‘Bitter’ Tommy Fury says ‘it was very upsetting’ to watch Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Tommy Fury was in agony watching Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley on Saturday night. Fury went from competitor to spectator after being forced to…

By: Kristen King | 1 year ago
‘Bitter’ Tommy Fury says ‘it was very upsetting’ to watch Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley
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Tommy Fury was in agony watching Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley on Saturday night.

Fury went from competitor to spectator after being forced to withdraw from his scheduled fight against Paul because of a chest bacterial infection and a broken rib. His withdrawal led to an impromptu rematch between Paul and Woodley, and Fury took the opportunity to watch and learn more about his would-be opponent. However, what he saw was nothing short of torturous. Both men rarely engaged beyond a few brief exchanges before a brutal right hand from Paul sent Woodley to the canvas in the sixth round.

The finish was impressive, but Fury was still unimpressed by Paul and his overall performance. During an interview with Dev Sahni hosted by Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions, the undefeated boxer ripped Paul for his lackadaisical approach to fighting Woodley.

“I think it’s a pretty bad place that you’re in when the commentators commentating your fight says, ‘It’s getting pretty hard to watch now’ and joking between the commentators on who won that round, ‘Well, nobody’,” said Fury. “And that went on for well more than half of the fight. I was just watching it and it was very upsetting for me to sit there and watch it. I’m not going to beat around the bush because I know if I’d have been in there, it wouldn’t have gone six, seven rounds or whatever it was. It wouldn’t go there because for the first four or five rounds, the guy didn’t throw a punch. He didn’t throw anything. They were just wrestling each other.

“So for me to sit there and watch that, and that was meant to be my night, my time,” continued Fury. “You get everyone talking s—t back and forth about, ‘He’s done this and done that,’ but the people that know me know how much of a bitter pill that was. They know what I’ve been going through and that’s it. It was hard to watch because that should’ve been me in Tampa Bay, Florida. In front of thousands of people that packed that arena, live all across the world, that should have been me and it will be me.”

Fury has continued to ask for the fight with Paul to be rescheduled for sometime next year, but the ‘Problem Child’ may have moved on from it entirely. Because Fury withdrew and his team has yet to reach out about rescheduling, Paul said he no longer has interest in fighting him and shifted his focus to other potentially lucrative opponents such as Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal for his next appearance in the ring.

This shift makes absolutely no sense to Fury, who wonders why Paul is pursuing seemingly unattainable options over him.

“I do believe my time will come,” said Fury. “We’re trying to figure out the next date, and we’re trying to get that fight rescheduled because that’s the fight that I want next. Seeing after the fight he’s calling out all these MMA people, like what? I don’t get what he’s trying to achieve by calling out UFC people. He wants to be a boxer, doesn’t he? So fight a boxer. Stop calling out all these wrestlers and non-boxers.

“In the cage, they’d kill him any day of the week, but let’s be honest and let’s be serious here: would he beat Nate Diaz [in boxing]? One hundred percent. Would he beat any other MMA super fighter? One hundred percent because they’re not boxers. I’ve really got nothing else to say on that because I’m not even entertaining that. He’s the fight that I want next and he’s the fight that’s going to happen next.”

Fury revealed that he would be ready to fight in March, so only time will tell if he and Paul can come to terms on what is sure to be another highly anticipated spectacle.

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