Video: Punches fly after surfer and bodyboarder collide

From far away the sea looks serene. But up close, it’s a monster. Waves crash like semi-trucks and the tide can take you at…

By: Tim Bissell | 11 months ago
Video: Punches fly after surfer and bodyboarder collide
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From far away the sea looks serene. But up close, it’s a monster. Waves crash like semi-trucks and the tide can take you at any second. That danger is what draws people to ride the waves; not because they want to conquer the ocean, but because they want to survive it.

When people flock to ride the gnarliest waves out there, things can get intense. We saw that recently on Australia’s Gold Coast when a surfer and bodyboarder came up on the same wave and crashed into each other. After the surf passed over their heads, the surfer swam up to the bodyboarder and started wailing on him.

A second surfer paddled over to the scene and broke things up. Despite being separated the initial surfer remained infuriated with the bodyboarder, who himself seemed more bemused than anything else.

The incident was uploaded to Facebook by surf channel 18seconds.

The incident has received a lot of attention within the surfing community. And the bulk of the commenters on 18seconds seem to side with the bodyboarder, or ‘grom’ as they call them.

“The whole lineup knew the grom was the one getting snaked,” wrote on poster, who claimed the bodyboarder had prime position for the wave. “Video didn’t show but he was the furthest out and paddling for it right from the start the surfer paddled behind late and took of without even calling out. Even if the kid was in the wrong the surfer is still a dropkick but the fact he was in the wrong anyway makes it even worse . The surf is for everyone … Except that guy”

“Wot a hero, punching a Grom & I don’t give a rat’s what the circumstances are,” wrote another commenter.

“Lol straight up shamelessly snakes him and then punches on because he got “dropped in on” What a deadshit,” added another.

“Punching a kid multiple times in the head because he a drops in on you on 3 foot wave is weak and embarrassing at best,” added yet another poster who was on the side of the ‘grom’.

Any place there are guys there are going to be fights. And YouTube, I’ve learned, is filled with surfer dust-ups.

Here’s one from last year, which includes commentary from one of the dudes involved.

And it seems there is a history of fights between surfers and bodyboarders, too. Here’s one from 2011, that goes on forever.

Surfers don’t just get into fights with bodyboarders, though. Check this out from 2015 when pro surfer Mick Fanning had to fight off a shark.

Yeah, F— that. I’m good sticking to the beach. If you venture out there, enjoy the rush, but be on the watch out for people trying to snake your wave or sharks looking to chomp your ankles.

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