UFC files trademark for ‘FIGHTRHYTHM’

Last week the UFC filed a trademark for the wordmark ‘FIGHTRHYTHM’. At this time of writing the application had not yet been assigned to…

By: Tim Bissell | 2 years ago
UFC files trademark for ‘FIGHTRHYTHM’
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Last week the UFC filed a trademark for the wordmark ‘FIGHTRHYTHM’. At this time of writing the application had not yet been assigned to an examiner with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In their trademark application UFC parent company ZUFFA LLC revealed that FIGHTRHYTHM refers to “a web site that provides sports league player statistics.”

The trademark application was filed with the 041 international class designation. That primary code is described as “Education; providing of training; entertainment’ sporting and cultural activities.”

The application was also filed with the US class codes of 100, 101, 107. Those codes refer to the following activities: “Planning and conducting music festivals; entertainment services in the nature of live music and comedy performances; arranging and conducting concerts; entertainment services in the nature of providing on-line non-downloadable videos featuring music and comedy.”

A search online does not return any results for current UFC products or platforms with the name ‘FIGHTRHYTHM’. So it is assumed that this name refers to something the UFC is currently developing.

There is a website that has that name. but it appears to have no connection to the UFC. FightRhythm.com is an online store for muay thai, boxing and MMA gear.

In addition to filing a new trademark for FIGHTRHYTHM, the UFC also filed some new applications for previously trademarked terms so that they could be applied to different goods and services.

Those applications include expanding the use of ‘UFC FIT’ to cover beverageware (including drink shakers) and personal exercise mats.

In June the UFC filed a new application for their ZUFFA BOXING wordmark. The company already owns the trademark for that term. This new application was to expand its use to goods and services that include a wide range of clothing, footwear and headgear.

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