2022 IBJJF Worlds results: Women set firsts, legends retire

The 2022 IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championships took place between June 2nd and June 5th this year. And the tournament has delivered spectacles on both…

By: Kevin Bradley | 1 year ago
2022 IBJJF Worlds results: Women set firsts, legends retire
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The 2022 IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championships took place between June 2nd and June 5th this year. And the tournament has delivered spectacles on both ends of the age spectrum. We’ve seen the youngest-ever champion crowned in the event’s history in Mica Galvao, as well as the retirement of two BJJ legends, Rafael Lovato Jr. and his equally prestigious coach Xandre Ribiero. Fighting tough matches in their respective divisions, both men lost out on points and left their belts on the mat as a symbolic end to their time competing at Worlds.

In the women’s divisions, we saw the first ever UK-born champion in Ffion Davies, as well as the second athlete to ever double gold in their weight and the absolute divisions in Gabi Pessanha. It was three days of world-class gi grappling from some of the best men and women to ever compete. We’ll be highlighting some of the incredible performances and expanding on possible future matchups below.

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Here are the results from this year’s IBJJF Worlds:


Male Divisions

  • Roosterweight: Thalison Soares
  • Super Heavyweight: Eric Munis
  • Light Featherweight: Meyram Maquine
  • Featherweight: Isaac Doederlein
  • Lightweight: Mica Galvao
  • Middleweight: Tainan Dalpra
  • Medium Heavyweight: Leandro Lo
  • Heavyweight: Kaynan Duarte
  • Ultra Heavyweight: Victor Hugo
  • Absolute: Nicholas Meregali

Female Divisions

  • Roosterweight: Mayssa Bastos
  • Light featherweight: Anna Rodrigues
  • Featherweight: Bianca Basilio
  • Lightweight: Ffion Davies
  • Middleweight: Andressa Cintra
  • Medium Heavyweight: Ana Carolina Vieira
  • Heavyweight: Larissa Dias
  • Super Heavyweight: Gabi Pessanha
  • Absolute: Gabi Pessanha


Mica Galvao continues to deliver on his much-hyped potential, defeating fellow prodigy Tye Ruotolo and becoming the youngest IBJJF World Champion we’ve yet seen. Jumping to full guard after Ruotolo went for head control, Galvao immediately fired off an omoplata attempt. Ruotolo immediately regained posture and maintained his position, but Galvao inverted to the matrix and pulled on the Atos athlete’s pants. Giving the audience a bit more rear exposure than is normal for a gi match, the ref moved in to fix Ruotolo’s uniform before the match resumed.

Galvao inverted again to threaten a toe hold, earning his second advantage. Ruotolo then had to neutralize Galvao’s de la riva guard and the latter continued looking for a sweep.

Following up from a near sweep, Galvao stood with Ruotolo and took him down off of a standing back take attempt. Landing in his full guard, Galvao opened Ruotolo’s legs to spin out for a near pass. Turtling up, Ruotolo managed to only allow an advantage as Galvao resumed his offensive. Working a lapel choke for several minutes, Galvao hammered away at Ruotolo’s gas tank with a body triangle. But after isolating Galvao’s bottom arm, Ruotolo spun out into top position and inside full guard. Burning his last reserves in trying to pass, Ruotolo could not find a way through Galvao’s guard in the remaining minute. Countering Ruotolo’s backstep attempt, Galvao landed a final counter sweep and attempted an armbar before the match ended.

The winner following a terrific final performance, Mica Galvao. But hopefully it’s a match we’ll see run back a few times in the coming years.

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Delivering one of the only submissions of the finals, Tainan Dalpra lit up the middleweight division in clinical fashion. Facing down seasoned competitor Andy Murasaki, the AOJ black belt started rough after an inner leg trip. Landing in closed guard, Murasaki worked to pass by standing to open Dalpra’s legs. Switching to de la riva guard, Dalpra swept Murasaki to even the score. Using a belt grip, Dalpra lifted Murasaki’s legs out of the way and moved into side control, picking up another three points. Despite Murasaki putting Dalpra in half guard by capturing his left leg, he failed to keep Dalpra from simply passing again to earn three more points.

Looking for the clear finish, Dalpra passed once more and made collar grips. Moving to north south, Dalpra tightened the choke as the timer rounded down. Just past the five-minute mark, Murasaki gave up the tap and Dalpra was awarded the title.

Leandro Lo proved he deserves every opportunity to remind people how good he really is. Facing fellow medium heavyweight Isaque Bahiense, Lo had to withstand immediate pressure as Bahiense forced him out of the ring. Pulling guard, Lo looked for the sweep before the rapid passing attempts from Bahiense brought them again to the edge of the mat. Before Bahiense could find the toreando pass, Lo returned to the feet and pulled again. Taking advantage of Lo’s let attack, Bahiense tried to take the back before Lo rolled free. Controlling Bahiense’s right leg, Lo stood to sweep but failed to stay long enough to get points as Bahiense leapt up to his feet.

Each man earned a penalty for inaction, but Lo quickly stepped on the gas for a double leg takedown into closed guard. Bahiense stood off of a failed guard pass from Lo, and pulled into closed guard as the ref called a reset to center. Lo looked for the pass, but as the final seconds ticked down, the smile on his face boke early in recognition of his likely victory. The timer sealing his prediction, Lo stood as champion for an astounding eighth time.

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Mayssa Bastos defeated Brenda Larissa to win the roosterweight title and a grand slam. Both pulling guard to start, Larissa earned the first advantage before Bastos returned to sweep. Larissa was quick to return, earning two points of her own. Both women added another set of back-to-back sweeps, evening the score as Larissa worked to pass Bastos’ infamous guard.

After a slight reposition after they found the edge of the mat, Larissa worked to break Bastos’ lasso grips. Bastos inverted looking to attack Larissa’s right leg, putting the two in 50/50 position. They traded sub attempts for several minutes, before Bastos rose to take the two point sweep. Larissa briefly looked to have secured a sweep of her own, but the ref called out of bounds, and the two were reset in the middle to restart on the feet. Bastos resumed attacking from bottom after pulling guard, and Larissa worked to pass.

Aggressive pressure from the Fight Sports black belt nearly got her past the legs, but Bastos constantly repositioned to keep herself safe. An armbar attempt earned Bastos an advantage as the final minute began, and she kept her lead against Larissa as the match ended. A tough-fought exchange, and a grand slam for Bastos.

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Ffion Davies secured her first place lightweight finish against the ever-game Janaina Maia via points. Securing a takedown in the opening seconds, Davies maintained top position despite Maia’s sweep attempts. Catching Davies’ left leg, Maia went for a knee bar and forced a scramble escape from the Swansea native. Maia attacked relentlessly from the bottom, but Davies maintained her position and retained her two-point lead as the bell rang.

With this, Davies became the first UK-born black belt to win a world title.

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Gabi Pessanha robbed Fort Knox this weekend, bringing home her fourth world title and a double grand slam against tough opponents both in the super heavy and absolute categories.

First facing Dream Art’s Yara Soares, both women kicked off the match with a double guard pull into leg attacks. Though Soares got the first advantage, she was unable to lock in a submission and switched to passing attempts. Battling to the edge of the mat, Pessanha landed the first points with a sweep before the athletes were reset to the center. The crowd roared as Soares returned with a sweep of her own, evening the points but being ahead with her advantage.

Pessanha rolled through a leg entanglement to earn another two, the lead changing hands as grips were reestablished. In the closing minute, Soares inverted to defend a back take from Pessanha, but the young phenom smiled as she maintained top position. The seconds ran out, and Pessanha was awarded the win on points.

Taking on Utah’s own Amy Scott Campo in the absolute, Pessanha pulled guard early and got right to work. Campo maintained posture, but Pessanha’s constant inversions and lapel guard kept her from disengaging. The back and forth lasted the majority of the round, until back-to-black sweeps from both women brought the score tied to 2-2. Pessanha worked hard to earn the sub in the last minute, attempting an omoplata in the closing 10 seconds, but the bell rand and the judges were left to award the decision. With the edge in submission attempts, Pessanha took home the unanimous victory.

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A star-studded worlds for the history books, and several barriers broken forever. Who did you think had the best showing?

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