UFC Vegas 38 prelims results & video: Silva de Andrade catches body, Perez straight armbars Eduardo

The UFC Vegas 38 preliminary card was full of finishes with five of the seven bouts not making it to a third-round. Closing out…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC Vegas 38 prelims results & video: Silva de Andrade catches body, Perez straight armbars Eduardo
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The UFC Vegas 38 preliminary card was full of finishes with five of the seven bouts not making it to a third-round. Closing out the prelims, we got a back and forth affair in the lightweight division with Jared Gordon pulling out a split decision over Joe Solecki. Jared Gordon is now riding a three-fight winning wave as he breaks up a six-fight winning streak for Solecki.

Before that, the flyweight division witnessed Casey O’Neil earning a second-round TKO over Antonina Shevchenko. The finish came when O’Neil took the fight to the floor, and dropped a non-stop barrage of ground and pound until the referee called it off. The 23-year-old Casey remains undefeated in her young career, and improves her unblemished record to 8-0. Three of those wins took place under the UFC banner, and all-three of them ended inside the distance.

The UFC’s #15 ranked women’s bantamweight, Karol Rosa, pitched a shutout against Bethe Correia, striking her way to two scores of 30-27 and one 30-26. This is four UFC wins in a row for Rosa, where as this was the last professional MMA fight for Correia. Bethe finishes up her career with a record of 11-6-1.

We got a raw one in the lightweight division when Jamie Mullarkey overcame being stung in the opening act to overwhelm Devonte Smith with a ferocious frenzy of strikes for a second-round TKO. After a tough 0-2 start to his UFC career, Mullarkey has now posted up back-to-back finishes.

Saying Douglas D’Silva Silva de Andrade is a mouthful, and fighting him is a handful. The UFC Vegas prelims enjoyed a wicked knockout when “D’Silva” annihilated Gaetano Pirrello in the opening round. Just as Pirrello was throwing a kick, Silva de Andrade uncorked a left hook from hell that sent the Belgian fighter crashing to the canvas. This impressive knockout is Douglas’ first win in just about two-years.

We got a finish in the UFC’s women’s bantamweight division when Shanna Young dropped a mean elbow on Stephanie Egger to get a second-round TKO. Young kept punching her way into the clinch, and then Egger would capitalize by hitting a toss and getting on top. That’s where Egger cracked her opponent with a thudding elbow that ended the fight. Stephanie Egger has won a UFC fight.

Opening up the show, Alejandro Perez pulled off a submission that you don’t see everyday on Johnny Eduardo. It was in the second round when Perez found himself in side control, and that’s when he applied a straight armbar with his legs while grabbing a scarf-hold for leverage. This is definitely a move that’s seen much more on the training mats than it is in elite level MMA. Not bad for Perez who was returning from two-years on the sidelines.

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Jared Gordon def. Joe Solecki by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Lightweight

Solecki was quick to get a takedown here and went right to controlling his opponent. Gordon exposed his back, and the fight spent quite a bit of time in the backpack position. Solecki started to hit for an RNC, but Gordon was defending well. Solecki jumped on a guillotine, but just gifted Gordon top position. Gordon was able to drop a couple of bows before the bell.

Solecki went after the takedown right away in round-two. He pressed Gordon against the fence, but was eating several Travis Browne elbows as he was working his wrestling advances. Gordon ultimately conceded the takedown, but reversed the situation and got on top. Not a lot was going on on the ground, but Jared was eating up some clock. Solecki did not return to his feet until the bell sounded.

Gordon was the first one to shoot in the final round, but Solecki fought it off and landed a knee to the head during the process. It was pretty even on the feet, with Gordon being the one who was mixing in takedown attempts. They seemed to bump heads which caused Gordon to be split open.

Casey O’Neil def. Antonina Shevchenko by TKO at 4:47 of round 2: (W) Flyweight

O’Neil pressured right away, wading through some counter punches in order to deliver her own strikes. They clinched up and a scramble resulted in Shevchenko taking top position. She locked up a mounted crucifix and deliver several blows before O’Neil could escape. O’Neil stayed with her pressure and hit a takedown to have her turn in the dominant position. Shevchenko did make it back to her feet, but O’Neil quickly put her back on the ground.

O’Neil was looking to clinch up in the second round, but Shevchenko didn’t seem to mind fighting from there. At range, Shevchenko was landing solid counters as her opponent would advance, but opened up herself to a double leg takedown. O’Neil worked to the back, and then to the full mount, where she dropped a barrage of punches and elbows. The referee gave Shevchenko every opportunity to improve her position, but she was unable to stop the onslaught.

Karol Rosa def. Bethe Correia by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26): Bantamweight

Rosa was looking to work her Thai clinch in the opening act, Whenever they would collide, Rosa would grab the plum and deliver some mean knees to the body. Correia was forced to play the outside as Rosa was commanding the center. The round concluded with Correia fending off a takedown against the cage.

Correia tried to pressure right away in round-two, but Rosa backed her off with hard and technical combinations. That’s when Rosa started to turn it up. She was walking down Correia with more combos and more knees to the body. From the clinch, Rosa started to score with clean elbows to the face, and even more knees, but Correia was taking it. Rosa continued to launch knees to the body in the final frame, and Correia continued to get outclassed.

Jamie Mullarkey def. Devonte Smith by TKO at of round 2: Lightweight

Mullarkey was working his jab early, trying to pressure. The punches of Smith started getting through, though, visibly hurting Jamie on a couple of occasions. Credit to Mullarkey for recovering, because ehe also ate a big knee to the face without going down. Mullarkey did hit a brief takedown at the very end of the round, and scored a few punches from the clinch.

Mullarkey began the second stanza with a stinging leg kick that immediately registered. Smith was backing up to the cage, and Mullarkey started to go off with his dirty boxing. He was unloading some serious volume of punches and elbows, and at an incredible pace. Smith wilted under the pressure and the referee had no choice but to step in.

Douglas Silva de Andrade def. Gaetano Pirrello by KO at 2:04 of round 1: Bantamweight

Silva de Andrade was pushing the pace, exploding in with a flurry before skirting back out of harms way. Pirrello was hanging back, seeing what his opponent was giving him. Unfortunately for him, as he stepped forward to throw a naked kick, Silva de Andrade blasted him with a left hook that dropped him. A couple of devastating and unanswered hammerfists were in pursuit, but Pirrello was already out.

Stephanie Egger def. Shanna Young by TKO at 2:22 of round 2: (W) Bantamweight

Young came out looking to throw her strikes from range, and had to fend off an early clinch advance from Egger. It was when Young initiated a clinch that Egger hit a toss and got on top. Young attacked with a heel hook, but ate some big punches and elbows for her troubles. Shanna did not make it back to her feet until the round ended.

Young punched her way int the clinch to start the second round, but Egger hit a trip to get back on top. Young really did her opponent a favor by entering the clinch for her. A big elbow dropped from Egger that caused Young to shell up and turn away. The referee then elected to stop the match.

Alejandro Perez def. Johnny Eduardo by submission at 4:13 of round 2: Bantamweight

Eduardo opened the bout with several hard leg kicks, while Perez was focused on his boxing. This round had a slow and methodical pace to it, with either man finding some success with their respective tactics. It was a pretty close round. Eduardo hit an early takedown in the second act, landing a couple of punches before Perez broke free and returned to open space. After a quick exchange, Perez had his turn at snagging a takedown. After winning a scramble, Perez ended up in side control, and that’s where he applied a straight armbar with his legs to achieve a tap. This is a pretty rare submission that you don’t often see outside of the gym.

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