UFC Vegas 50 results and video: Song starches Moraes, Dober hits wild comeback TKO on McKinney

The UFC Vegas 50 main card is moving right along, and we got some pretty epic finishes, including a miraculous comeback TKO at lightweight,…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC Vegas 50 results and video: Song starches Moraes, Dober hits wild comeback TKO on McKinney
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The UFC Vegas 50 main card is moving right along, and we got some pretty epic finishes, including a miraculous comeback TKO at lightweight, and a wicked finishing sequence in the light heavyweight division. One awesome finish came in the co-main event when the UFC’s #14 ranked bantamweight, Yadong Song, put hands on the #10 ranked, Marlon Moraes, to earn a first-round TKO. Song was dialed in right away, catching Moraes with clean punches, including the insane three-piece that put him out. This makes three wins in a row for Song.

Before that, the UFC’s #12 ranked featherweight, Sodiq Yusuff, won a unanimous nod over the #15 ranked, Alex Caceres. The bulk of this fight took place on the feet, with Yusuff landing alllll the leg kicks. This victory gets Yusuff back into the win column and extends his professional record to 12-2. In his

Khalil Rountree went full savage mode on Karl Roberson, brutalizing him with a violent series of strikes to earn the second-round TKO. After delivering such a brutal finish, Rountree took to the mic and poured his heart out speaking on his history as a 300-pound kid on the brink of suicide. It sounds like Rountree has a lot to say, and he’s going to try and use the platform of fighting to inspire others who may be in a dark place like he was. How can you not love that?

In one of the craziest comebacks you’ll ever see, Drew Dober overcame being badly hurt several times by Terrance McKinney from jump street to score a TKO inside of the opening round. McKinney had it all but won, but somehow Dober persevered and landed a big knee to get on top and finish with ground strikes. This matchup was pure violence from start to finish, so do yourself a favor and go watch it, and then rewatch it again.

Opening up the UFC Vegas 50 main card, Alex Pereira won a gritty unanimous decision over Bruno Silva. It was obviously the striking of Pereira that earned him the win here, but he also showed an ability to sprawl late in fights, and also get back to his feet when he needs to. What would be an Alex Pereira fight without mentioning that he knocked out UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, way back in their GLORY days.

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Main card:

Yadong Song def. Marlon Moraes by TKO at 2:06 of round 1: Bantamweight

Song got off to a strong start, catching Moraes with a big punch that wobbled him. Moraes started to punch his way back in the fight, or so it seemed, until a nasty three-piece combo connected and separated Marlon from his senses. Eek!

Sodiq Yusuff def. Alex Caceres decision by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Featherweight

Caceres had a brief moment where he almost secured the back early in the match, but Yusuff was able to quickly stand up. Yusuff had a clear power advantage, and was able to use his wrestling to control the fight. He spent some time in the clinch, where he was having success, aside form when Caceres would try and sneak to his back.

Yusuff came out in the second round looking to land power punches. Caceres responded with footwork and his long range weapons, trying to keep Yusuff off of him. Yusuff routinely attacked the legs, trying and succeeding in reducing the movement of Alex. He even kicked out the leg on a couple of occasions. Caceres was landing too, but his strikes had a lot less pop on them.

Caceres was finding a home for his left hand to start the final frame. He was landing to the head and the body, showing much more urgency than the previous two rounds. Yusuff continued his leg attack, punishing the lead leg of Caceres over and over. Caceres tried to hit a takedown, but Yusuff was having none of it. Yusuff clocked Caceres with a clean right hand that staggered him, and then went right back to kicking the legs.

Khalil Rountree def. Karl Roberson by TKO at :25 of round 2: Light heavyweight

The fighters went right after one another here, exchanging heavy punches back and forth. The corner of Rountree asked him to settle down a bit, so he obliged and the pace of the fight slowed down to a simmer. The second round opened up with a big right hand from Rountree that dropped Roberson. Rountree went ballistic, landing a viscous body kick as Roberson was on the ground. Then as Roberson stood up, Rountree finished him with a hellacious two-piece. MY WORD!

Drew Dober def. Terrance McKinney by TKO at 3:17 of round 1: Lightweight

McKinney did not waste any time here! He blasted Dober with a knee that rocked him, and then unloaded some heavy leather that hurt Drew even further. He was all over Dober, landing so many punches without taking a break. Dober held on and recovered, and McKinney blasted a takedown to get on top and take a breath. He even anded a head kick as Drew stood up. Then, Dober started to push the pace himself. He backed up McKinney, and then connected with big knee from the clinch that dropped Terrance. Dober pounced right away, dropping all sorts of ground and pound to prompt the referee to stop the fight. WHAT!?!

Alex Pereira def. Bruno Silva by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Middleweight

Pereira started out by throwing a lot of volume at Silva. He wasn’t connecting clean, but he was keeping Bruno on the outside. In an exchange, Silva connected with a two-piece that registered and caused Pereira to briefly backpedal. With about 90-seconds left in the round, Silva shot in and hit a takedown, but wasn’t bale to keep Pereira there. In open space, Pereira connected with a left hook that staggered Silva, but ran out of time to capitalize on it.

Silva did not shy away from the standup in the second act. The fighters went back and forth in open space, until Silva closed the distance. Pereira was able to get up off the ground, but he found himself stuck in the clinch with his back to the cage. Pereira was landing heavy strikes, but he was also missing wide with some of them, allowing Silva to counter him. Silva charged late with his own volume, albeit having to walk through flying knees to do so.

Pereira was able to sprawl on the opening takedown attempt from Silva, but the fight drifted into the clinch. here the fighters jockeyed for position, taking turns pressing the other against the fence. In open space, a left hook wobbled Silva, and Pereira went in for the kill. Pereira swarmed with punches, but Silva somehow remained on his feet and continued to return fire.

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