UFC 279 results, videos: Barnett stops Collier in crazy comeback, Almeida subs Turkalj

The rather exciting UFC 279 prelims are in the books, and this portion of the event enjoyed three finishes across four bouts. Closing out…

By: Eddie Mercado | 9 months ago
UFC 279 results, videos: Barnett stops Collier in crazy comeback, Almeida subs Turkalj
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The rather exciting UFC 279 prelims are in the books, and this portion of the event enjoyed three finishes across four bouts.

Closing out the prelims, Julian Erosa put on a stellar performance against Hakeem Dawodu to run away with scorecards in a unanimous decision. Erosa had a strong opening act, stinging Dawodu on two occasions thanks to his crisp boxing. From there, Erosa found himself with back control in the second, landing several strikes once the choke didn’t pan out, and then again in the third. Don’t look now but Erosa has now won six of his last seven.

Before that, Jiu-Jitsu ace Jailton Almeida came up with a first round submission on UFC newcomer, Anton Turkalj. Almeida went right for the takedown, and methodically worked until he found his moment to sink a rear-naked choke. This makes three UFC fights for Almeida, and three first round finishes — across two divisions no less. It should be noted that this match took place at heavyweight, but he has also picked up a win at 205-pounds. Jailton really does look unstoppable!

Denis Tiuliulin overcame a point deduction in the second act to finish Jamie Pickett with strikes inside of the same round. The loss of a point came after Tiuliulin’s second cup shot, but all that did was increase the already high urgency on display. Tiuliulin made this the fight he wanted, and earned himself his first UFC victory.

Opening up the prelims, super heavyweight Chris Barnett overcame a frenzied beatdown in the first round to rally and stop regular heavyweight, Jake Collier, in the second. Collier came out hot here, hurting Barnett right away and initiating an exciting heavyweight brawl. The doctor actually came in at the start of the second round to check on Chris, but he was deemed fit to continue. Barnett went for broke, flurrying like a wild man, and then found his moment to shine as Collier botched a takedown. Barnett got on top and battered Collier until the referee said to stop. This was a crazy comeback!

Early prelims:

Julian Erosa def. Hakeem Dawodu by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Featherweight

Dawodu took the center of the cage here to get things going, flicking out well-timed leg kicks. Erosa was looking make it a bit ugly, and stung Dawodu wit a two-piece. If not for the fence, Dawodu may have gone down. The fighters clinched up and Dawodu appeared to recover, but the momentum was still on the side of Erosa. A crisp right cross from Erosa staggered Dawodu again, but the round came to an end before a finish could manifest.

Dawodu was recovered going into the second act, and went back to his technical kickboxing approach. Erosa responded by forcing a takedown, and jumping to the back while Dawodu was standing. He then made Dawodu fall to the ground, and rapidly began searching for the choke. Dawodu defended well, so Erosa began throwing punches and elbows from the back. The round ended with Dawodu standing back to his feet, but Erosa more than likely took the round.

Dawodu came out pumping his jab to start the third round, while Erosa sat back looking to counter punch. The longer the round went on, the more Erosa poured it on. With about 90-seconds to go, Erosa hit a takedown and went right to the back. With the body triangle engaged, Erosa punched away, which gave Dawodu space to spin on top, but no time was left on the clock.

Jailton Almeida def. Anton Turkalj by submission (RNC) at 4:27 of round 1: Heavyweight

Almeida wasted no time in snagging up a takedown and planting Turkalj on the floor. Turkalj stood to his feet, just to get slammed right back down. As Turkalj tried to stand up again, Almeida would start punching to stop his advances. Almeida made his way to the full mount, and then postured up with a flurry of ground and pound. This caused Turkalj to expose his back, and Almeida instantly locked up a rear-naked choke. Turkalj respectfully tapped out.

Denis Tiuliulin def. Jamie Pickett by TKO at 4:52 of round 2: Middleweight

Pickett began landing his strikes as soon as they touched gloves. Tiuliulin began pressing forward, which prompted Pickett to clinch up and hunt for the takedown. Solid takedown defense was being showcased by Tiuliulin, who fought hard to remain vertical. Tiuliulin began to connect with his hands, making it ugly as Pickett was trying to be elusive. With about 45-seconds to go, a mean kick to the cup landed to Pickett, causing a brief pause in the action.

The forward pressure continued to be there in the second round for Tiuliulin. Pickett was trying to stick and move, but Tiuliulin stayed in his face while landing the better strikes. Just as Tiuliulin was building steam, he clipped Pickett in the cup again, bringing on another pause. The referee deducted a point from Tiuliulin for the infraction. Upon the restart, Tiuliulin aggressively attacked Pickett, showing even more urgency than before. From the clinch, a big elbow dropped Pickett, but he managed to recover and stand back up. Back in the clinch, Tiuliulin landed a big knee to the face, and then pounced with ground strikes to get the finish.

Chris Barnett def. Jake Collier by TKO at 2:24 of round 2: Heavyweight

Collier went right after Barnett here! He rocked Chris with a haymaker, and good ol’ fashioned brawl broke out. Both men were swinging wildly, with Collier coming up with the better strikes. A cut formed around the left eye of Barnett, but he was still throwing. Collier went to the takedown, took the back, and started to pound away. He went for an RNC, but didn’t quite have it under the chin, so Chris was able to escape and get back to his feet.

The doctor came in to check on the eye of Barnett to begin the second stanza, but deemed him fit to continue. The round started and Barnett connected with a flush two-piece, followed by a crazy multi-punch flurry. Collier went for a takedown, but Barnett stuffed it, got on top, and went full Donkey Kong on Jake. Punch after punch landed, with the ref giving Collier every opportunity to improve his position, but the onslaught proved to be too much and the fight was waved off.

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