Early FOTY? Artur Beterbiev TKOs Anthony Yarde: Results, video highlights, play-by-play analysis

Artur Beterbiev looks to keep his perfect knockout streak alive in London today. He faces off against Anthony Yarde, a dangerous puncher in his…

By: Lukasz Fenrych | 4 months ago
Early FOTY? Artur Beterbiev TKOs Anthony Yarde: Results, video highlights, play-by-play analysis
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Artur Beterbiev looks to keep his perfect knockout streak alive in London today. He faces off against Anthony Yarde, a dangerous puncher in his own right, so whatever happens, it should be dramatic.

Beterbiev (18-0, 18 KOs) is a hugely dangerous puncher, but he has plenty of skill to go with it. His hope is to unify the three light-heavyweight belts he holds with the one held by compatriot Dmitry Bivol, but that fight hasn’t come together yet so instead he’s gone on the road for this. At 38, he can’t afford any slip-ups. Yarde (23-2, 22 KOs) has had a much more meandering career, but he’ll be aiming to prove he’s fixed up some of the holes he’s displayed in the past, and show himself as a true world-level fighter.

This card is available on ESPN+ in the US and BT Sport in the UK. The scheduled start time of the card is 2pm ET, though ESPN+’s schedule doesn’t start till 3:30pm: presumably there will be prelims shown on BT that ESPN won’t carry. Ringwalks for the main event are expected at about 5:30pm ET, but stay tuned here for updates on that.

Update; It seems the ESPN+ stream has started an hour earlier than the schedule said yesterday. Apologies.

Further, in absolutely baffling pacing on this card tonight, as the second televised fight – and the first televised fight on the ESPN+ show- is the other world title fight, between Dalakian and Jimenez, and not one of the several six-round prospect shows still to go.

Update: Okay, the main event ringwalks will be starting any second.


Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde

Round 1: Let’s be honest, we’re not expecting 12 rounds for this one. They meet in the center of the ring, Beterbiev steps forward with a jab. Lot of feinting and moving from Yarde. Beterbiev moves him to a corner early, but he circles out. And again. Then yarde throws a 1-2. And Yarde catches Beterbiev with a check left hook! Not hurt or anything, but warning shots. And again! Yarde more on the back-foot than expected. Then Beterbiev lands a decent overhand, but Yarde matadors him again. This is a close round. Couple of bodyshots to close by Beterbiev, and an overhand. 10-9 Yarde

Round 2: Beterbiev opens by upping the pressure, but Yarde pushing him back with shots. They fall in and clash heads. And another left hook by Yarde, Beterbiev lands simultaneously though. Jabs to the body by the Russian, Yarde gets pushed into the corner, chopping right hand by Beterbiev, Yard responds and moves out. Warming up niceley now, on the ropes again,exchanging roughly equal but Beterbiev hits so hard. Now an uppercut by Yarde snaps Betebriev’s head back, another misses. Heavy jab snaps Yarde’s head back, but another left hand moves beterbiev back again. Beterbiev probably landed the slightly heavier work, though, 10-9 Beterbiev, 19-19

Round 3: Beterbiev trying to jab Yarde into the corner, and does. Hooks for Yarde to answer, but back into the corner. Beterbiev really focusing on the jab here. Yarde’s mouthpiece is out, short pause. Back to the jabs. Big bodyshot by Beterbiev, Yarde felt that. Pace a bit slower this round, Beterbiev being a bit more patient. Double jab and boydshot by Yarde. Combination upstairs moves Beterbiev a bit. Yard misses big and walks onto a shot, but he’s okay. Big left hook catches him on the bell. 10-9 Beterbiev, 29-28

Round 4: Yard wobbled to start the round, he’s looking a bit phased now. Big chopping right wobbles him! Beterbiev starts the round with heavy fire! Yarde trying to fight fire with fire! He’s surviving, but he can’t do this long. The pace slows down in the middle of the round, and a nice jab and shots to the body back Beterbiev off briefly. Great left hook and Beterbiev backs off. And he backs to Beterbiev on the ropes! Then gets too keen, and Beterbiev catches him back. Excellent fight. Yarde ends strong, jabs and little hooks, Beterbiev with an uppercut. 10-9 Beterbiev, 39-37

Round 5: Good bodyshot to open the round by Yarde, then Beterbiev jabs back and Yarde’s mouthpiece comes out. That’s the second time, so either he’s buying time or it’s not fitted properly. Catches Beterbiev with an uppercut on the restart, Champ’s jabs are scoring though. Cracking shot by Yarde wobbles Beterbiev! Then Yarde throws a chopping right but catches an equal left back. Yarde showing damage below his eye, pawing at it a bit. Beterbiev lands a jab but countered with a left hook, then another! Betebriev backed off! Then turns Yarde. But he’s still backing off, and looks bothered by these! Bodshoys, and hooks upstairs. Beterbiev trying to counter, and turns Yarde into the corner. Superb round! What a round! Could go either way, but I’ll go 10-9 Yarde, 48-47 Beterbiev

Round 6: I gave Yarde that round but he was hurt at the end, he has to start sharp. Nope, Beterbiev has started fast and Yarde os wobbling. Cut under the right eye too. Recovered well now, Beterbiev clearly not that confident in taking Yarde’s power. And now bodyshots force the champ back again. More cautious round from both, understandably. As Beterbiev jabs, Yarde throws over the top. Snaps his chin back. Beterbiev definitely focusing on counters and his jab. They exchange hooks, then Beterbiev lands a hard one to close. 10-9 Beterbiev, 58-56

Round 7: Yarde boxing on the move now, then bodyshots and hooks. He’s recovered from that earlier hurt for now. Still jabbing over Beterbiev’s jab, then a right hook. And a big bodyshot. Beterbiev holding. That’s new. Matador’s Beterbiev and staggers him! These check hooks are money for him every time Beterbiev gets aggressive. Yard gets a bit too keen and eats a left hook. Then a big uppercut, and backs Beterbiev off again! Then he gets spun into the corner, trapped there and taking shots. But backs him off with a big uppercut! Yarde still unsteady, but survives and backs Beterbiev off again. What a fight. 10-9 Beterbiev, 68-65

Round 8: What Yarde really needs to do is not push too hard when he sees Beterbiev hurt, he’s been spun into the corner three or so times now. As long as he keeps it at range he’s doing well. More of a jabby first minute from both in this round. Yarde caught and dropped! He gets up and tries to fight on, but his coach decides no more. Good corner work there.

Winner: Beterbiev, TKO-8

That was a superb fight. Early FOTY contender. Yarde did so much well, but just got ahead of himself a couple of times, while Beterbiev kept his cool under pressure.


IBF, WBA and WBC light heavyweight title fight: Artur Beterbiev TKO8 Anthony Yarde

Heavyweight: Moses Itauma KO1 Marcel Bode

Cruiserweight: Tommy Fletcher Def-6 Darryl Sharp 60-54 (ref’s card)

Light heavyweight: Ezequiel Osvaldo Maderna KO5 Karol Ituma

WBA flyweight title fight: Artem Dalakian def.6 David Jimenez 115-113, 115-113, 116-112

Super welterweight: Khalid Ali RTD1 Ivica Gogosevic

Super featherweight: Charles Frankham def.6 Joshua Ocampo 60-54 (ref’s score)

Welterweight: Sean Noakes TKO5 Santiago Garces

Super-featherweight: Masood Abdullah def.6 Lesther Lara 60-54 (ref’s score)

Welterweight: Joshua Frankham def.6 Joe Hardy 60-54 (referee’s score)

Featherweight: Umar Khan vs. Sandeep Singh Bhatti

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