UFC 265 early prelims results & video: Kape lands flying knee on Osbourne, Johns KOs dos Santos

The UFC 265 early prelims just wrapped up and were full of fun finishes! All bouts have ended inside the distance so far, including…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC 265 early prelims results & video: Kape lands flying knee on Osbourne, Johns KOs dos Santos
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The UFC 265 early prelims just wrapped up and were full of fun finishes! All bouts have ended inside the distance so far, including former RIZIN FF champion, Manel Kape, wiping out Ode Osbourne with an offensive flying knee. This fight quickly turned into a chess match on the feet, with both men throwing feints and looking for big counters. Kape would be the one to call checkmate, though, drilling a ferocious knee to claim his first official UFC victory. It should also be noted that Manel missed weight for this contest, so he is disqualified from a post-fight performance bonus.

Before that, Miles Johns hit a slick walk-off knockout on Anderson dos Santos in the third-round. He first took out the lead leg with brutal kicks, and then he finished the job with a wicked left hook to the body, followed by a sinister overhand right upstairs. ADS was out on impact, so no followup was necessary. This was quite the impressive performance, capped off with an even more impressive finish. This bantamweight prospect has now pieced together back-to-back highlight reel stoppages, and is now 12-1 in his mixed-martial arts journey.

In the second fight of the evening, Melissa Gatto looked solid in her promotional debut, stopping Victoria Leonardo with an injury TKO in between the second and third rounds. The fight was stopped after the doctor became aware that Leonardo was having an issue with her arm, and determined that her appendage was indeed broken. Don’t let the injury TKO take away from what Gatto did tonight, though. She looked sharp with plenty of submission hunting going on, and also showcased some strong fundamentals on the feet. Not bad for being on the sideline since September of 2018.

In the opening act for UFC 265, Johnny Munoz snagged up a second-round rear-naked choke on Jamey Simmons. Johnny blasted a double leg that resulted in Jamey giving up his back. It wasn’t long before the sub was sunk and Simmons was slapping skin. This is Munoz’s first victory under the UFC banner, and he advances his pro MMA record to 10-1.

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Early prelims:

Manel Kape def. Ode Osbourne by KO at 4:44 of round 1: Flyweight

Kape blasted his opponent with a quick 1-2 to open the fight, followed by a ton of feints. Osbourne started to feint some takedowns that had Kape biting, and then that seemed to open up his punching game. Just when it became a game of chess, Kape exploded with a nasty flying knee that put Osbourne out! HOLY CRAP!

Miles Johns def. Anderson dos Santos by KO at 1:16 of round 3: Bantamweight

ADS was looking to close the distance on Johns early and often, but was having trouble. Johns was kicking at the lead leg, and even briefly dropped ADS with a jab. The kicks kept coming and ADS started limping and switching his stance. Johns sort of let his foe off the hook, choosing not to pursue the one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

Johns showed up for the second round with a pocketful of right hands. He was peppering ADS without evening throwing his left hook. ADS seemed unfazed and kept pressing forward, but he was getting hit cleanly. Then came another leg kick that briefly dropped ADS. You have to admire the grit of ADS, who kept throwing despite having only one good wheel. Johns started to bring his left hook behind his right hand in the third round. It ended up paying off huge when Johns landed a left hook to the body, and then went upstairs with a right that completely shut out the lights of ADS. WOW!

Melissa Gatto def. Victoria Leonardo by TKO at 5:00 of round 2 : (W) Flyweight

Gatto closed the distance early on in the fight, working her way into a clinch takedown. She then started submission hunting, threatening with a guillotine, Kimura, RNC, and even an armbar. Leonardo was able to weather the storm and end up in top position, before ultimately standing back up. The fight went right back to the clinch, though, where they jockeyed for position, with few strikes being thrown.

The second act spent much more time in open space than the first round. Gatto was working her jab, and then would bring a crisp cross right behind it. She was pushing Leonardo back, making her uncomfortable and defensive. Leonardo seemed to be fading from the pace and pressure of that Gatto was putting on her. Leonardo told her corner that one of her arms, but her coaches kept her in it. Then, the doctor came in and checked out the arm, and after noticing a break, he recommended that the fight be stopped.

Johnny Munoz def. Jamey Simmons by submission (RNC) at 2:35 of round 2: Bantamweight

Quite a bit of feeling out went on to get things going here. Munoz was popping his jab out there, while Simmons was looking for ways to get inside of it. As soon as Munhoz changed levels for a takedown, Simmons rocked him with a flurry of punches. The fight went back to a feeling out sort of pace, before Munoz blasted a takedown. Not much time was left on the clock, though, but Johnny did attempt a knee to the face as Simmons stood to his feet. He missed.

Munoz started the second round by attacking the lead leg of his opponent. As Simmons tried to rush in, Munoz hit another level change to take top position. Simmons exposed his back, and it wasn’t long before Munoz was threatening with an RNC. Simmons fought it off for a bit, but Munoz stayed with his attack and eventually got up under the neck. Simmons was caught and respectfully tapped out.

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