ADCC 2nd South American Trials results and videos: Mayssa, Fabricio, and Gutemberg win gold

Last weekend, ADCC head organizer Mo Jassim hosted the first 2022 ADCC South American Trials in Balneario Camboriu, Brazil. Yesterday the trials went to…

By: Danny O'Donnell | 1 year ago
ADCC 2nd South American Trials results and videos: Mayssa, Fabricio, and Gutemberg win gold
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Last weekend, ADCC head organizer Mo Jassim hosted the first 2022 ADCC South American Trials in Balneario Camboriu, Brazil. Yesterday the trials went to Sao Paulo, Brazil in search of seven more ADCC World Championship athletes. The first event had standout performances from Micael Galvao, Roosevelt Sousa, Diogo Reis, Magid Hage, and Isaque Bahiense. This time it was Mayssa Bastos, Fabricio Andrey, and Gutemberg Pereira whose performances stole the show.

Full results can be found below:


66 kg: Fabricio Andrey

77 kg: Roberto Jimenez

88 kg: Alexandre Robinho

99 kg: Henrique Ceconi

+99 kg: Gutemberg Pereira


-60 kg: Mayssa Bastos

+60 kg: Giovanna Jara

Mayssa Bastos earns -60 kg ADCC spot despite big size disadvantage

The second ADCC South American trials in Sao Paulo had many more female competitors because this tournament offered ADCC World Championship invitations for the two winners. Although Daiana Torquato and Rebecca Albuquerque won these divisions last weekend at the first South American trials, placements at the World Championships were not offered at that event.

In the -60 kg division, all eyes were on Unity Jiu Jitsu’s Mayssa Bastos. Despite normally competing as a rooster weight, Mayssa decided to jump up in weight for a chance to compete at ADCC. In her first match Mayssa got a submission over Jaine Fragoso via triangle arm bar, despite being slammed in the process.

In her second match she stayed on the offensive, attacking her opponent’s back throughout the match and winning 3-0. Mayssa’s opponent in the semi finals was Jasmine Rocha of Fight Sports. Her tactics in the match were similar to the match before, as she used inversions to attack Jasmine’s back. Jasmine defended Mayssa’s attacks well, but it was an attack with about a minute and a half left that Jasmine was unable to defend. Mayssa inverted from the reverse de la riva position and then transitioned to the k-guard, where she got Jasmine’s back and finished with a rear naked choke.

In the final Mayssa faced Julia Alves, a standout brown belt representing GF Team. While her guard and back attacks were her main weapons in her three prior matches, it was Mayssa’s passing that helped her win the final. She came up from a double seated position into a deep knee cut and finished Julia with a straight armlock variation. Mayssa finished the day with three submissions in four matches despite a significant size disadvantage.

Gutemberg Pereira and Fabricio Andrey submit all their opponents

A few days before the ADCC Sao Paulo trials, Gutemberg Pereira had no intentions of competing. However, an inspiring performance by Mica Galvao the weekend before and an opportunity to compete in a ruleset he wasn’t as familiar with were motivation to jump in. Even though Gutemberg hasn’t competed without the gi since 2016 as a brown belt, he looked very comfortable in the ADCC ruleset, submitting all four of his opponents on the day.

In his first three matches, Gutemberg scored three heel hooks, citing Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones, and Garry Tonon as influences on his leg lock game.

In the final he faced Leonardo Lemos de Andrade, and we saw more of the techniques Gutemberg has become known for. He started the match with a double leg takedown, then secured an under hook and passed Leonardo’s half guard. Gutemberg then stepped over to the mount and locked in a head and arm choke for his fourth submission in as many matches.

In his first ADCC trials last weekend, Fabricio Andrey was putting on a show prior to falling prey to a heel hook against Diogo Reis, the eventual 66 kg winner. This time was a different story, and Fabricio set the tone of his performance in his first match, using his wrestling skills to hit a duck under right to his opponent’s back, where he finished with a rear naked choke.

His second match was his most impressive finish of the day. Fabricio’s opponent sat to guard and he immediately jumped right into a flying triangle, getting the tap 31 seconds into the match.

Fabricio followed that up with an armbar that he finished after switching from a triangle choke.

In the semi final, he hit another duck under from his feet, going straight to the back and finishing with a rear naked choke.

He started the final off with a beautiful foot sweep followed up by a series of lightning fast guard pass attempts. His opponent Kaua Gabriel defended the passes well and they ended up back on the feet. Fabricio attacked a ridiculous flying armbar that was defended but then countered with a triangle and omoplata combination. From the omoplata Fabricio then went to Kaua’s back where Fabricio secured yet another rear naked choke finish.

All ADCC trials matches can be watched on FloGrappling, including the upcoming West Coast trials on April 2nd and 3rd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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