UFC 275 results: Jiri Prochazka wins belt, subs Glover Teixeira in final round of wild war

The top of the UFC 275 billing was blessed with an epic war that resulted in Jiri Prochazka submitting Glover Teixeira with a rear-naked…

By: Eddie Mercado | 1 year ago
UFC 275 results: Jiri Prochazka wins belt, subs Glover Teixeira in final round of wild war
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The top of the UFC 275 billing was blessed with an epic war that resulted in Jiri Prochazka submitting Glover Teixeira with a rear-naked choke with 28-seconds left in the fifth round to be crowned the new light heavyweight champion.

Prochazka was tuning up Teixeira on the feet, but Glover found ways to get on top and deliver his own damage turn this into an instant classic. There were a bunch of back and forth scrambles, and as the fight went long Teixeira started to come alive with his standup. Despite a noble effort from Glover, the finishing streak continues for Jiri, who is now the king of 205-pounds. Who will be next to challenge the new champ? In his post-fight interview, the now former champ in Teixeira stated that he will keep going at 42-years-old.

Teixeira opened the match with some body kicks, while gave some funky looks. Glover then hit a single leg to get on top, and started to work his ground and pound. Prochazka eventually found a way to scramble out, bringing the fight back to the feet. Glover landed a right hand and went right back to the single leg. This time he landed in full mount, and started to drop hammers. Jiri exposed his back, but managed to escape and get on top himself. Prochazka then landed his own ground strikes to get himself on the board.

The second round began with an accidental eye poke to Prochazka, but Jiri opted to not take a break. Prochazka went back to giving a variety of looks and movements, while sneaking in explosive strikes. Teixeira was in trouble, getting overwhelmed while being unable to get the fight down to the floor. Jiri was landing all sorts of punches, but then he slipped on a banana peel and Glover jumped back on top. Teixeira moved back into full mount and delivered some slicing elbows that badly cut open Jiri above his left eyebrow.

Teixeira shot in for a takedown early in the third act, but failed and rolled to his back. Jiri elected to not follow the champ to floor, forcing Glover to stand back up. Jiri was tagging Teixeira, but Glover grabbed that same single leg to get Jiri down again. Prochazka quickly worked to get back up, and began attacking the body. Glover botched another takedown, and this time Jiri got on top looking to deliver some punishment. Prochazka went for an arm triangle, but Glover reversed him to get on top. The champ dropped some menacing elbows from the full guard before the bell.

Teixeira went for a head kick to open the championship rounds, but Jiri ate it. Prochazka went back to peppering with punches, but gave up a double leg takedown. Teixeira dropped some strikes from the full mount, and then locked up an arm triangle. He bailed on the sub to maintain the position, but went back to it and wound up on bottom. Prochazka started dropping ground strikes, but Glover found a way to take a back.

Glover wobbled Prochazka with a massive right hand to start the final round, but jumped a guillotine and lost position. Jiri stood up, but Glover went after him again with his boxing. Jiri was able to defend the takedown, but the punches of Glover were landing flush. Teixeira went back to the takedown and was able to get it. He transitioned into full mount Jiri kicked off the cage to get on top. In a scramble, Prochazka locked up a rear-naked choke without the hooks and was able to force the tap!

Jiri Prochazka def. Glover Teixeira by submission (RNC) at 4:32 of round 5: Light Heavyweight Title

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