UFC 274 prelims results & video: Fialho KO’s VanCamp, Vergara wins war with Rodrigues

The UFC 274 early prelims closed out with a bang when Andre Fialho knocked out Cameron VanCamp with a massive left hook. VanCamp clipped…

By: Eddie Mercado | 1 year ago
UFC 274 prelims results & video: Fialho KO’s VanCamp, Vergara wins war with Rodrigues
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The UFC 274 early prelims closed out with a bang when Andre Fialho knocked out Cameron VanCamp with a massive left hook. VanCamp clipped Andre first with a left hook that hurt him, but Fialho recovered really quickly and returned his own brutal left to end the match. This is Fialho’s second first-round finish in less than month, and in his post-fight interview he asked to compete on the Singapore card in about a month.

Before that, Tracy Cortez remained undefeated in the UFC after taking a unanimous decision over Melissa Gatto. She had to stop a highly active guard, but her wrestling and positional awareness saw her through to get the dub.

Picking up his first UFC victory, C.J. Vergara won a gritty split decision over a game Kleydson Rodrigues. Both men landed quality strikes throughout, and each had big moments on the ground. When the dust settled, it was the pressuring Vergara who walked away with the win.

Loopy Godinez had a showcase performance tonight when she absolutely dominated Ariane Carnelossi across three rounds. She was hitting gorgeous takedowns, dropping brutal ground and pound, and even landed some stinging shots on the feet. This sort of performance felt like a coming out party that puts the rest of the strawweight division on notice.

The UFC 274 event began with Journey Newson winning a unanimous decision over Fernie Garcia.

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Early prelims:

Andre Fialho def. Cameron VanCamp by KO at 2:35 of round 1: Welterweight

Fialho pressed the action right away, but got stung by a counter left hook. Andre quickly recovered and returned fire to get some respect back. As VanCamp pressed forward and threw an uppercut, Fialho had his turn to connect with a big left hook, but this one dropped Cameron. Fialho pounced on his dazed opponent and the referee was right on top of the action to stop the match.

Tracy Cortez def. Melissa Gatto by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): (W) Flyweight

It wasn’t long before Cortez shot in for a takedown, but after stuffing a couple of sub attempts from gatto, she elected to get back up. Cortez went right back to the takedown, but Gatto went back to throwing up her legs looking for armbars. None of the submission ever really got close, and Cortez was able to enjoy top position.

Gatto closed the distance in the second round, but Cortez was able to break away into open space. Gatto then used her long strikes to keep Cortez on the outside, and then changed levels to score a takedown. Cortez gave up her back and Gatto took advantage of it. It wasn’t until Gatto rolled for an armbar that Cortez was able to escape into top position. Despite being on top, Cortez was mostly defending.

Cortez failed a takedown to begin the last round, but was able to hit her second attempt. She remained on top for a while, thwarting the submission attempts and advancing her position. Gatto rolled for a leg, and used the position to get up, but Cortez scrambled hard to get back on top. Cortez landed a couple of strikes and kept Gatto on her back until the bell.

C.J. Vergara def. Kleydson Rodrigues by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Flyweight

Vergara came out pressuring behind his boxing to get things going. Rodrigues was content to fight off of his back foot, counter punching when the opening were there. Then, Rodrigues hit a takedown, but Vergara returned to his feet before sustaining any damage. Vergara went right back to pressuring, but Rodrigues was pumping out a ton of counters to intercept him.

Vergara pressed forward in the seocnd round and landed a mean kick to the liver. Rodrigues responded with a poor takedown attempt to which Vergara used to get on top. Vergara landed several elbows from inside of the full guard, doing a great job controlling his opponent. He ended up transitioning to the back, but Rodrigues hit a GORGEOUS spin to get on top. The fight returned to its feet and Rodrigues began unloading some combos.

The pressure was still there from Vergara, forcing Rodrigues to fight off of his back foot again. The gas tank was failing Rodrigues, and Vergara was able to attack the body to cause Kleydson to drop down. Rodrigues immediately rolled and locked up a calf slicer, but Vergara endured the position for quite some time before escaping. Back on the feet, Rodrigues let his strikes go for the rest of the little time that was left.

Loopy Godinez def. Ariane Carnelossi (30-27, 30-26 x2): Strawweight

The fighters got right to work here, exchanging punches before Godinez hit an arm drag to get a takedown. Carnelossi was working really hard to get up, but Godinez was all over her. Godinez did a great job of keeping hr opponent grounded, and was able to sprinkle in some ground strikes before the bell.

Godinez came out for the seocnd round and stung Carnelossi with some angry right hands. She then changed levels to get on top, and proceeded to drop some viscous elbows. Carnelossi then found herself caught in an arm triangle, and she found a way to escape the hold, but Godinez was in full form.

It was right to the takedown in the final frame for Godinez. Carnelossi was getting owned here, and whenever she managed to get to her feet, Godinez would put her right back down. Godinez wasn’t just controlling, she was delivering some brutal ground and pound to boot.

Journey Newson def. Fernie Garcia by unanimous decision (30-27 X2, 29-28): Bantamweight

Newson was launching several hook kicks to get things started. The first real exchange came when Newson missed on one of those spinning kicks and Garcia blasted him with a quick boxing combo. Newson then shot in for a takedown, but Garcia was quick scramble right back up. Whenever Newson got wining punching range, Garcia would sting him with some leather.

Newson continued to launch his kicks at range in the second, having a bit more success than he did with them in the first round. He was able to build off of it by landing a sneaky left hook that briefly stunned Garcia. Towards the end of the second frame, Garcia started to pressure and was able to land a couple of shots, but it didn’t appear to be enough to steal the round.

The final act began with Newson blasting takedown, and transitioning to the back. Garcia was able to work diligently to get back to his feet, and the striking battle continued. In open space, Newson kept probing with his long range kicks, while Garcia struggled to land his punches. Newson was finally able to land a clean hook kick to the face, in what was possibly his best round of the fight.

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