The MMA Depressed-us: Gatekeeper to the stars

It’s been a while since the MMA Depressed-us was on the air. With the UFC’s constant schedule, gaps are few and far between. But…

By: Zane Simon | 2 years ago
The MMA Depressed-us: Gatekeeper to the stars
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It’s been a while since the MMA Depressed-us was on the air. With the UFC’s constant schedule, gaps are few and far between. But we’ve finally got one this week, which means a great opportunity to talk about one of MMA’s ultimate journeymen. None other than longtime King of the Cage stalwart, and a bar to entry for many, many UFC heavyweights over the years, Tony Lopez.

We didn’t have time to watch all of Lopez’s fights out of the Fight Pass library (or even scratch the surface of his 96-bout career), so we chose a few bouts spread out across the breadth of his years plugging away on MMA’s regional scene. First up, is a bout against an old-school UFC heavyweight and current bare-knuckle boxing contender: Joey Beltran at ‘KOTC: Opposing Force’ in 2008. From there, we’re hitting former UFC light heavyweight and current heavyweight fighter Ilir Latifi, in their 2012 Glory MMA fight. That brings us to a former UFC middleweight and multiple-time Strikeforce competitor: Trevor Prangley at ‘KOTC: It’s Personal’ in 2013. And finally wrapping up, with a kickboxing bout against recent UFC debutant Chris Barnett, at ‘Xtreme Fight Night 363’ in 2019.

As is our usual, we’re watching all three of these fights on Fight Pass; starting each video from the beginning, on Zane’s count. If you’re not watching on Fight Pass, Connor will attempt to note when round 1 begins so you can sync other video sources there.

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