WTF? Jaw-dropping KOs, inter-style gym fights and sumo highlights

Welcome back, kids. This week, we’re gonna get right into it with more oddities and fringe items from the periphery of combat sports. And…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 2 years ago
WTF? Jaw-dropping KOs, inter-style gym fights and sumo highlights
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Welcome back, kids. This week, we’re gonna get right into it with more oddities and fringe items from the periphery of combat sports.

And it all starts with our usual opening, an offering from our buddy Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns. This one’s interesting as it’s listed as a style vs style series. Turns out that Pitbull Fight Club (more pitbull stuff, i know — sorry) out of Uruguay arranged this, and the setup is actually kind of nice.

This makeshift arena looks like a CrossFit gym that let them get their work in during off-hours and resembles a Virtua Fighter stage. No ropes, no cages, just tire stacks with different participants going at it. And they’re nice with it! It’s not goofy at all, just some basic sparring and fun amongst the crew.

Sure, it lacks a bit of polish. But it’s kind of cool to see.

Dambe Warriors delivers yet again with a match that becomes a nail-biter, and ends with a wallop. As usual, tons of feints and movement. The end is when one of them overcommits on his strikes and his opponent pivots to land an explosive counter that puts the first guy on his rear end. It looks even more impressive in slow motion replay:

STRELKA just keeps finding these random dudes to provide insane action.

This one’s got some cat nicknamed Bolo Yen (I know, I know) against some rando. It gets a little weird when Bolo stops the fight to get his mouthpiece, which he forgot. Turns out he charged his special meter while in the corner, because damn…

This next one is nothing but punches in bunches. Some clinchwork, but there was a LOT going on here.

There’s more STRELKA stateside, though. Here’s a dude thinking he was cool fighting with his hair down, but it proved to be an unsurprising hindrance. Once they tied it up in to a neat little bun, he could clearly see that he was no match for the other doughy cat and promptly got thumped.

This was great. Dude is allegedly a medic or something, and you’ll never see the ending coming.

This was a sloppy boxing match with 4oz gloves, and believe me when I tell you it was ugly. Just top to bottom bad. Until the end that pops up out of nowhere, that is. Stick with it, you’ll see.

Ah, the south. The emerald pastures of majestic North Carolina. StreetBeefs is there now, and they set up this wild MMA fight with hay as the borders. It’s not a very organized affair, but the final grappling sequence and finish were pretty solid.

Finally, we’ve got some Sumo action from Japan!!

First, this entry courtesy of Chris Sumo, and some highlights from this week’s major tournment.

Also, YouTube user Don Don (how’d he score that username?) with another batch of highlights from Day 4.

That’s all that was in the cupboard this week, kids. And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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