WTF: We have a new fastest ever Dambé knockout

Oh, hi there. Yeah, we had you waiting for a bit. Your boy was caught up with stuff and partying it up in Miami…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 8 months ago
WTF: We have a new fastest ever Dambé knockout
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Oh, hi there.

Yeah, we had you waiting for a bit. Your boy was caught up with stuff and partying it up in Miami for carnival, but that doesn’t mean he forgot about you. Now we’re back with some amazing bits and pieces of the martial arts fringes and the tangentially related action outside of MMA.

So we begin where we usually do, with our guy Jerry at Fight Commentary Breakdowns. This time, it’s time for Tang Soo Do to get a bit of shine. An MMA bout with modified rules to allow for limited ground time has a generalist MMA fighter against a Tang Soo Do practitioner. Any guesses as to how this one goes?

Interestingly enough, it goes pretty well. What we get is a very competitive bouts with some wild exchanges and some experimentation. The Tang Soo Do isn’t a fish out of water here, but you get to see some elements of his base play out here in practice.

A bit early, but this might be the coolest thing I’ve seen all month. Judo Highlights brings us this highlight vid of a France vs Japan event, and it’s outstanding.

It’s brilliant, and perhaps a little tough to appreciate if you haven’t trained in Judo in some capacity. But even without that frame of reference, there’s a lot to love here. Technique and drive reign supreme, and the dramatics of the team dynamic are palpable. Check it out, you might learn a thing or two.

And just to keep things in the Judo world, here’s a series of highlights of the top Ippons courtesy of Japanese Judo. Some of these moments are remarkably satisfying, considering the level that these competitors are at.

Next up, more grappling. This time, it’s courtesy of SAMBOFIAS. We’ve got select matches from the European Youth and Junior championships. And boy howdy, there’s a lot to chew on.

Sweet kneebar setup and finish on this one:

This one’s got a lovely armbar setup that leads to a clean finish:

Here’s another excellent armbar setup at the end:

You’ll never guess how this one ends. Lots of scrambling and hectic action with a big ending:

We can’t go long without Dambé action around here, and I know you’ve been starving for some of it. Lucky for you, we’ve got the remedy for that. First up, A very chaotic Dambé Warriors matchup. Stick around for another frenzied bonus match in the same vid:

And here’s what Dambe Warriors has listed as their fastest knockout to date. Man brought out the YOPPER and put that other cat to sleep harder than Nytol:

The precision and execution there were picture perfect. Dambé remains thrilling and amazing.

Finally, we’re gonna end with a true precious nugget from the heathen era that was the 90s. We’ll be reminiscing on WMAC Masters, a TV series that involved some serious martial artists like Hakim Alston, Chris Casamassa and Ho Sung Pak (a.k.a. Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 1 & 2). Hosted by Shannon Lee (yes, that Shannon Lee), the show was an action drama with arena fights pitting competitors against hordes of masked and nameless ninjas as well as 1 on 1 battles. Was it as weird as it sounds? No. It was in fact weirder.

So now that we’ve clarified what it was, here’s an absurdly 90s music video tribute to the show and performers:

That’s all we had in the tank this week, kids. You might feel a bit down, but at least you weren’t dumb enough to buy Parler. And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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