WTF? Female boxer styles on two Kung Fu fighters, South Africa slaps, dazed Dambe, and more

You may have heard of Gold Dust Woman, but today we’re going to get acquainted with Iron Fist Woman. Fight Commentary Breakdowns did it…

By: Victor Rodriguez | 2 years ago
WTF? Female boxer styles on two Kung Fu fighters, South Africa slaps, dazed Dambe, and more
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You may have heard of Gold Dust Woman, but today we’re going to get acquainted with Iron Fist Woman. Fight Commentary Breakdowns did it again with some analysis of a Chinese boxer that took on two male Kung Fu fighters in sparring sessions, and she is a problem.

And yes, usually watching footage of any man vs woman situation is going to feel exploitative and difficult. That isn’t the case here, as the environment remains controlled throughout both sessions, and the fact that she’s just easily reading their movements and giving everything right back, plus interest.

And really, the first guy got it the worst. She uncorks that right hand and folds him with body shots when he covers up, nailing rib-roasters the whole way. Whether in the ring (as in the second session) or in open space, she manages to close the distance at will, then bobs and weaves effortlessly to absolutely toy with these guys.

The second match is just stranger than the first. Her opponent at one point is flustered at how she just manages to pop jabs through his defense and does a series of straight punches while marching forward. Best part is when she crouches and comes up with that left and wobbles the guy in the red shirt. At a few points, he turns sideways and almost fully turns his back. Good thing he didn’t because she didn’t look like she had any intention of taking her foot off his neck.

Once the video hits the 7:06 mark, it’s all one-way traffic. Iron Fist Woman pins him in three of the four corners and just pounds the stuffing out of him. It’s impressive to watch, and another example of how technique beats a lot of other factors.

From there, we now travel to South Africa for Elite Slap Sports. It’s more slapboxing, but the structure isn’t quite as rigid as what we’ve seen in places like Russia or Poland. Yes, they have clear fouls and regulations, but there doesn’t seem to be much concern for how they stand when delivering the strikes.

This one is a fun one. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end in a finish. But the atmosphere and vibe is just fun. Boko and Mphakathi trade slaps and neither seems to do that much to the other at first, until Boko has to take a few breaks here and there. It’s just odd fun overall.

We’re staying on the African continent for more action from Dambe Warriors, though. In Dambe, the word “knockout“ is used a little more loosely, and any time any part of an opponent’s upper body touches the ground, that’s a knockout. So it’s a bit underwhelming in the first part of this next video when a fighter falls back and lands on his hands and feet. But the second match in the video is a keeper. Both parties remain bound with their free hands when one of them launches a massive right that stuns his opponent so bad he hops off while disoriented:

We return to STRELKA, and are reminded that life is not fair. What would normally be a feel-good story ended up being a cautionary tale bordering on elderly abuse. A man described an OLD HOKEY PLAYER fought a younger dude and well… old guy’s gonna have to go back to the Metamucil after this. Props to him for trying, but no.

This next one? Don’t even need to write much about it. Grand opening, grand closing.

This next one is also nice, Karate guy vs rando. It gets a bit sloppy on the ground, but another nice ending to it:

This one is a bit boffo. A long intro and a singer is introduced, soaking up more than half the video. Then two of the clumsiest guys available throw hands and do ugly karate things until one of them gets hit and reacts like a kid that got nailed a bit too hard during some playfighting that he himself started.

Remember Karate Combat? They’re back and doing a lot. Check out this highlight from their most recent event:

And this is also a good time to be introduced to Faby Esquivel:

So that’s it for this week, kids. And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are guys like you all over the world.

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