UFC Vegas 35 prelims results & video: Abdul Razak Alhassan quickly head kick KO’s Alessio Di Chirico

The UFC Vegas 35 preliminary card just finished up with a boom as Abdul Razak Alhassan landed a walk off head kick on Alessio…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC Vegas 35 prelims results & video: Abdul Razak Alhassan quickly head kick KO’s Alessio Di Chirico
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The UFC Vegas 35 preliminary card just finished up with a boom as Abdul Razak Alhassan landed a walk off head kick on Alessio Di Chirico — just 17-seconds into the fight. As soon as the match started, Alhassan walked right up to his opponent and kicked him square in the face. Di Chirico instantly slumped over against the fence, completely out of it to the point that no followup was necessary. Alhassan capped off his victory with an epic back flip, and also snapped a three-fight losing skid in the process.

Before that, Wellington Turman earned a split decision over Sam Alvey. In the final round, Turman lost two-points within just seconds of fight time apart due to him unfortunately poking Alvey in the eye. Regardless, he received two scores of 28-27 to Alvey’s one card of 28-27.

In the middleweight division, Dustin Jacoby picked up a first-round standing TKO of Darren Stewart. After stopping an initial takedown onslaught, Jacoby was able to deliver his dangerous strikes and get his opponent out of there. Dustin has not lost in his recent UFC stint that spans four-fights, and hasn’t dropped an MMA fight since January of 2015. You might want to keep an eye on this guy.

In the women’s flyweight’s division, JJ Aldrich took every scorecard against Vanessa Demopoulos by pretty much winning wherever the fight went.

We got a wicked heel hook out of Pat Sabatini tonight when a game of footsie went awry for Jamall Emmers. It was Jamall who stung first with his hands on the feet, but he followed his foe to the ground, and then attempted to use a toe hold to combat Sabatini’s hooker. Emmers was screaming in pain, even after the tap, and they had to bring in a special contraption to stabilize the injured knee. As for Sabatini, he has now won both of his UFC fights, and added another nasty submission to his resume.

Opening up the show, Mana Martinez made good on his UFC debut by taking a split decision over a game Guido Cannetti.

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Abdul Razak Alhassan def. Alessio Di Chirico by KO at :17 of round 1: Middleweight

Alhassan walked out and kicked Di Chirico square in the face. No followup was needed. WOW!!!!

Wellington Turman def. Sam Alvey by split decision (28-27 x2, 27-28): Middleweight

Turman used his pinches to closed the distance and press Alvey up against the cage. Alvey fought hard to stay vertical and sent Turman back into open space. Then an accidental eye poke from Turman caused a brief pause in the action. Upon the restart, Turman went back to trying to get the takedown, but ALvey was being stubborn. When he did eventually hit a takedown, Alvey would just spring right back up. He did cut open Sam with a spinning elbow towards the end of the round.

Turman stuck with his plan to close the distance in the third round. He would throw some strikes as he crashed in for the clinch. Sometimes he would get it, and sometimes he would bounce back to the outside. The whole time he was the one landing the better strikes. Alvey just wasn’t really able to connect clean on anything meaningful.

The cut under Alvey’s eye from the spinning elbow in the first round was pretty nasty at this point, but the outman did a fantastic job of stopping the bleeding. Turman brought the pressure again to start the final frame. Alvey had moments of aggression where he would get mad and rush forward. Then, Turman poked Alvey in the eye and lost a point for the infraction. The fight restarted, and Turman accidentally raked the eyes of Sam, and lost another point for the infraction. The fight resumed and Turman started to walk down Alvey, bombing on him and taking out his frustrations.

Dustin Jacoby def. Darren Stewart by TKO at 3:04 of round 1: Light Heavyweight

Stewart was looking to wrestle right away, forcing Jacoby to work to get back to his feet. Jacoby obliged Darren and returned to his feet, where he started pumping his jab. From there, Jacoby started to score with his right hand that put Stewart in all sorts of trouble. Stewart did his best to roll with the punches, but Jacoby was wisely unloading his punches and wasn’t about to let up. The referee was forced to step in for the standing TKO.

JJ Aldrich def. Vanessa Demopoulos by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): (W) Flyweight

Aldrich hit a well-timed double leg takedown early in the opening round to put Demopoulos on her back in the center of the Octagon. Demopoulos tried to throw her legs up for subs a couple of times, but spent quite a bit of time with Aldrich on top of her. Several hammerfists from Aldrich crashed through the guard, prompting Demopoulos to urgently get back to her feet.

Demopoulos had a sense of urgency about her to begin the second act. She was peppering JJ with flurries of punches and was backing her up. It wasn’t very long, though, before Aldrich got those back and then some. Her punches definitely seemed to have more venom on them. JJ blasted her opponent with a kick to the body that visibly hurt Demopoulos, and then she landed some more quality punches before the bell.

Aldrich found top position again in the final frame, and was looking to do damage. A couple of more hammerfists scored before Demopoulos kicked away and got back up to her feet. Demopoulos had two instances where she pressed Aldrich against the fence, trying to land knees, but each time JJ broke free without sustaining much damage.

Pat Sabatini def. Jamall Emmers by submission (Heel Hook) at 1:53 of round 1: Featherweight

Emmers landed a cup kick that caused an early time out here. Not much time was taken by Sabatini before the fight resumed. Emmers stung Sabatini with punches quickly after that, and he used the opportunity to take the back. A scramble ensued, and Sabatini locked up a heel hook while Emmers locked upon a toe hold. The heel hook won out, and Emmers was tapping and screaming in agony.

Mana Martinez def. Guido Cannetti by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Bantamweight

Cannetti opened the bout with a series of kicks to the leg and body, but Martinez quickly starting to push him backwards. After a long stretch of not throwing anything, Martinez went ahead and unloaded about a ten-punch combination once his opponent’s back hit the cage. Some of the punches got through, but Cannetti was able to shell up and weather the storm. Cannetti briefly found top position, but the fight returned to its feet before anything substantial really happened. The round ended with Cannetti scoring with a bunch of more kicks to the leg and midsection.

Cannetti went right back to his kicking attack in the second round. Martinez was trying to press forward, but he was walking right into kicks. Martinez started to let his hands go as the round went on. He was throwing in combinations, landing shots that weren’t the most devastating blows, but they were adding up. The output from Cannetti started to give way to the pressure of Martinez.

The forward pressure continued to be there for Martinez in the final frame. Cannetti was constantly backing up, and he had to deal with several flurries of punches coming his way. Martinez began mixing in body shots, which seemed to fatigue Cannetti even further. With less than a minute remaining on the clock, Martinez switched levels and put Cannetti on his back. He punched away as the time dwindled away to finish up the round with authority.

** It should be noted that Martinez missed weight by 4-pounds

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