Polaris 18 Results: Williams, Tanabe, and Hue each earn upset victories in the UK

The UK’s longest running jiu-jitsu super fight promotion returned to action on Saturday, November 27th with a lineup featuring BJJ World Champions, MMA fighters,…

By: Danny O'Donnell | 2 years ago
Polaris 18 Results: Williams, Tanabe, and Hue each earn upset victories in the UK
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The UK’s longest running jiu-jitsu super fight promotion returned to action on Saturday, November 27th with a lineup featuring BJJ World Champions, MMA fighters, and no-gi grappling specialists. The main card of the event featured Paulo Miyao versus Ash Williams, Jed Hue versus AJ Agazarm, and Tommy Langaker versus Igor Tanabe.

Polaris super fight matches were 10 minutes in duration and could only be decided by submission or judges’ decision, incentivizing the athletes to take risks and attempt to finish their opponents.

ADCC European Trials Winner Ash Williams gets decision over Paulo Miyao

Coming off a big win at the ADCC European Trials in the 66 kg division, it seemed safe to assume that Ash Williams would continue to focus on the ADCC ruleset leading up to the 2022 ADCC World Championships. He decided to veer from that path however, taking a gi match with one of the best featherweight gi competitors ever in Paulo Miyao.

Miyao started the match from the bottom position, utilizing the lasso and de la riva positions to entangle Ash’s legs and come up to the top position. Once Paulo was on top, he started to work a series of leg drags. Ash showed great defense and attempted a few foot locks on Miyao, both to earn favor in the eyes of the judges and to stave off Miyao’s passing attempts. The strategy worked perfectly for Ash, who despite being under pressure from Miyao most of the match, was able to come away with the decision victory.

Jed Hue uses submission-focused strategy to earn decision over Agazarm

In the co-main event, Bellator MMA fighter AJ Agazarm was a late replacement for Edwin Najmi to take on Jed Hue of Elite Jiu-Jitsu.

Hue immediately sat to guard as Agazarm worked various passing strategies to get around his opponent’s legs. Agazarm attempted to pass the guard with a cartwheel early in the match, but Hue countered with a kimura that had Agazarm’s arm in reasonable danger. Agazarm escaped and Hue continued to play guard throughout the rest of the match, going for another armbar and later inverting to attack a kneebar.

Agazarm turned to defend the kneebar, which Hue used to transition to a heel hook. Agazarm defended and fought out of the position well, but was unable to mount much offense against Hue. Hue’s final submission attempt came with about 30 seconds left in the match, as he latched onto another heel hook that Agazarm was able to turn out of. Hue’s style played very well with the submission based ruleset, and he earned a unanimous decision victory over the always tough AJ Agazarm.

Igor “Fat Ninja” Tanabe submits European Champion Tommy Langaker

Igor “Fat Ninja” Tanabe was promoted to black belt by Eduardo Telles and Walter Franco in May 2020 after a great run in the colored belts that included a purple belt World Championship title. Since then, Igor has yet to lose a match at his new rank.

Up until this match with Langaker, Igor has competed solely in Japan, mainly due to travel restrictions from the pandemic. Langaker, a Norwegian grappler, has wins in Polaris over Sebastian Brosche, Marcos Tinoco, and Gilbert Burns. This match took place at 90 kg, a weight better suited for Tanabe, as Langaker normally competes as a middleweight. Despite the size disadvantage, Langaker did a great job of being aggressive throughout the match, never taking a break to rest and hold a position.

Tanabe, however, was able to dictate the pace throughout, mixing in multiple flying triangles and omoplatas in addition to his guard passes. At about the two minute mark, Tanabe initiated a long step pass, getting around the guard and forcing Langaker to give up his back. Once Tanabe was on the back, he set his grips in the collar and finished the match with a bow n’ arrow choke. With the submission win, Tanabe improved his record as a black belt to 18-0.

Full results can be found below:

Ash Williams def. Paulo Miyao via decision (split)
Jed Hue def. AJ Agazarm via decision (unanimous)
Igor Tanabe def. Tommy Langaker via submission (bow n’ arrow)
Stevie Ray def. Craig Ewers via submission (twister)
Leon Larman def. Bryn Jenkins via decision (unanimous)
Lloyd Cooper def. Tom Barry via decision (split)
Josh Williams def. Adam Adshead via submission (armbar)
Aled Rees def. Ash Amos via submission (lapel choke)
Tom Cellamare def. Oli Cole via submission (armbar)
Owen Livesey def. Max Bickerton via decision (unanimous)
Ashley Bendle def. Kate Bacik via decision (unanimous)
Jamie Dicks def. Finn Carey via decision (unanimous)
William Southern def. Rhys Davis via submission (triangle)

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