UFC Vegas 53 results and highlights: Romanov easily taps Sherman, Figueiredo kneebars Da Silva

The UFC Vegas 53 prelims were blessed with four finishes across five fights, including one silky smooth kneebar, and a heavyweight Americana. In the…

By: Eddie Mercado | 1 year ago
UFC Vegas 53 results and highlights: Romanov easily taps Sherman, Figueiredo kneebars Da Silva
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The UFC Vegas 53 prelims were blessed with four finishes across five fights, including one silky smooth kneebar, and a heavyweight Americana. In the card’s featured prelim, a -2200 betting favorite, Alexandr Romanov, looked every bit deserving of that moneyline when he ran right through +1100 underdog, Chase Sherman. Romanov went right to the takedown and tossed Sherman in spectacular fashion, and then proceeded to lock up an Americana to get the tap. On the mic after his win, Romanov called for a match with the UFC’s #13 ranked, Augusto Sakai. Man, now at 16-0 this guy looks unstoppable!

We got a wicked kneebar on the UFC Vegas 53 prelims thanks to Francisco Figueiredo locking one up on Daniel da Silva at just 1:18 into the opening round. It was Da Silva who shot in and landed the takedown, but a slick transition from Figueiredo put him in the perfect position to hyperextend his knee. Good thing Da Silva tapped!

Gabe Green had to overcome a big knockdown in the second round before rallying and stopping Yohan Lainesse with strikes of his own. Lainesse appeared to be in control for a lot of this fight, but once Green started to apply the pressure, he was able to overwhelm the UFC newcomer with a brutal series of body shots to get the finish.

Natan Levy and Mike Breeden waged absolute war tonight, with both men having to dig deep, but it was Levy who came out with the unanimous nod. Plenty of strikes were thrown and landed on both sides, but Levy had the bigger wow moments to solidify his victory. In his post-fight interview, the Israeli fighter in Levy stated that he would be selling his fight kit, and then will donate the money to help the Holocaust survivors that are still alive today. Good form!

Opening up the main card, Shanna Young was able to plant Gina Mazany on the ground, take her back, and then punch her over and over until the referee stepped in. After back to back setbacks to start her UFC career, Young is now in the win column.

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Alexandr Romanov def. Chase Sherman by submission (Americana) at 2:11 of round 1: Heavyweight

Romanov wasted no time in shooting in for the takedown, and boy did he throw Sherman. As soon as Chase stood up, a single leg brought him right back down to the mat. Romanov took full mount and began smashing Sherman with punches, before locking up an Americana to get the tap.

Francisco Figueiredo def. Daniel da Silva by submission (Kneebar) at 1:18 of round 1: Flyweight

Da Silva scored a takedown within the first minute of the match, but Figueiredo was ready for it. Francisco rolled for a kneebar, and Da Silva wisely chose to tap out. WOW!

Gabe Green def. Yohan Lainesse by TKO at 4:02 of round 2: Welterweight

Lainesse was keen on throwing a lot of leg kicks to get things going. He then went to his hands, landing a big right hand that briefly wobbled Green. Gabe recovered really quickly and began pumping his jab. Lainesse the shifted gears and earned a takedown, and then went for a standing guillotine as Green stood up.

Green looked to apply more pressure in the second stanza, but a monstrous right hand floored him. Green was quick to recover again, and stood back to his feet, but a botched takedown from Lainesse was enough for him to get on top. Lainesse attacked with an RNC, but Green was able to roll out of it and get back to his feet. Green started to pressure and began overwhelming Lainesse with punches. Several punches in a row landed to the midsection of Lainesse, causing him to take a seat. A barrage of ground strikes came flying in, and the referee stepped in and did his job.

Natan Levy def. Mike Breeden by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Lightweight

Breeden clinched up right away to score a quick takedown, but Levy quickly sprung up to his feet. Levy snuck in a kick, but it was caught and he was taken down, but he quickly attempted a heel hook. Breeden was able to escape and the fighters returned to their feet. An accidental cup check to Levy paused the match, and upon the restart things heated up. Breeden started to unload his hands in combinations, and then Levy went back to his sneaky kick. Breeden caught it again, and Levy tried for another leg lock. Levy hit a set of takedowns to close out the round.

Breeden went right back to his punching in the second round, throwing at least three at a time. Levy went back to the takedown, putting Breeden in a rinse and repeat cycle. Breeden was able to free himself and started to throw his hands again, but Levy landed a mean shot to the liver that had Mike backing up. Natan went back to his grind, out-wrestling Breeden and making him carry his weight.

The final frame started with Breeden walking Levy down behind his boxing. He backed Levy up tot he cage and was attacking the body and the head, all while stuffing takedowns. Levy kept throwing, but seemed to be in a bad way as Breeden was pouring it on. Then, Levy rocked Breeden with a big left hand that dropped him for a second. Levy went back to his wrestling, but was unable to get a takedown. What a war!

Shanna Young def. Gina Mazany by TKO at 3:11 of round 2: (W) Flyweight

Mazany was pumping out a lot of volume right away. She used her strikes to set up entries into the clinch, and although the takedown wasn’t there, she was able to score a knockdown off of a well-placed knee to the face. There was so much offense coming at Young, that aside from a few punches and side kicks, she didn’t really have a chance to get anything going this round.

Mazany continued with her volume to start the second round, but Young took the center of the Octagon and started to counter. Mazany tried for a bodylock takedown, but Young showed off excellent hips by staying on top. Although Mazany was quick to get up, Young took her right back down. Young transitioned to the back, with Mazany belly down, and began dropping a ton of punches until the referee intervened.

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