UFC Vegas 29 prelims results & video: Glenn KO’s Silva, O’Neill puts Procopio to sleep

The preliminary portion of the UFC Vegas 29 card is officially over, and was a mix of cool finishes and competitive decisions. The featured…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC Vegas 29 prelims results & video: Glenn KO’s Silva, O’Neill puts Procopio to sleep
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The preliminary portion of the UFC Vegas 29 card is officially over, and was a mix of cool finishes and competitive decisions. The featured prelim of the night saw Nick Negumereanu wage war with Aleksa Camur for three-rounds. Camur landed plenty of quality strikes, but none of them seemed to have any effect. Negumereanu pressed forward and stayed aggressive, doing enough to walk away with a split decision. He did get away with numerous fence grabs, but regardless this is Negumereanu’s first win since November of 2018.

Before that, the UFC’s #13 ranked strawweight, Virna Jandiroba, earned herself an injury TKO finish over Kanako Murata. It was a tight armbar in the opening round that injured the limb, leaving Murata to fight the entire second round without being able to block on her left side. In between the second and third rounds, the doctor came in and recommended that the fight be stopped. Jandiroba is back in the win column and has won three of her last four.

The night saw a welterweight battle Matt Semelsberger and Khaos Williams, who threw down on the feet for three-rounds and went toe to toe until the final bell. Semelsberger was game, but it was the punches in bunches of Williams that aided him in earning this decision win. The gas tank of Williams was also on display, as he was able to flurry even late in the fight. The solid victory advances Khaos’ UFC record to 3-1.

Ricky Glenn made his return to action after more than two-years away on the sideline to score a first-round knockout of Joaquim Silva. It was a clean southpaw cross that landed perfectly that put Silva on skates, and then a ferocious killer instinct sealed the deal. What a way to get yourself back into the win column!

Opening up the show, flyweight prospect Casey O’Neill tech sub’d Lara Procopio in the third round with a rear-naked choke. O’Neill landed some pretty brutal knees to the body on the feet throughout, and then showcased her grappling skills to get another finish and remain undefeated. The Scotland native is now 2-0 in the UFC, and 7-0 overall.

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Nick Negumereanu def. Aleksa Camur by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Light heavyweight

The fighters started to trade right away. Camur was looking to use his footwork and be technical, while Negumereanu was trying to make it ugly. Camur began to pick apart his advancing opponent. Negumereanu was walking into punches, but he still got through with some bombs. Then, Negumereanu hit a takedown, but Camur returned to his feet before anything could happen. bacon the feet, Negumereanu was pressuring with haymakers and Camur was countering with hooks of his own.

Negumereanu got right back to bullying Camur, hitting him with haymakers and walking through whatever was coming back his way. Camur found himself with his back to the fence, absorbing knees to the thighs. Negumereanu was getting away with several fence grabs to maintain position. As the round grew on, the fighters exchanged in open space, with both fighters scoring with clean strikes.

Negumereanu pressed forward some more in the third round, eating check hooks in order to land his own. He then shoved his foe against the fence, getting away with several more fence grabs without a point being deducted. The referee did separate the fighters to give Negumereanu yet another warning.

Virna Jandiroba def. Kanako Murata by TKO at 5:00 of round 2: Strawweight

Jandiroba let her hands go early here, piecing up Murata with flush shots. Murata just sort of sat on the outside, hesitant to engage. When the fight finally hit the inside, Murata was able to press Jandiroba against the fence. Jandiroba pulled guard, but ended up eating some punches because of it. Murata had to fight off a set of armbar attempts, the second one being much closer than the first.

Murata stayed on the outside to open up the second round, with Jandiroba looking to land big strikes. The left arm of Murata seemed to be injured, likely from the armbar attempts earlier in the fight. She wasn’t able to lift up her arm to block, let alone throw a strike or grapple with it. In between the second and third rounds, the doctor checked on the injured arm and recommended that the fight be stopped.

Khaos Williams def. Matt Semelsberger by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Welterweight

There was no feeling out process needed here. Williams went right at his foe, and Semelsberger was ready to trade. Williams stayed aggressive and was able to land a bomb that wobbled Semelsberger, and bust his nose open. Semelsberger was able to recover as his opponent pressed him against the cage, and then the fight returned to open space at a much more relaxed pace. The rest of the round saw Semelsberger punch his way back into the fight, while the output of Williams started to dwindle.

Williams opened up the second stanza with another crazy blitz, but his shots didn’t get through. Semelsberger responded with a clean one-two that hit the mark. Khaos would show out a leg kick here and there, and then throw a series of haymakers. Semelsberger started to land some of his own leg kicks, and stayed with his jab-cross combination.

The final round saw more of the same sort of fight. Williams pressed forward with his multi-punch flurries, and Semelsberger returning with a 1-2. Semelsberger unloaded a set of leg kicks that caused Williams to switch stances, but he kept throwing. The fighters bit down and traded to close out the highly competitive bout.

Josh Parisian def. Roque Martinez by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Heavyweight

Martinez pressed forward right away, shoving Parisian against the cage. He was landing some slicing elbows, sneaking them through the guard of his adversary. Parisian attacked the body with kicks and a couple of knees, but Martinez was being much more effective with is boxing. He would bombard Parisian, making him wear it, and then back him up to the cage.

Martinez had to walk through an up kick to close the distance at the beginning of the second stanza. Parisian was able to reverse the position and grind Martinez against the fence, periodically attempting takedowns. Several knees got through for Parisian as well, punishing the body and legs of Martinez. After an accidental cup shot from Parisian, the re-start gave Martinez a chance to grind against the cage. Then, in open space Parisian started to unload a wave of volume, followed by Martinez getting close with a guillotine attempt.

The final frame started hot, with Martinez landed a flurry followed by Parisian having his turn. Parisian started to pump his jab and move his feet, while mixing in an uppercut every so often. Martinez responded with another flurry that landed clean as Parisian didn’t move his head out of the way at all. Then we got some more grinding from Parisian, who was pressing Martinez up against the fence. Then another accidental cup shot landed to Martinez. The match ended with both men swinging in the center of the Octagon.

Ricky Glenn def. Joaquim Silva by KO at :37 of round 1: Lightweight

Well, this one didn’t last very long. Silva rushed in and ate a crisp left hand that dropped him. Glenn pounced with a flurry of punches, and although Silva made it to his feet, he was dropped yet again. More blows came raining down as the referee stepped in to rescue Silva from any further punishment.

Casey O’Neill def. Lara Procopio by technical submission (RNC) at 2:54 of round 3: (W) Flyweight

The fighters met in the center of the cage and began trading in the pocket. They briefly clinched up, with O’Neill looking to land knees. Back in open space, Procopio was the one landing clean and knocking back the head of O’Neill. When the fight drifted back on the inside, it was both fighters now who were launching knees to the body.

Procopio found top position early in the second round, but O’Neill was being quite active from her full guard which allowed her to get back to her feet. More brutal knees to the body came crashing in for O’Neill, with Procopio seeming to slow down. O’Neill took top position and dropped down a couple of strikes. Then, the athletes snagged in a game of footsie as time ticked away.

O’Neill muscled Procopio to the ground to begin the final frame. She grabbed ahold of the crucifix position and started to hammer away, before taking mount and dropping some more punishment. Procopio exposed her back and O’Neill attacked with a rear-naked choke. Procopio tried to stand up, but the hold was tight so she dropped back down to the canvas and passed out.

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