Grappling Report: BJJ star issues $50K challenge to Detroit DUST’s Dale Brown

March 12th and 13th is set to be he most packed weekends of 2022 so far for fans of high-level grappling as Eddie Bravo…

By: Alex Lindsey | 1 year ago
Grappling Report: BJJ star issues $50K challenge to Detroit DUST’s Dale Brown
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

March 12th and 13th is set to be he most packed weekends of 2022 so far for fans of high-level grappling as Eddie Bravo will be staging the return of EBI just one day after moving forward with his all-female brand, Medusa. The first event was a resounding success and set a high standard that Bravo looks set to beat with the inclusion of IBJJF world champions Ffion Davies and Beatriz Mesquita.

Medusa 2 sets the stage for one of the most hotly-anticipated events of 2022, EBI 19. It’s been over three years since EBI was last seen and the return is already set to feature some of the most talented grapplers around in the welterweight division. ATOS prodigy Tye Ruotolo will be looking to add another belt to his collection, but he’ll have some tough opposition from the likes of Nicky Ryan, Oliver Taza, Dante Leon, and Nathan Orchard.

Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles becomes tenth member of ADCC Hall of Fame

The inaugural class of the ADCC Hall of Fame has reached it’s tenth member as one of the greatest competitors in the lighter weightclasses has been inducted. Rubens ‘Charles’ Cobrinha is one of only three athletes to win their weightclass on consecutive attempts, alongside fellow Hall of Famers Marcelo Garcia and Royler Gracie. Not just that, but Cobrinha also won a pair of silver medals before his fantastic run began.

He had an epic rivalry with another Hall of Famer, Rafael Mendes, which saw him lose both the 2009 and 2011 championship finals before finally getting revenge and taking gold in 2013. Cobrinha returned in 2015 and without Mendes to stop him, he managed to secure his second gold medal before etching his name in the history books as a three-time ADCC world champion in 2017.

Tom DeBlass issues $50k challenge to Dale Brown of D.U.S.T

Dale Brown of Detroit Urban Survival Tactics has become one of the most polarizing martial arts figures across social media lately as a result of some of the techniques he shows online. He’s even received visits from UFC competitors lately who’ve been interested in trying out some of the self-defense techniques that he’s been displaying, like middleweight knockout artist Joaquin Buckley.

Not every reaction to Brown’s videos has been as lighthearted however, as ADCC veteran Tom DeBlass has now issued out a formal challenge. Not only is DeBlass willing to pay ‘a few thousand’ to Brown in order to get him to come to his academy and teach a seminar, but he’s also offering him a whopping $50,000 if he can actually subdue one of two female brown belt competitors that he trains with.

Two-time ADCC world champion Jeff Monson calls out Gordon Ryan

As the reigning ADCC double champion, Gordon Ryan is understandably subject to a pretty healthy amount of callouts. The latest person to throw their name out there as a potential opponent for him surprised most people however, as it was UFC veteran and two-time ADCC world champion Jeff Monson. At the age of 51, it seems unlikely however that Monson would be able to turn back the clock against Ryan.

Monson has racked up 36 submission wins in his professional MMA career along with five podium placements at the ADCC world championships between 1999 and 2009, but announced his retirement from combat sports in late 2021. Monson was nothing but cordial when issuing his challenge but his statement remains the same as many others, he’s confident he’d beat Ryan in a grappling match.

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