UFC Vegas 43 results and video: Vieira earns scrappy decision over Tate, Brady beats Chiesa

The UFC Vegas 43 main card saw four of five fights go the distance, but did close out with the promotion’s #7 rated bantamweight,…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC Vegas 43 results and video: Vieira earns scrappy decision over Tate, Brady beats Chiesa
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The UFC Vegas 43 main card saw four of five fights go the distance, but did close out with the promotion’s #7 rated bantamweight, Ketlen Vieira, winning a scrappy decision over the former 135-pound champ, Miesha Tate. Vieira used her heavy hands to counter a pressuring Tate, and was able to fight off the takedown attempts to get the decision. Ketlen is now back in the win column, and sets herself back up for another big fight.

Before that, the co-main event witnessed the UFC’s #14 ranked welterweight, Sean Brady, out-grapple the #6 ranked, Michael Chiesa, to take a unanimous decision. The fight was pretty competitive, with Brady having most of his success on the ground, while Chiesa oddly enough did his best work on the feet. Brady remains undefeated and moves to 15-0 inches career. Which top-ranked fighter would you like to see him face next?

The first finish of the night happened in the women’s flyweight division when the #10 rated, Taila Santos, dropped the #5 rated, Joanne Wood, twice with heavy hands before securing a first-round RNC. Santos looked great out there, and after falling short in her UFC debut, she has now posted up four consecutive victories. This win should catapult her right to the top of a division that seemingly has no true challengers to the champ.

Longtime UFC bantamweight Rani Yahya overcame being hurt on a couple occasions to win a unanimous decision over Kyung Ho Kang. Yahya was in hot water on the feet, but was able to neutralize Kang on the floor. Rani is now unbeaten in three fights.

Kicking off the UFC Vegas 43 main card, Adrian Yanez won a scrappy split decision over a very game Davey Grant. Both men gave everything they had, with plenty of strikes being shared between the two. When the decision came in, two judges scored the fight 29-28 for Yanez, and one official saw it 30-27 for Grant. How did you score this one? Regardless of the peculiar scorecard, Yanez is off to a fantastic 4-0 start in the UFC.

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Main card:

Ketlen Vieira def. Miesha Tate by unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47 x2): (W) Bantamweight

Vieira came out and established herself right away as the more powerful puncher. From there, both fighters took a somewhat cautious approach. Tate was staying on the outside, trying keep out of Vieira’s range. Tate decided to explode in behind her punches to clinch up, but Vieira quickly freed herself. Vieira shot in for the takedown, but Tate sprawled on top of her as the round ended.

Vieira began the second frame with some big punches on an advancing Tate. Things heated up as Miesha was returning fire, connecting with a sizable right hand of her own. She even connected with a front kick that surprised Vieira. Tate was doing a descent job of moving her head, but when Vieira connected, she reminded everyone of her power advantage. Vieira successfully shut down the takedown attempts this round, too.

The third round saw an accidental eye poke from Tate that briefly paused the match. Tate was really trying to work her jab, but seemed to be concerned with what might be coming back her way. Vieira sat back looking to counter, which allowed Miesha to dictate the pace. Just as Vieira started to connect with her hands, Tate shot in for a takedown attempt. Vieira remained on her feet, but Tate clinched back up and blasted a series of mean knees to the body.

Tate opened the fourth frame with pressure and a big right hand. She was able to snag a takedown, but Vieira quickly stood back to her feet. The former champ still had Vieira pressed against the fence, and was grinding away with short punches. In open space, they traded leather, and then in the clinch they exchanged more strikes. It was a pretty close round that ended with Vieira punching to the body in the clinch and Tate throwing knees to the body.

Tate was still trying to get to the inside, but had to eat some big punches to get there. Sometimes she would succeed, but other times she didn’t. One such instance resulted in the nose of Tate being busted open. Tate was unable to get the takedown, and struggled to hurt Vieira in a meaningful way. She kept trying, leaking from the face and pressuring Vieira down the stretch. When it was all said and done, the eye left eye of Tate was badly swollen, yet Vieira appeared no worse for the wear.

Sean Brady def. Michael Chiesa by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Welterweight

The match opened with an accidental eye poke from Chiesa, prompting a quick pause. Upon the restart, Chiesa accidentally poked Brady in the eye again to bring another timeout. The fight finally got underway and when they clinched up, Brady earned himself a takedown. Chiesa stood to his feet, but it wasn’t long before he was taken back down. It took some effort, but Chiesa eventually returned to open space.

The second stanza spent a lot of time in open space. Chiesa was landing some sneaky left crosses that were hitting the mark. Brady finally had enough of it and closed the distance into the clinch. From there, he worked hard for the takedown, and although Chiesa was hip to it, Brady still took him down. Chiesa gave up his back for quite some time, but was able to remain safe until the bell.

Brady closed the distance again in the last round, but the fighters mutually elected to return to open space. That’s where Chiesa started to let his hands go. He was throwing his punches in combination and he was landing. Brady went back to his grappling, taking Chiesa to the mat. He returned to the backpack position, and that’s where the fight slowed down. It took him awhile, but Chiesa got back to his feet. He landed a couple of strikes before hitting a takedown of his own. He went to full mount and pounded away until the time expired.

Taila Santos def. Joanne Wood by submission (RNC) at 4:49 of round 1: (W) Flyweight

Wood weathered the early storm from Santos and started attacking with jabs and leg kicks. Santos was more boxing focused, looking to punch right through the kicks of Wood. A hefty right hand from Santos sat down her opponent, and when Wood quickly stood up, she was dropped again. Santos took the back and sunk a rear-naked choke to get the tap!

Rani Yahya def. Kyung Ho Kang by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Bantamweight

It didn’t take long for Yahya to dive on a single leg and have Kang on the defense. Kang eventually worked to free himself, and was starting to pepper Yahya with jabs in open space. Then, a big right hand sat down Yahya, but Kang wisely chose to not follow his foe to the floor. The round ended with Yahya pulling deep half guard. Yahya ran through an early leg kick from Kang to take top position. He then took the back and held the position as he landed strikes. Kang did not get back to his feet until the round ended. Kang went after Yahya in the final round, rocking him and forcing a desperation shot. Kang took top position, but it wasn’t long before Yahya hit a sweep and got on top. A ton of short punches landed for Yahya before the bell sounded.

Adrian Yanez def. Davey Grant by split decision (29-28 x2, 27-30): Bantamweight

Yanez took the center right away with a slow pressure, looking to land basic boxing combinations. Grant was comfortable on the outside, setting up unorthodox spinning attacks. The longer the fight went on, the more Yanez came alive. He started to counter Grant with crisp punches, causing some redness around his nose.

The second round started just as hot with Yanez pressing forward. Grant was letting his kicks go to the head body, and legs, while Yanez was staying true to his punching attack. An accidental eye poke from Grant caused a brief pause in the action, but quickly got back underway. Grant went hard for a takedown upon the restart, but Yanez wasn’t having it. Back and forth the fighters went on the feet, with both men connecting. The longer the brawl went on, the more Grant was landing.

These warriors stood right in front of each other and traded leather back and forth to begin the final round. One man would land something clean, and then the other would retaliate with something just as flush. Grant was a bloody mess while Yanez looked relatively unscathed. Yanez was pumping out his jab to address the advancing Grant, and was rolling with the big right hands coming back his way.

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