UFC 283 preliminary card live results, highlight videos: Shogun Rua gets stopped in retirement fight

Stay up to date with what’s happening today with the UFC 283 preliminary card, which is going down from the Jeunesse Arena in Rio…

By: Eddie Mercado | 8 months ago
UFC 283 preliminary card live results, highlight videos: Shogun Rua gets stopped in retirement fight
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Stay up to date with what’s happening today with the UFC 283 preliminary card, which is going down from the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The card’s featured prelim will be the swan song for an MMA legend, when the UFC’s former light heavyweight champion, Maurício “Shogun” Rua makes his final walk to the Octagon to face Ihor Potieria. It’s crazy to think that Shogun has been competing in MMA since 2002, with most of his tenure either occurring in PRIDE FC, or with the UFC. Potieria has a special opportunity to eat a legend, but you better believe that entire Brazilian crowd, and every Shogun stan, will go absolutely bananas if Rua finds a way to pull off the win.

There’s also a star in the making on the prelims in Brazil’s own Jailton Almeida, who will be putting his 12-fight winning streak on the line against the UFC’s #15 ranked heavyweight, Shamil Abdurakhimov. Almeida has a wicked ground game, and after competing on the Contender Series (and making his UFC debut) at 205-pounds, Jailton has posted up back-to-back first round submissions up at heavyweight. In a completely different space, there’s Abdurakhimov, who has been stopped with strikes in his last three matches.

The early prelims begin at 5:30pm ET/1:00pm, PT, immediately followed by the regular preliminary card. Both broadcasts can be streamed on ESPN+. The PPV main card is slated for 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT, and can be purchased on ESPN+.

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Ihor Potieria def. Maurício Rua by TKO at 4:05 of round 1: Light Heavyweight

Shogun landed the first meaningful strikes of the fight when he clipped Potieria with a beautiful combination of hooks. After a Shogun slip, Potieria rushed him and began clinching up against the cage. Once they broke apart, Shogun started to launch leg kicks, but a right hand from Potieria stunned the veteran. Potieria pounced with fists of fury, dropping Shogun and pounding him out with strikes. This is a massive win for Potieria, and the last time we will see the legend that is Shogun inside of the Octagon.

Brunno Ferreira def. Gregory Rodrigues by KO at 4:13 of round 1: Middleweight

It took about a minute for the fighters to get their timing, and then we got some action. Rodrigues started to attack first, but Ferreira responded with a huge overhand that made Gregory back up. Rodrigues quickly went back to pumping his jab, and had Ferreira changing levels. Just as Ferreira was backed up to the cage bobbing and weaving, he changed blasted Rodrigues with a counter left cross that knocked him out cold. One brutal follow up ground strike connected before the referee had a chance to step in. HOLY SMOKES!!! Another impressive UFC debut!

Thiago Moisés def. Melquizael Costa by submission (RNC) at 4:05 of round 2: Lightweight

Moisés was searching for the takedown in the opening round, but Costa was doing a good job of being difficult. After pressing Costa against the cage for some time, he was finally able to get the fight down to the ground. It took him awhile, but Costa eventually worked his way back up to his feet. Just before the bell, Moisés connected with an angry combo to solid the round.

It took all of about 30-seconds for Moisés to shoot a takedown, but Costa was quick to scramble up. After a bit of a reset, Moisés shot back in and put Costa on his back. Plenty of elbows were being dropped by Moisés, including one that split open Costa’s forehead. From there Moisés made his way to the back, and shortly after that he sank a rear-naked choke. Moisés wasn’t even fully under the chin, but the squeeze still forced Costa to tap.

Gabriel Bonfim def. Mounir Lazzez by submission (guillotine) at :49 of round 1: Welterweight

Bonfim started pressuring behind his strikes right away, backing up Lazzez to the fence. Then as Lazzez shot in, Bonfim grabbed ahold of the neck and jumped a guillotine. Bonfim used the momentum to roll into top position, and kept squeezing until he got the tap. What an insane win, and what a sight to see someone successfully jumping a guill!

Early prelims:

Jailton Almeida def. Shamil Abdurakhimov by TKO at 2:56 of round 2: Heavyweight

Abdurakhimov opened the match with a big overhand right, and Almeida responded with a scooping takedown. As soon as Abdurakhimov stood up, Almeida took him right back down. Abdurakhimov was defending himself well enough on the ground to not get steamrolled, but Almeida was gradually improving his position. Almeida was doing a great job of controlling, and even though he wasn’t throwing many strikes at first, he eventually dropped down some punishment in the final minute of the round.

It wasn’t long into the second that Almeida earned another takedown, and went right back to dominating Abdurakhimov on the ground. Abdurakhimov turtled up, which allowed Almeida to start raining down punches to the point that the ref warned Shamil twice to improve his position. Abdurakhimov obliged the referee and rolled to his back, but Almeida was still on top. Almeida then worked to the back, flattened out Abdurakhimov, and punched away until he referee intervened. This man Jailton is something special, so we should go ahead and start lobbying to see him against Jon Jones.

Cody Stamann def. Luan Lacerda by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Bantamweight

This one started a bit sticky, with the fighters looking to feel out one another. As the round went on, each fighter started to probe with combinations. Lacerda showed the takedown, but seemed content to strike. Stamann was light on his feet, bouncing around and looking loose. Lacerda was getting through with clean body kicks, and Stamann’s best work was with his boxing combinations.

Stamann had strong start to the second round. He was blocking the kicks of Lacerda, and retuning stinging kicks of his own. That prompted Lacerda to up his aggression, and he began unleashing hard punches at Stamann. We were treated to some spicy exchanges on the inside, with both men connecting. The longer the round went on, the more Stamann started to pull away. He was sticking and moving, and wasn’t allowing Lacerda to tee off in front of him.

Lacerda went to his takedown in the final round. Stamann sprung right up from the first takedown, but Lacerda’s second one gave him some control. Lacerda started to work for a guillotine as Stamann sat against the cage, but Cody used the moment to stand back up. Lacerda started to attack the body with punches and kicks, and he was the more active fighter down the stretch.

Ismael Bonfim def. Terrance McKinney by KO at 2:17 of round 2: Lightweight

McKinney was throwing volume right away. He was missing with a lot of his strikes when he was on the outside, but he was cracking with some hard knees to the body whenever he crashed into the pocket. Bonfim snagged an ankle pick, but McKinney quickly bounced right back up. McKinney’s mouthpiece was knocked out int he exchange, and just after the referee gave it back to him and he put it back in, Bonfim dropped him with a massive overhand. McKinney recovered quickly and pressed Bonfim against the cage, but Bonfim was the one who started to grind.

Bonfim connected with some clean haymakers to start the second round, and McKinney was not reacting well to them. McKinney was standing with his back to the fence, while Bonfim waited for openings to bomb away. Bonfim knocked out the mouthpiece of McKinney again with a punch, and then followed up with a sensational jumping switch knee that completely shut out the lights. McKinney did a faceplant, and no followup was necessary. WOW! KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE!

Nicolas Dalby def. Warlley Alves by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Welterweight

This one started a little crazy, with both men looking to explode with early aggression. They ended up in the clinch against fence, which slowed things down as they jockeyed for position. The crowd started to boo at this point. Once they broke apart, they went back to exploding into combinations.

Alves was utilizing his kicks in the second round, going to both the body and the legs. He then shifted gears and began hunting for the takedown, and although he botched a sacrifice throw, he quickly scrambled on top. From his back, Dalby threatened with a Kimura attempt, and then found some space to stand back up. The fighters clinched up again on the cage, which stalled out the round a bit. Once they broke free, they took turns landing heavy strikes. Dalby was throwing more volume, but Alves seemed to have a little more steam on his weapons.

Alves showed some urgency in the final round, applying pressure and keeping Dalby defensive. He was pretty much in control for most of the round, firing away at will while Dalby looked to block. Dalby did have a moment of offensive wrestling, but it didn’t amount to much.

Josiane Nunes def. Zarah Fairn by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Featherweight

Fairn came out hot, lighting up Nunes with combinations of punches to the head, and kicks to the body. Nunes was in some early trouble, but maintained her composure and weathered the storm. Nunes started to press forward and fire away with her patented haymakers, but Fairn was still launching her varied attacks. As the round went on, Fairn began to slow down, while Nunes started to pick it up.

Nunes went back to applying pressure in the third round, and Fairn’s combinations weren’t showing up as frequently. Nunes would flurry her way into the clinch, and then press Fairn against the cage. At the end of the round, Fairn came alive with a late combination, and then Nunes responded with a swarm of heaters just before the bell.

Fairn was using her reach in the third round. She was pumping her jab, and was bringing the right cross behind that. Nunes continued to swing wild, and did her best work when she would catch Fairn with her back to the cage. Several flush overhands landed for Nunes, who was doing a great job of entering the pocket. Fairn finished the round with solid strikes, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Nunes’ lead.

Daniel Marcos def. Saimon Oliveira by KO at 2:18 of round 2: Bantamweight

Oliveira came out and started pressing Marcos against the cage. He was looking for the takedown, but Marcos was being stubborn. As the round went on, Marcos found open space and started to get his striking going. He was working his boxing, attacking to the body and the head. The chaotic pace seemed like it was starting to overwhelm Oliveira, and was throwing a lot of spinning backfists, but he seemed like he was having a blast out there.

Marcos stung Oliveira early in the second round with a well-placed body kick. Oliveira immediately brought his elbows in to cover his midsection, and Marcos started to pour it on. Marcos stuck with mixing in his body shots, using his hands, knees and legs. The damage was adding up, and you can see Oliveira start to wilt. The end came when Marcos closed in with a piercing knee to the body that finally caused Oliveira to fold. What a debut for Marcos!

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