Sumo stomp! Our new home for Sumo

All you need to follow the sport of sumo.

By: Tim Bissell | 5 months ago
Sumo stomp! Our new home for Sumo
The GOAT Hakuho. IMAGO / ZUMA Wire
The great sport of sumo has many intersections with mixed martial arts, and thus the UFC. There was a sumo wrestler (Teila Tuli) at UFC 1 and plenty of other rikishi have crossed over from sumo to MMA, especially during the boom period of Japanese MMA and PRIDE/K-1.

Sumo, which is hundreds if not thousands of years old, remains an important sport and cultural practise in Japan — despite numerous scandals involving bullying, betting and organized crime.

Bloody Elbow recognizes sumo’s place in martial arts and mixed martial arts history and also believes that watching two guys throw down in the doyu is exceptional fun.

This stream is your place for all the events, highlights and analysis out of Japan. Here you will find event coverage of the yearly Honbasho as well as news stories involving the various figures involved.

The stream will also include posts that act as primers on various aspects of the esoteric sport.

You can follow all of Bloody Elbow’s sumo coverage here: Sumo Stomp!

Here are some recent posts covering the sport of Sumo:

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