UFC 274 results and video: Trinaldo beats Roberts, Royval gets dropped but subs Schnell

The UFC 274 prelims are in the books and just closed out with the eternal Francisco Trinaldo damaging Danny Roberts multiple times to win…

By: Eddie Mercado | 1 year ago
UFC 274 results and video: Trinaldo beats Roberts, Royval gets dropped but subs Schnell
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The UFC 274 prelims are in the books and just closed out with the eternal Francisco Trinaldo damaging Danny Roberts multiple times to win a unanimous nod. The 43-year-old Trinaldo came alive in the seocnd stanza, rocking Roberts on a couple of occasions, and then “Massaranduba” also wobbled Danny in the final frame. Trinaldo and Andrei Arlovski must hang out together, because they both are showing us that age is but a number.

Before that, we got a rare women’s featherweight matchup that saw Macy Chiasson take a split decision over Norma Dumont. The first round was pretty close, Chiasson took the lead in the second, and then Dumont responded with a strong final frame. Two judges scored it 30-27 for Chiasson, with one official seeing it 29-28 for Dumont.

We got a brief yet wild ride on the prelims when the UFC’s #6 ranked flyweight, Brandon Royval, was dropped by the #9 ranked, Matt Schnell, and then escaped a guillotine attempt, just to immediately jump his own guill and get the tap. This roller coaster took all of 2:14 from start to finish, so you should definitely go back and watch it once or twice. This makes back to back wins for Brandon, who emphatically expressed on the mic his burning desire to get a shot at the title.

Opening up this portion of the prelims, the UFC’s #15 ranked heavyweight, Blagoy Ivanov, won a unanimous decision over Marcos Rogerio de Lima. This wasn’t the prettiest fight of all time, but it was a very “Baga” match, and gets Ivanov back into the win column.

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UFC Fight Pass/ESPN+ Prelims:

Francisco Trinaldo def. Danny Roberts by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 28-28): Welterweight

Trinaldo went after Roberts with wide swings to start this one. Roberts got out of the way started to pump his jab to get some breathing room. Trinaldo kept pressuring behind his overhand left, but was struggling to land them flush. Roberts was throwing his hands in combination, and would even mix in some kicks from time to time.

A stiff right hand from Trinaldo to start the second act wobbled Roberts, causing him to do the stanky leg. Trinaldo stayed on him, hurting him again, before stinging him to the body. He then went for a standing guillotine, prompting Roberts to drop down to the ground. Roberts recovered and returned to his feet, and immediately started swinging. Trinaldo threw right back, landing some dirty boxing before the round ended.

Roberts seemed to be recovered going into the third frame. He went after Francisco, and was landing, but he was getting hit, too. As Roberts was being aggressive, Trinaldo caught him with another punch that wobbled him. Roberts recovered yet again and got right back into the fight as if it never happened.

Macy Chiasson def. Norma Dumont by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 28-29): Featherweight

The fighters met in the middle and did some feeling out. They seemed to swing at the same time, colliding with strikes before breaking apart and resetting. The first meaningful blow of the round came when Chiasson snuck in a big left hook. Dumont didn’t appeared rocked, but it was the cleanest strike thus far. As the round dwindled down, Chiasson continued to land the cleaner punches. Chiasson even blasted a late takedown to showcase a high Figh-Q.

Dumont took the center of the Octagon to begin the second stanza, but Chiasson was happy to play the outside. Chiasson was sticking and moving, providing different looks and inputs that Dumont had to account for. Then, Chiasson shifted gears and entered into the clinch, where she realized a takedown. As she tried to jump on the back she lost the position, but Dumont was unable to capitalize on the moment in any sort of way. Chiasson also started to pierce the midsection of Dumont with brilliant knees from the Thai clinch.

Dumont started the final frame with a set of big right hands that seemed to bother Chiasson. That made Chiasson go to her wrestling, taking the fight out of open space. She pressed Dumont against the cage, making Norma carry her weight and trying to keep her from getting back to striking range. Dumont finally found a little bit of space, and landed a couple of right hands that seemed to rock Chiasson. She couldn’t keep out of the clinch, though, and Chiasson was able to neutralize Dumont until the bell.

Brandon Royval def. Matt Schnell by submission (Guillotine) at 2:14 of round 1: Flyweight

Schnell started hot! He went right after Royval with fists of fury, and scored a big knockdown within the first 90-seconds. Schnell then jumped on a guillotine, but Royval escaped and jumped right into a guillotine of his own. The choke was set and Schnell tapped out with both hands. WHAT A WILD RIDE!

Blagoy Ivanov def. Marcos Rogerio de Lima by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Heavyweight

An accidental cup check from De Lima paused the match right away, but it quickly got back underway. De Lima was chucking heaters, forcing Blagoy to think twice before closing the distance. As the round grew on, Blagoy started to press forward and throw combos of his own. He then tried to work over De Lima against the cage, but wasn’t able to hold them for very long.

Blagoy entered the clinch again to start the second act, pressing De Lima against the fence. Not much happened before De Lima broke free, and they started trading combos in the pocket. As De Lima threw a three-piece, Blagoy caught him with a left hook that seemed to register. Blagoy then went back to the clinch, but again nothing was there, so he started to attack De Lima with a series of 1-2’s that were landing.

The final frame drifted into the clinch, where the fight stalled out. De Lima pressed Ivanov against the cage, and he reached for the legs in attempt to score a takedown, but nothing was there. With about 20-seconds to go, De Lima scored a big lifting takedown.

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