WTF: Kung Fu ‘master’ makes up outrageous excuse for KO loss to MMA fighter

We’re absolutely spoiled for choice this weekend when it comes to MMA, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to see some less-conventional…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 1 year ago
WTF: Kung Fu ‘master’ makes up outrageous excuse for KO loss to MMA fighter
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We’re absolutely spoiled for choice this weekend when it comes to MMA, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to see some less-conventional violence go down.

So we start with another incredible video from Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns. It’s a short one, sort of an amuse bouche that shows Kung Fu master Mao Baoguo in an emotional interview. He’s somewhat distraught because of his defeat at the hands of MMA hobbyist Wang Qing Min, and offers a divinely clueless answer as to why he was defeated so quickly and definitively.

“I was very annoyed. I should have won,” he said in Chinese. “Why was it I had no strength, hands couldn’t move? Why was his super slow left hook able to hit me? How? I couldn’t figure it out. There must have been foul play.

“Someone must have touched me and put some ether on me. My hands were slow because somebody poisoned me. Somebody did something to me. I don’t have proof, so I can’t just say this publicly, so I’ve only told friends,” Mao said on camera, in a public interview.

Maybe he got bit by the Scarlet Rot dog summon from Elden Ring. You should play it, it’s good.

From there, it’s off to Nigeria for African Warriors Fighting Championship, giving us a double dose of dope.

First, a drawn-out battle that ends in a well-timed finish:

But this one’s really intense. Parrying and timing with feints is essential in Dambe, and these guys are extraordinary at combining all of these talents:

Here’s a new one: Zulu stick fighting. Check out this clip where a young gun takes on two older competitors back to back and makes them quit with the quickness:

If this kid starts roasting you for wearing an ugly outfit, let it rock and keep it moving. He’s too nice with it to start an argument.

Here’s another new one: Haitian machete fencing. Now don’t worry about being squeamish, nobody gets hurt here. This is merely a a friendly sparring session set specifically with the aim of demonstrating the art.

In fact, calling it a sparring session may be a bit much. The participants take turns working in strikes and defense, and you get to see the grace and movement of the art. It’s not just two guys whacking around looking to make the other guy, it’s movement, patience and fluidity. Check that out here:

Here’s another one from further back in 2012, courtesy of the Haitian Machete Fencing Project:

We’ve got more Sambo action courtesy of SAMBOFIAS with a wild match from last year’s championship finals:

Along with a tournament bout from 2020:

As well as a men’s bout from the same tournament:

Now that Karate Combat has formally announced their upcoming season, they’ve got a trailer set up for the events they’ll be staging:

As well as this highlight that saw a guy stopped dead in his tracks with a well-placed body kick:

From there, we go to Japan to check out a collection of Sumo highlights including some vicious finishes.

Finally, another internet classic some of you might be familiar with. Russian slap fighting. Got a feeling they don’t train this at Fedor’s gym.

And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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