Santiago comes forward but Cutter takes a lot and fires back. Santiago with a left. Cutter with a combo. Santiago is walking him down slowly. He spins around on retreat. Nice counter left from Santiago. Another left hook, and again. Jab from Cutter. Long right. 10-9 Santiago.

They’re checking a cut lip. And it’s stopped. Wow. That didn’t look that bad.

Will Santiago defeated Noah Cutter via TKO (cut), 2:00 of round 1

Gaston Reyno vs. Daniel Van Sickle

Round 1 – Van Sickle presses right away but eats a jab. Reyno turns him around and they’re separated. Van Sickle runs forward with punches. Moreno with a left hook. Nice reaching left by Van Sickle. Reymo with a combo. Van Sickle counters. Reyno with a perfect counter right and puts Van Sickle on his butt! He’s up but his eye is busted up. They’re waving it off, that cut is nasty.

Gaston Reyno defeated Daniel Van Sickle via TKO (cut), 1:26 of round 1

Josh Moreno vs. Christian Torres

Round 1 – Moreno with a hook. Short shots from both. Moreno lands a combo. He lands a couple, clinches, then backs off. Jab from Moreno. Torres keeps leaning into his punches. Straight right down the pipe from Moreno. Big shot from Torres, but Moreno fires back. 10-9 Moreno.

Round 2 – Moreno presses. He lands a left on the break. Now a right. The ref wants to check a nose cut on Torres. Jab from Moreno on the restart. Torres comes in and a right drops him with an uppercut! He’s up at eight. He says he can’t see out of his right eye though, so it’s waved off.

Josh Moreno defeated Christian Torres via TKO, 1:02 of round 2

Chevvy Bridges vs. Kevin Croom

Round 1 – They engage right away, and Croom gets inside. Big shots from both men. Bridges brings some pressure now. Croom lands a right over the top. A left hook misses, but the next 1-2 puts Bridges out cold! Face flop! Wow.

Kevin Croom defeated Chevvy Bridges via KO, 1:11 of round 1


Eric Dodson defeated Gene Perez via KO, 1:32 of round 1

Nick Gonzalez defeated Lardy Navarro via KO, :41 of round 1

Derek Perez defeated Anthony Sanchez via unanimous decision (49-45, 49-45, 50-44)

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