WTF video: Kung Fu master TKO’d by hobbyist fighter, blames Xu Xiaodong’s basement

In all avenues of unarmed combat, a fighter needs to be prepared for whatever the elements bring. A fight can break out on a…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 12 months ago
WTF video: Kung Fu master TKO’d by hobbyist fighter, blames Xu Xiaodong’s basement
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In all avenues of unarmed combat, a fighter needs to be prepared for whatever the elements bring. A fight can break out on a crowded street, an idyllic verdant field, a rugged mountaintop village or even a lonely pier. Sometimes it affects how a combatant decides to use their skills to their greatest potential. Other times, just as a bad dancer blames his shoes (hi, Eugene!), the location of a fight can be a reason for a bad performance.

Kind of.

Hello, folks and welcome back to this week’s edition of WTF, where we look into, gawk at, and poke fun at the fringes of combat sport as well the weirdness out in the world surrounding it.

This week we start at the usual spot, with our pal Jerry at Fight Commentary Breakdowns. A Kung Fu master takes on a not-very-experienced middle-aged fighter. The Kung Fu guy trains out of a respected gym but the 50-year-old MMA guy beat the brakes on the bigger and younger Kung Fu guy.

You won’t believe what happens next (oh, yes you will):

Without spoiling too much, the Sad Sifu claims that he wasn’t seriously hurt, didn’t have any markings on him, and also blamed the loss on the location of the fight. Yes, you read that right. No, I won’t elaborate any further. But Jerry will, go watch the video. Neither guy looks too Hollywood in this one, but at least one of them isn’t being silly and delusional.

Next up, it’s back to Nigeria for more of African Warriors Fighting Championship. In a very, very active Dambé bout. These two kept throwing punches the whole way in a bout that looked like it could go in either direction. But all it takes is one shot sometimes, and this was one of those times:

Body, head. Lovely stuff.

From there, it’s smacks on smacks on smacks, as Slap Fighting Championship brings us a compilation of some of their hardest slaps in recent memory. You’ll want to put some aloe vera on your face watching some of this.

After that, we’re going to a new gold mine in Lethwei Mania Media. First, a pair of ladies go all out with some devastating shots:

Then, it’s a pair of gentlement going toe to toe in the hardest way possible:

Finally, these two kings kick off the spinning stuff early. It’s my absolute favorite of the week, and it just might be yours as well after you see it.

Onward and upward, as we go to SamboFias and another collection of top techniques from the Sambo world. As expected, you’re gonna see some excellent high-level attacks here. If you’re a grappling nerd, now you can’t complain Uncle Victor isn’t delivering on the goods:

Did you miss Karate Combat? I know I did. Here’s a recap of their most recent event with some great action and some exciting exchanges:

Finally, we leave you with Antonio Lee. An internet legend, he appeared on a Greek television show as he was inspired by Bruce Lee to train in martial arts. After playing some clips of Bruce, Antonio is kind enough to provide a demonstration. Kids, it didn’t go great. Even the host jumps in at the end.

That’s it for this week, gang. Be sure not to fill your gas tank so you can still afford a PPV. And remember: you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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