UFC 268 results and video: Vera KO’s Edgar with front kick, Burgos gets the best of Quarantillo

The UFC 268 main card rolls right along with the promotion’s #13 ranked bantamweight, Marlon Vera, knocking out the #8 ranked, Frankie Edgar, with…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC 268 results and video: Vera KO’s Edgar with front kick, Burgos gets the best of Quarantillo
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The UFC 268 main card rolls right along with the promotion’s #13 ranked bantamweight, Marlon Vera, knocking out the #8 ranked, Frankie Edgar, with a devastating front kick in the third round. Edgar found success in the opening act with his ground game, but Chito started to stuff the takedowns, and then began stinging the UFC’s former light weight champ with strikes. Vera was stalking Frankie in the final frame, and then as soon as the moment for the front kick presented itself, Chito made the most of it. Vera has now won three of his last four, and positions himself a lot closer to the top-5.

Before that, the UFC’s #14 ranked featherweight, Shane Burgos, won himself a unanimous decision over a very game Billy Quarantillo. The unranked Quarantillo landed a lot of strikes, but those from Burgos packed more of a wallop. Billy was knocked down towards the end of the first-round, and from there, Burgos started to chop away at the leg. Quarantillo was on one wheel for a lot of the final round, and although he kept throwing, the night belonged to Burgos. This victory snaps a two-fight losing skid for Shane.

Main card:

Marlon Vera def. Frankie Edgar by KO at 3:50 of round 3: Bantamweight

Edgar shot in right away, but Vera was on top of it. The fighters traded strikes, with Edgar seeming to have the faster hands. Vera jumped on a guillotine to defend a takedown, but Frankie easily escaped and took top position. Chito got roughed up a bit, but found success with a series of brutal up kicks. Edgar was able to absorb the blows and fall back into the full guard until the bell.

It took just over a minute for Edgar to achieve another takedown. Chito scored with another up kick, but again Frankie was able to fall into the full guard. Edgar started connecting with punches, but lost control and Chito stood back up. Vera started to stalk Frankie, and then briefly dropped him with a flying knee. In an exchange, Chito snuck in an elbow that staggered Edgar, but the former former champ survived.

Vera continued to hunt Edgar in the third round. When he would find his range, he would duff Frankie with something hard. Frankie was having to use a ton of footwork, and energy, just to keep out of striking range. Edgar went hard for the takedown, but Chito scrambled just as hard to stay to his feet. Then came the show stopper. Chito popped Frankie with a front kick to the face that instantly dropped him. Vera went in for the finish and the referee was right there to stop it.

Shane Burgos def. Billy Quarantillo by decision (29-28 x3): Featherweight

The fighters met in the middle and went right to work. They were exchanging punches in the pocket, with Quarantillo making it ugly. Doing that allowed him to get his volume off without allowing Burgos to set his feet and swing. Burgos was bleeding from the mouth at this point. Then, Burgos dropped Billy with a right hand, and then landed an uppercut as Quarantillo was standing up.

Quarantillo continued with his pressure and volume in the second act, but it was clear that Burgos was the heavier puncher. On the inside, the fighters would take turns tripping the other, but the fight didn’t go down to there ground. Instead, the athletes stayed on their feet and kept swinging away. Burgos was being consistent with his leg kicks, but Quarantillo kept coming forward. That’s when Burgos started to turn it up and began unloading punches in bunches. Quarantillo was able to hang on and escape the round.

Burgos landed a set of clean right hands to open the final frame. Shane kept attacking the leg and kept landing punches to the face. The leg of Quarantillo started to fail him and had some pretty bad bruising on his calf. Quarantillo even dropped down for a leg lock at one point just to get off of his compromised appendage. Quarantillo kept going for it, applying pressure and trying to grind out his opponent. Burgos was just more damaging.

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