UFC London: Blaydes vs. Aspinall live results, discussion, play by play

Join us here at Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, and play-by-play (main card) as UFC London: Blaydes vs. Aspinall goes down from the…

By: Tim Burke | 10 months ago
UFC London: Blaydes vs. Aspinall live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us here at Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, and play-by-play (main card) as UFC London: Blaydes vs. Aspinall goes down from the O2 in England.

The main event for this fight night will take place in the heavyweight division with possible title implications, as Curtis Blaydes crosses the ocean to take on Tom Aspinall in his home country. The co-main will see Jack Hermansson take on late replacement Chris Curtis in a middleweight battle. Crowd favorite Paddy Pimblett is also on the main card, taking on Jordan Leavitt.

This will be an ESPN+ show and is kicking off early due to the time difference. The eight-fight preliminary card is scheduled to start at Noon ET/9am PT on ESPN+. The six-fight main card will stay on ESPN+ and that is scheduled to start at 3pm ET/Noon PT.

Curtis Blaydes vs. Tom Aspinall

Round 1 – Aspinall with a step-in knee right away. Two big rights from Blayde. Aspinall bounces away from landing a leg kick and then abruptly falls down. Oh no. It looks like he blew his kneee out. Brutal. He’s in a ton of pain.

Curtis Blaydes defeated Tom Aspinall via TKO (injury), :15 of round 1

Chris Curtis vs. Jack Hermansson

Round 1 – Measured start. Leg kick from Hermansson. He comes up short on a superman punch. Oblique kick from Hermansson. Hermansson sticks and moves. Curtis hasn’t got anything going so far. Head kick from The Joker is blocked. Hard leg kick from Hermansson. Again. Another low leg kick. Curtis finally lands to the body. Hermansson with a right and he scoops a single. Can’t do anything with it though. Curtis with a combination. He goes to the body now. Hermansson with more leg kicks. 10-9 Hermansson.

Round 2 – Hermansson goes back to the low kicks right away. Body kick. Hermansson with a knee inside. Curtis lands to the body. Front kick from Hermansson. Inside and outside leg kicks. Body kick. Curtis is chasing but not landing much. Head kick from Hermansson was blocked but Curtis is still wobbled! Hermansson is all over him and Curtis is just covering up. He circles out. Another head kick from Hermansson. Curtis digs to the body. Curtis is clearly frustrated but he’s not cutting Hermansson off at all. Body kick from Hermansson. Hermansson pops his opponent with a few jabs. 10-9 Hermansson.

Round 3 – Hermansson with three body kicks. Hard leg kick. Hermansson shoot then pulls back. Curtis lands to the body. It’s the only place he’s finding any success. They trade jabs.Hermansson is circling and Curtis just isn’t doing what he needs to do to stop that. Low kick from Hermansson. Curtis takes a bit of time and they restart. Inside low kick and a jab from Hermansson. Two minutes to go. Double jab from Hermansson. Oblique kick. Curtis with a shovel hook. Hermansson using the jab to keep Curtis at bay. Curtis did land a nice shot though. Body kick from Hermansson. Curtis with a straight left. Two more body kicks from Hermansson. Curtis is yelling at Hermansson to actually fight. And Curtis flips him off at the horn. He imitates him running but that’s on Curtis for not figuring out how to stop it. Hermansson pieced him up. 10-9 and 30-27 Hermansson.

Jack Hermansson defeated Chris Curtis via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Paddy Pimblett vs. Jordan Leavitt

Round 1 – Pimblett with a combination. Leavitt looks for a takedown, and gets it. Briefly. They clinch against the fence. Leavitt scoops Pimblett up but Pimblett tries to secure a triangle while he’s in the air. Leavitt puts him on the mat but he’s in a guillotine. He manages to escape. Leavitt bodies his opponent against the fence. He gets another brief takedown. Nice knee to the face from Leavitt. Leavitt turns the corner and gets Pimbett to his butt. He steps over and looks for the triangle again. They’re up and Pimblett lands a couple of elbows. Leavitt with a left and they reset. Front kick from Leavitt. Pimblett grabs Leavitt’s next and drags him down. He’s on Leavitt’ back with hooks but it’s too late, he just has time for a few punches. 10-9 Leavitt.

Round 2 – Front kicks from Leavitt. Pimblett with two rights hat connect. Right over the top for Leavitt and he scoops a single. They battle on the cage. The crowd doesn’t like that. A few knees to the thigh land for Leavitt. Pimblett spins him and looks for an oddly-angled choke. Big knee and Pimblett takes the back! Body triangle and he has an arm trapped! He looks for a choke, then softenes him up with punches. He secures the choke and gets the tap! That was BJ Penn style! Super nice.

Paddy Pimblett defeated Jordan Leavitt via submission (rear naked choke), 2:46 of round 2

Nikita Krylov vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Round 1 – Gustasson with a quick left. Krylov tags him back, and Gus looks wobbled. Krylov is pressing with shots. Wild strikes. Jab. Gus with a right hook. Gustafsson catches a kick but Krylov tags him again! Uppercut! Gustafsson goes down and Krylov pounds him out. Wow.

Nikita Krylov defeated Alexander Gustafsson via KO (strikes), 1:07 of round 1

Molly McCann vs. Hannah Goldy

Round 1 – McCann presses forward immediately. Goldy with a combo. Molly with a wild right. Lead right from McCann. Jab from Goldy. Goldy fakes a takedown attempt. McCann with a right and Goldy actually does look for a takedown this time. McCann defends. Goldy fighting hard for it. McCann is managing to fend off the takedown, albeit barely. Molly finally pushes her away. McCann throws a leg kick that’s caught, but Goldy can’t do anything with it. Hard left from McCann. Goldy flops to her back and looks for a leg lock. McCann pulls out and tags Goldy as she gets up. She’s all over her! Spinning elbow! More punches and Goldy collapses to the mat! What a finish! The crowd is going bonkers.

Molly McCann defeated Hannah Goldy via TKO (strikes), 3:52 of round 1

Volkan Oezdemir vs. Paul Craig

Round 1 – Oezdemir takes center. Craig tries to pull guard, then tries to jump on a leg. He finally trips his opponent and looks for a leg lok, but can’t get it. Yet. He adjusts to a heel hook. Oezdemir tries to peel Craig’s hands off. Oezdemir pulls his leg out and returns to his feet. Craig ties him up and pulled guard again. Oezdemir with a big shot. Oezdemir evades another leg attack and they’re back up. Craig dips and looks for a single, but can’t get it. Front kick from Craig. Oezdemir with a nice shot. Craig flops to guard. Oezdemir isn’t playing his game. Short left from Craig, and a head kick. Bit of a nothing round. 10-9 Craig I guess.

Round 2 – Craig flops to his back immediately. Oezdemir makes him get up. Craig with a right and a leg kick. Craig jumps in on a single but nothing there. Craig throws a right and then drags Oezdemir into his guard. Oezdemir backs out but Craig quickly jumps up with some punches. Spinning back kick to the body for Craig. Craig pulls Oezdemir right into mount. He gets half back quickly. Oezemir backs out and they’re up again. Inside leg kick from Oezdemir. Short right from Oezdemir. The trade a little. Spinning elbow from Craig. Nice combo from Oezdemir. Craig flops. Oezdemir lands two shots and backs out. Another big shot from Oezdemir. 10-9 Oezdemir.

Round 3 – Body kick from Craig. Volkan with a combo and Craig is wobbled! Oezdemir opens up on the ground. Craig looks for an armbar so Oezdemir backs out. Craig looks tired. Oezdemir with a combo and a low kick. Low kick from Craig, and he shoots. He tries to drag Oezdemir into his guard yet again, and Oezdemir just stands up. The pace slows. Two minutes to go. Craig shoots, nothing there. Oezdemir lands a slapping left. Craig is frustrated. Some of the crowd has turned on Craig for flopping so much. Jab from Oezdemir. Craig with a combo and a body kick. Low kick from Oezdemir. Flop. Stand up. Again. Big combo from Oezdemir. 10-9 and 29-28 Oezdemir.

Volkan Oezdemir defeated Paul Craig via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Preliminary Card (12 PM ET, ESPN+)

L’udovit Klein def. Mason Jones by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Marc Diakiese def. Damir Hadzovic by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

Nathaniel Wood def. Charles Rosa by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

Jonathan Pearce def. Makwan Amirkhani by TKO (strikes) at 4:10 of Round 2

Muhammad Mokaev def. Charles Johnson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Jai Herbert def. Kyle Nelson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Victoria Leonardo def. Mandy Bohm by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Nicolas Dalby def. Claudio Silva by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)

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