Best of the C’Mon Now MMA Podcast – 58

Our compilation show is a deep dive with host, Trent Reinsmith, into the bigger news and goings on in MMA, both inside and outside…

By: June M. Williams | 2 years ago
Best of the C’Mon Now MMA Podcast – 58
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Our compilation show is a deep dive with host, Trent Reinsmith, into the bigger news and goings on in MMA, both inside and outside the cage; presented with a critical, unbiased eye.

Here is some detail on what’s going on here… the “regular” ‘C’mon Now MMA Podcast’ is a daily podcast of varying lengths, which can be found here: This show, however, is a compilation of some of the best topics covered on the daily show over the past week.

  1. Alexander Volkanovski might be suffering COVID-19 complications (I said Colby Covington twice in this one, but meant Cody Garbrandt, sorry for the mix up)
  2. UFC should use Performance Institute to establish health baselines
  3. Is Jorge Masvidal going to pay the Bare Knuckle Fighters he is promoting better than the UFC pays (Revenue Split)?
  4. Colby Covington Is Not Smart or Self-Aware
  5. Colby Covington dumps on Jon Jones for inactivity and being a prizefighter…okay
  6. Media creation Colby Covington wants to “Defund the Media”…okay
  7. Colby Covington just straight-up lies about never being taken down in the UFC…C’mon now
  8. MMA Media should provide context when a fighter, UFC President or Manager lies
  9. Colby Covington is a Dollar General version of Chael Sonnen
  10. Why do some fans love when a UFC fighter dumps on another fighter, but think media members hate the UFC when the media points out a bad business practice?
  11. Why I can’t and won’t “forgive and forget” when it comes to Anthony Johnson
  12. Why Amanda Nunes should fight to keep the UFC FeatherWeight Division open and active as long as she’s Champ
  13. Why won’t the UFC do anything about weight cutting?
  14. Why does the UFC accept Homophobia, Racism, Sexism and Xenophobia?
  15. Could stockholders sack Dana White if he messes up their return on investment?
  16. What does the UFC consider a serious injury? Death?
  17. Jeremy Stephens should be suspended as long as Drakkar Klose is out
  18. Let’s talk Geoff Neal’s 37-pound weight cut and UFC’s check-in weight process
  19. Why I think Ryan Benoit weighed-in, even though he was on the verge of collapse
  20. Georges St-Pierre
  21. Triller
  22. Oscar De La Hoya
  23. Dana White’s ego

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