UFC Vegas 36 prelims results & video: Shore dominates Sholinian, Erosa snags D’arce in war with Jourdain

The UFC Vegas 36 four-fight preliminary card has just finished up after seeing Molly McCann punch her way to a unanimous decision over Ji…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC Vegas 36 prelims results & video: Shore dominates Sholinian, Erosa snags D’arce in war with Jourdain
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The UFC Vegas 36 four-fight preliminary card has just finished up after seeing Molly McCann punch her way to a unanimous decision over Ji Yeon Kim. Plenty of blows were thrown on both sides, with the straight strikes coming from Kim and the haymakers being dispatched by Molly. The Liverpool native surged at the end of the final frame, blitzing Kim with a barrage of looping punches to secure the round and the win. This is McCann’s first win since October of 2019.

Before that, undefeated bantamweight prospect Jack Shore ran away with the scorecards against Liudvik Sholinian. Shore was dominant everywhere. He was out-striking, out-grappling, and out-working Sholinian every step of the way. His undefeated record improves to 15-0, and Shore is surely someone you should keep an eye on.

We got a banger in a 150-pound catchweight matchup that saw Julian Erosa pull out a third-round D’arce on Charles Jourdain. The fighters went at it, with damage being dished out on both sides. The end came when Erosa jumped on the D’arce as Jourdain was standing up after being taken down. Erosa is now 3-1 in his most recent UFC stint.

UFC Vegas 36 opened up in the middleweight division with Marc-Andre Barriault taking a unanimous decision over Dalcha Lungiambula. It was the constant forward pressure that really seemed to be Barriault’s key to victory, as caused Lungiambula to fade late. This makes back-to-back wins for Barriault.

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Molly McCann def. Ji Yeon Kim by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): (W) Flyweight

McCann was throwing heaters right away, over-committing and missing big. Kim was countering and doing her best to stay out of the way of the haymakers coming her way. They accidentally clashed heads, which dropped Molly to the canvas. She recovered and stood back up, and then the fighters spent some time clinched up against the fence. Just before end of the round, McCann blitzed Kim with a flurry of punches that seemed to stagger her.

McCann opened up the second round with a big overhand right that scored, but she was unable to build upon it. Kim started using her footwork to stay away, and began to work her jab. Periodically, Kim would follow those jabs with a stiff cross. McCann stayed with her pressure, keeping Kim on the Blackfoot exchanging jabs and crosses for power shots. Molly even hit a takedown and established top position just before time expired.

The pressure was still there for McCann in the final round. She would find a way to get on the inside, and then flurry with her hands once she got within striking distance. Kim was staying steady with her output, feeding Molly a steady diet of 1’s and 2’s. Her blows didn’t seem to have much sting on them, but they were scoring. As the round grew long, McCann was letting it all hang out. She was bulldozing her way forward behind a barrage of haymakers, and a lot of them were getting through! It was another strong ending to a round for McCann.

Jack Shore def. Liudvik Sholinian by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Bantamweight

A little bit of feeling out went on before Shore shot in and landed the takedown. From the full guard, Shore chipped away as he controlled Sholinian. As he passed the guard, he managed to lock ahold of an arm triangle. As Sholinian tried to escape, Shore took full mount to stay in the dominant position. Sholinian was still able to stand up, but his back was stuck to the cage.

It took about a minute for Shore to snag a takedown in the second act. After making Sholinian work to get up, Shore landed a knee to the head before backing away. In open space, Jack was peppering a pressuring Sholinian with a bunch of jabs and crosses. Then it was Liudvik’s turn to shoot in, but the takedown defense of Shore held up. From there,, Jack closed out the round by dishing out a series of calf kicks before the bell.

Shore continued with his leg kicks in the final frame, which seemed to be having an effect. He also clinched up and held Sholinian against the cage for some time. There was a moment where Jack threw a knee that hit the cup, but Sholinian opted to not take a break and just asked Shore to ‘be careful.’ The remainder of the match took place in open space, with Sholinian pressuring but Shore piecing him up with technical strikes.

Julian Erosa def. Charles Jourdain by submission (D’arce) at 2:56 of round 3: 150-pounds

The fighters took turns taking the center of the Octagon to start this one. Both men would throw their combos, but neither man could quite take over. Just as one would start to find success, the other would come right back and push the other backwards.The round ended in just that way, with Jourdain pressing with a combo, but then Erosa responding with a flurry that seemed to somewhat hurt Charles.

Jourdain came out for round two throwing fluid combos, but Erosa responded with heavier punches. Erosa accidentally teep’d the junk of Jourdain, which caused a brief halt to the action. Erosa seemed to have more sting on his punches, but Jourdain was landing the cleaner punches. Jourdain even briefly dropped Erosa with a superbly placed cross towards the end of the round.

Jourdain started the final round hot! He blast his opponent with a frenzy of punches. Erosa decided to then change levels and hit a takedown. He wore on Jourdain, making Charles carry his weight and exert energy to get back to his feet. Several piercing knees from the clinch scored to the midsection for Julian. From there, Erosa shot back in for the takedown, and waited for Jourdain to stand to his feet before jumping on a D’arce. Erosa rolled back and started squeezing, forcing Jourdain to tap.

Marc-Andre Barriault def. Dalcha Lungiambula by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Middleweight

Barriault took the center to get things going, and methodically pressed his opponent backwards with low output fundamental boxing. Lungiambula responded with his usual loaded up punches, but a lot of them either missed or were blocked. Lungiambula did clinch up and hit a sweet throw, but Barriault rapidly returned back to his feet.

Barriault kept us his steady pressure in the second round. He wasn’t doing anything fancy, but he didn’t have to. The basics were working. Lungiambula would wind up big, and miss just as big. He would land here and there, but nothing fight-changing was connecting. Well, that is unless you count his kick to the cup that caused a break in the action.

The final round began with Barriault backing up Lungiambula, who was launching one haymaker at a time. Nothing really got through, except for an eye poke that caused another pause to the fight. The doctor came in and deemed the fouled fighter fit to resume the contest. Barriault got back to work, marching forward with classic jabs and crosses, all while sliding out of the way of the incoming haymakers. As Lungiambula fatigued, Barriault started to up his volume. He was pouring it on, which actually also gave Lungiambula moments to land his own labored shots.

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