Regis Prograis vs Jose Zepeda: results, video highlights, round-by-round analysis

After a few years in the boxing wilderness, Regis Prograis returns to the top levels of the sport, fighting for the vacant 140lb WBC…

By: Lukasz Fenrych | 6 months ago
Regis Prograis vs Jose Zepeda: results, video highlights, round-by-round analysis
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After a few years in the boxing wilderness, Regis Prograis returns to the top levels of the sport, fighting for the vacant 140lb WBC title against Jose Zepeda.

Prograis (27-1-0, 23KOs) seemed on the verge of stardom back in 2019, but a loss to Josh Taylor tumbled his career off the rails a bit. He’ll be hoping to relaunch his bid for top level events by grabbing the title on offer here. He won’t have an easy ride though, as Zepeda (35-2-0, 27 KOs) is a skilled and highly experienced opponent with aspirations of his own. With both men possessing quality talent and not shy of a scrap, it’s shaping up to be a good one.

This page will provide live play-by-play of the main event. The card is a $60 pay-per-view on, and kicks off at 9pm ET, with the main event expected around 11pm- but stay tuned here for updates.

Regis Prograis vs Jose Zepeda


Round 1: They set their stalls out straight away: Zepeda leading with the jab and moving in and out, Prograis with lots of head movement and trying to push in. Tentative though, lots of feeling-out jabs. First significant action as Zepeda double-jabs then throws a chopping left behind it. Then finds some room to the body. Prograis tries to push the tempo to get the round back but gets tagged. Good start for Zepeda, Prograis not comfortable working past the jab and 1-2. 10-9 Zepeda

Round 2: Prograis’ plan in the second round seems to be to let Zepeda jab then counter with lead right hooks. He’s getting his own jab working a bit better too. Zepeda still tags him when he opens up. Another bit of success with a double-jab/overhand, that’s working for Zepeda. Big counter left over Zepeda’s jab lands, then Zepeda lands one clean. Prograis doing more in this round, but Zepeda still a little busier. 10-9 Zepeda, 20-18

Round 3: Prograis opens the round with a bit more pressure and a strong flurry. Backs off and circles, playing the patient game, then counters Zepeda’s jab again. Another big left and a double jab, and Zepeda’s lack of head-movement is starting to tell. Minute left in the round, Prograis looks momentarily wobbled from a jab then a left hand, but looks no lasting damage. Huge counter left from Prograis, and Zepeda is beginning to struggle with the unorthodox angles he throws from. 10-9 Prograis, 29-28 Zepeda.

Round 4: Zepeda’s corner tell him that he’s down 3-0. That’s probably not true, but they’re right he shouldn’t stand and trade, he absolutely doesn’t have the defence for that. He’s become hesitant with his jab though, Prograis’ counters have made that difficult for him. A round of patient aggression from Prograis, as he takes advantage to take ove rwith his own jab. The proactive head movement is excellent too. Zepeda tries an uppercut or two to try to counter it, but Prograis isn’t on center-line. Zepeda bleeding now from a cut by the right eye, and wobbled in another exchange. Prograis 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: Zepeda steadily on the backfoot now. Does step in to land a bodyshot as the round warms up, but quickly pushed back again as Prograis controls with the jab. Pushes Zepeda to the ropes with bodyowrk, then a strong left upstairs. Zepeda lands a little uppercut, but Prograis immediately responds with a strong combination. Prograis starting to take over here. Zepeda tags him clean, but again, Prograis doesn’t let him have anything free and drives him back with clean headshots. 10-9 Prograis, 48-47

Round 6: Prograis pushing forward here, Zepeda really struggling to land clean even as Prograis comes close with his hands down. Having some joy with bodyshots, but Prograis having more. Zepeda’s range-focused defence really not holding up to Prograis’ timing and rapid blitzes. He needs to find something else, and it’s not clear if he’s got it. 10-9 Prograis, 58-56

Round 7: Zeoeda starts the round holding center for the first time in a while, snapping the jab out. Prograis comfortable here, but he’s dropped the pace a little, circling at range. It’s difficult for Zepeda though, he lands a couple strong shots but when he tries to get capitalised, his head snaps back and he’s on the backfoot again. Better round for him, but still 10-9 Prograis, 68-65

Round 8: Prograis starting the round with some snappy movement and big shopping counters over Zepeda’s jab. Bit more agression now, double and triple jabs and following with those overhand lefts. Zepeda getting really wary of those. The second half of the round continues the same patter, Prograis stalking with the jab. Zepeda throws a flurry on the ten-second clapper and lands to the body, but as ever, countered upstairs. 10-9 Prograis, 78-74

Round 9: It’s a shame Prograis has been so out of the scene since his loss in 2019, because he’s really very good. His footwork is a lesson here. Explosive movements but small steps, constantly balanced. Starting to showboat a bit now, Good bodyshot by Zepeda, but he’s starting to lunge to close distance and that’s dangerous. A clubbing left by Prograis as he moves in hurts Zepeda. He recovers well tries to make it rough and they scrap toe-to-toe as the round ends. 10-9 Prograis, 88-83

Round 10: As the round starts, Zepeda buzzes Prograis as he runs in! But immediately, he tries to follow up and is countered hard. Despite buzzing his man, Zepeda comes out of that the far more hurt. He’s reacting badly to bodyshots, and then Prograis in the pocket working upstairs and down. His angles at this distance are brilliant, and Zepeda has no answer. Prograis protects himself so well for someone so aggressive too, and a huge right hand in another exchange leaves Zepeda clinging on to end the round. Excellent round, both fighters took damage. 10-9 Prograis, 98-92

A slower start to round 11, but then Prograis hurts Zepeda! A run-in left did the damage and he doesn’t let up, bullying Zepeda to the ropes and unloading till the ref had no option but to stop it. Great finish!

Looking at the replays and Zepeda was on the way down and out as the ref jumped in. Fantastic performance and fantastic finish, and it’s great to see Prograis back at the top of his game.

Official result: Regis Prograis KO-11 Jose Zepeda

WBC world super-lightweight title: Jose Zepeda KO-11 Regis Prograis

Women’s IBF and WBO world light flyweight titles: Yokasta Valle MD Evelin Nazarena Bermudez 95-95, 99-91, 97-93

Heavyweight: Bakhodir Jalolov TKO4 Curtis Harper

Light middleweight: Charles Conwell MD Juan Carlos Abreu 98-92, 96-94, 95-95

Light Middleweight: Fernando Vargas KO2 Alejandro Martinez

Lightweight: Eduardo Estela SD Ruben Torres 78-73, 76-75, 75-76

Featherweight: Nathan Rodriguez UD Jerson Ortiz 79-71, 80-70, 79-71

Super-featherweight: Austin Brooks KO3 Jesus Roman

Middleweight: Eric Priest KO1 Luis Alberto Vera

Amado Vargas UD4 Oscar Olmos Hernandez

Welterweight Jacob Macalolooy KO2 Terrance Jarmon

Super-lightweight: Alejandro Reyes vs. Daniel Perales Osorio

Welterweight: Mario Ramos vs. Geronimo Nahuel Sacco

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