KSW 64: Przybysz vs Santos, Pudzianowski vs. Bombardier preview, weigh-in results

Yes, the image does not match the actual headliner of the event. But that’s fine. KSW 64 is here and while the main event…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 2 years ago
KSW 64: Przybysz vs Santos, Pudzianowski vs. Bombardier preview, weigh-in results
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Yes, the image does not match the actual headliner of the event. But that’s fine. KSW 64 is here and while the main event is an exciting title fight, the meat and potatoes for this one is a much-anticipated bout between legendary strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski (15-7) and Serigne Ousmane Dia, better known as Bombardier (2-0).

But we’ll address the main event first, because it’s a banger.

Bruno Santos (10-2) is a training partner of UFC champ Charles Oliveira, and despite losing his KSW debut to powerful wrestler Antun Račić, won his last bout via decision against Paweł Polityło. A submission specialist with good cardio and thudding leg kicks, he’s got a good pop on his punches and loves rear naked chokes. He’s a good challenge for the current champion, as Sebastian Przybysz (8-2) has slick boxing and loves to strike to the body. Przybysz is 1-1 against Račić, whom he also beat for the belt when victorious against him.

Back to the co-main, the saga is as follows: KSW scores a massive coup in signing Bombardier, scheduling him to fight Pudzianowski only for that fight to fall apart at the last minute. And perhaps this was for the best, because all it’s done is create even more anticipation for this showcase considering just how freakish these two are in size.

What I said about them last time still applies, so here it is:

Pudzian (13-7) has had his fair share of battles, and his last bout was a win against Erko Jun back in 2019. He’s handled musclebound dudes like himself before. This is just a different task. A massive monster grappler that loves to swing for the fences and make his fights as quick as possible? That’s a concern. But it’s bound to be fun regardless. Bombardier (2-0) lacks polish when it comes to a full and organized MMA game, but has tremendous power and a lifetime of grappling savvy to make him a nightmare matchup for a lot of heavyweights anywhere in the world.

So there you have it. A musclebound vet that throws big punches against a hulking wrestler that also throws with malicious intent. You just can’t look away. Seriously.

Daniel Rutkowski (12-2, 1 no contest) is a solid prospect with some good wins under his belts (yes, plural) that he’s won in FEN and Babilon MMA. A striker with a good sprawl and some very smart ground striking, he’s got some good things going for him. But he’s got a problem in facing Filip Pejić (15-5, 2 draws). Pejić made waves in his KSW debut by putting Filip Wolanski on ice, then lost two straight and bounced back with a 12 second knockout that has to be seen to be believed. There’s no doubt this is going to be a fun one.

Finally, boxer Karolina Owczarz (4-1) has made a habit of submitting opponents, which is unexpected. She’s up against the more experienced Sylwia Juśkiewicz, who is a relentless striker. Another one to look out for, because it looks like a lot of fun.

You can watch the weigh-ins here:

Not a KSW event without the excellent promo vids. Here’s Przybysz vs Santos:

Pudzianowski vs Bombardier:

Pejić vs Rutkowski:

Finally, Karolina Owczarz vs Sylwia Juśkiewicz:

Full card is as follows, including the pesky metric system:

Sebastian Przybysz (61.1kg/135lb) vs. Bruno Santos (61.1kg/135lb) – KSW bantamweight title

Mariusz Pudzianowski (117.8kg/260lb) vs. Bombardier (148.1kg/327lb) – Super heavyweight

Filip Pejic (66.3kg/146lb) vs. Daniel Rutkowski (66.2kg/146lb) – Featherweight

Robert Ruchala (66.2kg/146lb) vs. Patryk Kaczmarczyk (66.3kg/146lb) – Featherweight

Michal Pietrzak (76.5kg/169lb) vs. Shamil Musaev (77.6kg/171lb) – Welterweight

Karolina Owczarz (56kg/123lb) vs. Sylwia Juskiewicz (54.7kg/121lb) – 123lb catchweight

Cezary Kesik (84.1kg/185lb) vs. Marcin Krakowiak (84kg/185lb) – Middleweight

Albert Odzimkowski (84.1kg/185lb) vs. Jason Radcliffe (**84.6kg/186.5lb) – Middleweight

Adam Tomasik (**94.1kg/207lb) vs. Oumar Sy (93.4kg/206lb) – Light heavyweight

**Radcliffe and Tomasik did not make weight, will forfeit a portion of their purse.

KSW starts at 2:00pm EST for those of us stateside, and the event is available for live streaming purchase at KSW’s own streaming site.

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