WTF? Women’s 3 vs. 3 in Poland, sandbox MMA in Russia and more sensational Indian wrestling

This week's world of wild combat sports roundup includes Russian sandbox fighting, Indian wrestling, and slap fighting.

By: Victor Rodriguez | 2 years ago
WTF? Women’s 3 vs. 3 in Poland, sandbox MMA in Russia and more sensational Indian wrestling
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First up, we have 3 vs. 3 bare-knuckle MMA action from Poland and it’s a complete mess. Two of those bouts went down recently. Streetfight Bancho Banned-cho has the goods for this one. Check out below as Team Demony take on Team Gladiatorzy. We don’t know which team is which, but that doesn’t matter since all six of these guys look the same and are wearing near identical trunks.

That same event featured a women’s match under the same rules. That resulted in another hard-to-follow slop-fest that featured at least one brutal sucker-punch.

Next, a plentiful harvest from STRELKA. This first fight is titled CRYPTO vs CRAZY KICKER. I’ll let you guess which is which. Just know this, the guy busts out about $48 worth of karate lessons from his childhood and it gets erased to a negative balance with one roaring left hand.

иди домой и будь семьянином!

The next one is Black Panther vs Kicker, and we don’t see much kicking. See, the funny thing about STRELKA is how it’s become like the anti-Worldstar. In American street fights and proto-leagues filled with randos, guys stop takedowns by slapping on a reverse headlock while not knowing how to finish a guillotine. That sort of happens here, except the margin for error is nonexistent. These cats know what they’re doing.

Don’t believe me? Observe:

Here’s another sloppy takedown that leads to a guillotine. This time, the guy gets caught in it and seems to think “Ah, it’s just a headlock – no, wait… gadzooks!!“ and it was time to tap.

Beardo had a taste of what Masson had to offer and that finish was as smooth as the French champagne.

In another example of mismatches that really should have been called before the bell rung, this happened. A guy that clearly knows what he’s doing against someone that was clearly not ready for primetime.

Next up we’ve got another gem from our buddies at Fight Commentary Breakdowns, where an MMA fighter takes on not one, but two-two-two Taekwondo black belts in one video.

The first one goes kind of how these things usually go. Lots of kicks from the TKD traditionalist, and the MMA guy finally closes the distance to ruin his body and leave him kneeling. This was a kickboxing only round, and the TKD fighter still ended up on the short end.

Then they decide to swap him out for a much larger man, who has some MMA training under his belt. That’s evident not just by the way in which he moves and attacks, but how he’s handling the smaller MMA fighter. He even goes for a guillotine at one point. The fight hits the ground and the smaller MMA guy manages to secure top side position, lands some shots and they stand up again.

The rest of the video is not much different, with the larger guy diving for guillotines a few times with no success, and the smaller guy breaking free and striking from guard before being stood up to do it again. It’s interesting analysis to chew on when it comes to the traditionalists testing themselves against the newer wave of much more well-rounded fighters, and how some of them are adapting and adding MMA techniques to their arsenal.

We’re going over to SlapFIGHT out in the midwest, with a treasure from a few weeks ago. Coach Killa decided he was going to take the opportunity to style on a young man they fished out to do battle with him.

This went hard.

I mean, look at that. Dude barely broke a sweat. This was WWE weekend programming in the 80s with The Ultimate Warrior destroying some local rando. Hard times.

By the way, SlapFIGHT has a pay-per-view event next weekend.

But we’re gonna keep rolling over to Dambe Fights, with some very tense moments and unexpected turns. No need to get too in depth with the analysis here, just action:

These two gentlemen are on the beefier side and the final minute or so is dynamite.

We have more Malakhra, a form of traditional Indian wrestling we’ve covered here before. Our heroes for this one are a younger man and a man sporting that mustache Rorion Gracie used to rock in the 80s. You know the one.

It’s good, dramatic, and the first takedown is nailed by Mr Mustache and he celebrates in a very unsportsmanlike manner. Slapping up the younger pup and then posing for the crowd? Not good.

But then round two comes along, and there’s no way I’m gonna spoil an ending this good.

And finally, a new hero for troubled times. Teddy Sheedi. This man is just toying with people. Watch the mastery at work here.

Acrobatics, technique, and a hell of a wallop. May all the blessings fall upon Teddy.

Who would think that such an unassuming guy would be that talented? That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that no matter how tough you think you are, there are many guys like you all over the world.

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