The MMA Vivisection – UFC Vegas 41: Costa vs. Vettori, Picks, Odds, & Analysis

This week we are kinda sad to announce, Zane Simon is dead folks. Not to worry, we have a short notice guest host for…

By: June M. Williams | 2 years ago
The MMA Vivisection – UFC Vegas 41: Costa vs. Vettori, Picks, Odds, & Analysis
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This week we are kinda sad to announce, Zane Simon is dead folks. Not to worry, we have a short notice guest host for this event, Dan Tom. For those who don’t already know Dan, he is an MMA Analyst with, and the host of the ‘Protect Ya’ Neck Podcast’, which can be found on iTunes and YouTube. He will be stepping into Connor’s shoes, while Connor leads the show for a change – in the wake of Zane’s demise… he has mustered the will to carry on!

First of all, this card is just one more off-week card in what feels like years of off-week cards. But, if last week was a 2 out of 10, this week is a 9. Last week’s card was as low as we can go. But hey, this card isn’t as bad as all that. We have two guys who have recently both lost to Israel Adesanya, who are both pressure fighters, Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori, headlining our main event. Plus, there are a couple of pretty solid matchups peppered on this card to keep it interesting, and maybe even exciting this week. Not to mention, this card starts earlier in the day than most of our Fight Night cards, which is always a nice change of pace.

To add to that, let’s just say the prelims are pleasantly surprising. The featured prelim is well-suited for this slot on the card. It is an exciting middleweight bout between ‘The Iron Turtle’ Jun Yong Park and Gregory ‘RoboCop’ Rodrigues. Park is coming into this bout on a three-fight win streak, has good wrestling skills, efficient boxing, a really decent jab and Rodrigues, the black belt, has decent wrestling as well, and a lot of defense training on how to respond to that jab and is on his own three-fight win streak.

Your Official Vivi Hosts this week!
June M. Williams

For fans interested in digging into the undercard, check out the Prelims Vivi below.

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Here’s a look at the UFC Vegas 41 fight card, as it stands right now:


14. 185 lbs – Paulo Costa (13-1) vs. Marvin Vettori (17-4) At 4:53, Odds 15:49, Picks, Connor: Costa, Dan: Vettori

13. 155 lbs – Grant Dawson (17-1) vs. Ricky Glenn (22-6) At 17:08, Odds 31:23, Picks, Both: Glenn

12. 135 lbs – Jessica-Rose Clark (10-6) vs. Joselyne Edwards (10-3) At 33:06, Odds 43:05, Picks, Both: Clark

11. 145 lbs – Alex Caceres (18-12) vs. Seung Woo Choi (10-3) At 45:09, Odds 53:26, Picks, Both: Choi

10. 170 lbs – Dwight Grant (11-3) vs. Francisco Trinaldo (26-8) At 54:14, Odds 1:01:50, Picks, Both: Trinaldo

9. 205 lbs – Nick ‘Nicu’ Negumereanu (10-1) vs. Ike Villanueva (18-12) At 1:04:20, Odds 1:14:16, Picks, Both: Villanueva

8. 185 lbs – Jun Yong Park (13-4) vs. Gregory Rodrigues (10-3) At 3:43, Odds 19:13, Picks, Connor: Park, Dan: Rodriguez

7. 155 lbs – Mason Jones (10-1) vs. David Onama (8-0) At 21:44, Odds 31:49, Picks, Both: Jones

6. 115 lbs – Tabatha Ricci (5-1) vs. Maria Oliveira (12-4) At 33:57, Odds 38:09, Picks, Both: Ricci

5. 185 lbs – Laureano Staropoli (9-4) vs. Jamie Pickett (11-6) At 39:07, Odds 48:05, Picks, Both: Staropoli

4. 155 lbs – Khama Worthy (16-8) vs. Jai Herbert (10-3) At 49:09, Odds 55:23, Picks, Both: Herbert

3. 125 lbs – Jeff Molina (9-2) vs. Daniel Lacerda (11-1) At 55:56, Odds 59:49, Picks, Both: Molina

2. 115 lbs – Livinha Souza (14-3) vs. Randa Markos (10-11) At 1:00:27, Odds Skipped@1:03:19, Picks, Both: Souza | (-122) Souza vs. (+102) Markos – h/t MMA Mania

1. 135 lbs – Jonathan Martinez (13-4) vs. Zviad Lazishvili (12-0) At 1:03:26, Odds Skipped@1:07:11, Picks, Both: Martinez | (+168) Martinez vs. (-210) Lazishvili – h/t

For those of you following the picks made on the show, we started tracking them with the July 13th, 2020 Vivisections for ‘Kattar vs. Ige’… Standings for our last event, UFC Vegas 40: Zane went 5 out of the 9 bouts they picked off this week’s card, Connor also went 5 out of those 9. So far, here are the overall standings: Zane is now 387/625 and Connor is now 378/625. *** Next week, there will be no updated odds, as this week’s picks are just for fun… so, Sorry Connor, they will NOT contribute to these standings — due to Zane’s absence from the show this week.

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