WTF?! Watch Kung Fu vs MMA, Mantis and White Crane vs kickboxing, Dambe shockers

While we wait for some of the more dynamic and explosive MMA events to come through, why not wet your beak over here? It’s…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 2 years ago
WTF?! Watch Kung Fu vs MMA, Mantis and White Crane vs kickboxing, Dambe shockers
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While we wait for some of the more dynamic and explosive MMA events to come through, why not wet your beak over here? It’s another dollop of insane combat content that’s tangentially related to MMA, and we’ve got some good ones for you today.

We begin with the standard, a vid from Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns. It’s a triple pack of Kung Fu practitioners doing some sparring against kickboxers and an MMA fighter. It’s rather nice to see, because at no point are they going super hard with a point to prove. Just light and fun sparring where the Kung Fu guys are actually having some fun.

It all comes together nicely and the gaps are clear and obvious. You can see where the more traditional styles have severe limitations, but also where there’s practical applications and techniques here and there. Things heat up a bit in the final session where the White Crane practitioner kind of goes a bit hard, mostly due to using some attacks that are very not Kung Fu. Still, worth checking out.

Next destination: Nigeria. Dambe Warriors has been around for a bit, so today we’ll check out a small collection with a Top 8 knockouts video:

Now remember: in this context, any time a fighter’s hands or body hit the ground it’s considered a knockout, so not all of these go out cold. But the ones that do? It leads to some electrifying moments.

We’re gonna keep it on the African continent with South Africa’s Elite Slap Sports, where it’s all in the name. It’s turn-based slapboxing minus the Final Fantasy battle theme, except the atmosphere is so intense.

I’d personally love to be there in person, because the contestants make their entrance and talk a little smack on the mic before the festivities. There’s ill-defined weight classes, a lot of commotion, and even the guy pouring baby powder on the table is itching for the action to begin. Nobody involved makes a secret of this, this crowd is having a great time. Especially the DJ, the true MVP.

STRELKA keeps chugging along, putting on some of the most backyard wrestling antics you’ll see anywhere. First up is a battle framed as two fat guys, which is kind of sad due to the body-shaming and all. They’re not that out of shape, they just came here to have a little fun and get a hot dog and a beer for their troubles. They’re even wearing cups on the outside like the video from Cameo.

You’ll forget this fight ten minutes after you see it, but you’ll have that song stuck in your head for weeks. It’s a bop. You’re welcome.

Next up is a fight between two skinny cats and a ref that looks like Neal Brennan. You’re welcome for that, too. Can’t unsee it now. Anyway… lots of sloppy action but a surprisingly competent end. You never know how things will go with these events:

Finally, another pair of skinny guys that really makes you feel kind of bad. Ever aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost pull off a technique and flub it, just to end up in a terrible position? Yeah, that happened here.

And we’ll end things with Karate Combat, as they continue to produce some surreal finishes. This first clip has a guy launch a punch that channels the spirit of Pedro Martinez himself.

And in this clip, an unfortunate soul thought he was going to make it to the end of the match. He thought.

And some highlights of their recent Okinawa event:

So that empties the tank for this week, kids. Take your vitamins, do your yoga, and keep your noses clean. And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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