UFC Austin results and video: Wells flattens McGee, Ramos gets another spinning elbow KO

We got several hot fire finishes on the UFC Austin preliminary card, including two standing TKO’s and three vicious knockouts. Closing out this portion…

By: Eddie Mercado | 1 year ago
UFC Austin results and video: Wells flattens McGee, Ramos gets another spinning elbow KO
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We got several hot fire finishes on the UFC Austin preliminary card, including two standing TKO’s and three vicious knockouts.

Closing out this portion of the event, Natalia Silva made good on her UFC debut by running away with the scorecards against Jasmine Jasudavicius. Silva had superior striking, better footwork, and prevented Jasudavicius from scoring a single takedown. Flyweight has a new well-rounded addition to the division that is currency on a seven-fight winning streak.

In what was a savage first-round knockout, Jeremiah Wells connected with one of the widest left hooks ever that put Court McGee out cold. The hook came behind a jab to right hand that missed, but man did that third strike connect with authority. McGee’s fell backwards with his head bouncing off the canvas, and then two ground strikes landed before the referee was able to step in. Wells is must see T.V. and has tremendous power in both hands, but is also capable of submitting fools. Not too many men are going to be lining up to accept a fight with him.

Ricardo Ramos earned himself another wicked spinning back elbow knockout tonight at the expense of one Danny Chavez. Ramos spun into his elbow which had Chavez out on his feet, and then delivered a flush 1-2 to finish the job. The timing required to pull off this maneuver is next level, and to do it twice is just superhuman. Perhaps Ramos will be able to find some consistency as he has now alternated wins and losses in his last five fights.

The first decision of the night was of the split persuasion when Maria Oliveira persuaded two of the three judges that she did better work than Gloria de Paula. Oliveira started hot, pushing a frenetic pace, but De Paula began to push back to get Maria moving backwards. Oliveira hit some takedowns in the third, and was able to secure her first UFC victory. How did you score this one?

Cody Stamann must have had somewhere other than the Octagon to be tonight because he stormed the castle of Eddie Wineland in just 59-seconds. It was a big right hand that first hurt Eddie, and then Stamann stepped on the accelerator and overwhelmed Wineland with a non-stop assault that culminated into a sub-sixty-second standing TKO. This full-throttle victory snaps a three fight losing skid for Cody.

Phil Hawes put on a striking clinic tonight on Deron Winn to ultimately produce a standing TKO late in the second round. Hawes landed several stiff 1-2’s, but did his best work with sneaky elbows on the inside. Winn was dropped several times, and never stopped trying, but he was completely outclassed out there. In his post-fight interview, Hawes credited TUF Season 6 veteran and one of the only Americans to ever win in the original Lumpinee stadium, Dorian Price, for helping him get his elbows sharp during his training camp.

Opening up the show, Roman Dolidze made quick work of Kyle Daukaus, scoring a first-round knockout in just 73-seconds. After an accidental clash of heads and a short break, Dolidze dropped Daukaus with a left hook, and then once he stood up, blasted Kyle with a blistering knee to the face from the clinch that put him back down. This makes back-to-back wins for Roman.

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Natalia Silva def. Jasmine Jasudavicius by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x2): (W) Flyweight

Silva was letting her strikes go early and often, connecting with a flurry that rocked Jasudavicius. That’s when Jasudavicius began to wrestle, pressing Silva up against the cage, but she was unable to get the fight down to the ground. In open space, Silva was throwing fast kicks to the head, body, and legs alike. Jasudavicius was struggling to plant her feet to find her own offense, and the most she could do was clinch up.

Jasudavicius pressed forward in the second round, but was getting lit up for it. She was able to close the distance, but Silva hit a whizzer kick to hit a takedown of her own. Silva was unable to keep the position, so the fight returned to the standing position. Jasudavicius was so close to a takedown, but the hips of Silva were too strong. Silva got on top again and this time was able to drop some ground and pound.

Jasudavicius still struggled to mount her offense in the final round. She was able to close the distance and clinch up on several occasions, but was unable to do anything with the position. As far as the striking went, Jasudavicius was getting totally outclassed.

Jeremiah Wells def. Court McGee by KO at 1:34 of round 1: Welterweight

The fighters began exchanging punches right away, with McGee looking to command the center. About 90-seconds into the fight, Wells swung big with a wide left hook behind a jab to right hand that completely separated McGee from consciousness. McGee fell straight backlit a tree, with his head bouncing off the canvas. Wells then dropped down with a set of followup ground strikes before the referee had time to call off the fight.

Ricardo Ramos def. Danny Chavez by KO at 1:12 of round 1: Featherweight

Ramos came to impress tonight and delivered one of the cleanest spinning elbows that you will ever see. Chavez had no clue what hit him and was instantly dazed, and then a followup jab-cross from Ramos folded him. YIKES!

Maria Oliveira def. Gloria de Paula by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Strawweight

Oliveira opened the match with a flying knee, and proceeded to push the pace. She was throwing punches and bunches, while De Paula sat back and tried to stay defensively responsible. De Paula connected with a right hand that knocked out the mouthpiece of Oliveira, causing Maria to back pedal to give the ref a chance to pause the fight and replace the safety equipment. De Paula started to attack the legs as Oliveira would look to stay on the outside when she wasn’t blitzing with punches.

De Paula was pushing forward in the second act, dictating the pace and keeping Oliveira on her back foot. The most impactful punches were coming from the side of De Paula, while Oliveira was still blitzing, but not landing with the same authority. With short time left in the round, De Paula snagged herself a takedown to possibly ice the round.

The final frame didn’t see one fighter really push the other back. They stood in front of one another and went combo for combo. De Paula looked to hit a takedown, but it was Oliveira who was able to stuff it and hit her own. Oliveira allowed De Paula to stand up, and went back to her punches in bunches routine. De Paula weathered the storms and went back to launching her right hand behind her jab. Oliveira hit another takedown, but again elected to stand back up. Oliveira went for a third takedown, but De Paula flipped the script and and landed on top to close out the round.

Cody Stamann def. Eddie Wineland by TKO at :59 of round 1: Bantamweight

About 30-seconds into the fight, Stamann peppered Wineland with a monstrous right hand that sat him down. Eddie quickly stood up, but Stamann was all over him with a plethora of punches. He was overwhelming Wineland, and then dropped him again with a left uppercut. Wineland stood up again, but was met with a non-stop barrage of violence. Nasty knees to the body, right hooks, and left hooks were coming too fast for Eddie to process them, and the referee stepped in to prevent any further damage.

Phil Hawes def. Deron Winn by TKO at 4:25 of round 2: Middleweight

Within the first 30-seconds of the match, Hawes dropped Winn with a well-times elbow. Winn sprung right up to his feet, the fighters continued to go exchange combos. Hawes continued to fight long, and a crisp 1-2 sat down Winn again. Deron stood up again, but was finding it extremely difficult to get on the inside. Another elbow from Hawes connected and dropped Winn yet again, but he refused to stay down. Phil was picking him apart, firing at will and unleashing brutal elbows. The fact that Winn survived the round is downright miraculous.

The second round started and Winn still seemed to be game. He tagged Hawes with a big right hand, although ate another nasty elbow for his trouble. Hawes then shot a takedown and took Winn to the mat. He allowed Winn to work to get to his feet, and then broke into open space to continue landing elbow after elbow. Winn started to connect with his hands, but Hawes slowed that down with knees and elbows from the clinch. After a couple of more staggering elbows, the referee stepped in to call the fight.

Roman Dolidze def. Kyle Daukaus by TKO at 1:13 of round 1: Middleweight

The bout opened with an accidental clash of heads, with Daukaus seeming to take the brunt of it. Upon the restart, Dolidze dropped Daukaus with a left hook on the inside. Daukaus started to wrestle and stood back to his feet, but his back was to the fence. From the clinch, Dolidze uncorked a massive knee to the face which sent Daukaus back down to the canvas. Dolidze pounced with some fight-ending ground and pound and that was it.

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