UFC 262 prelims results & video: Andre Muniz snaps Jacare Souza’s limb with nasty armbar

The UFC 262 preliminary card saw several cool finishes, including two tech subs. One of which just closed out the prelims as Andre Muniz…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC 262 prelims results & video: Andre Muniz snaps Jacare Souza’s limb with nasty armbar
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The UFC 262 preliminary card saw several cool finishes, including two tech subs. One of which just closed out the prelims as Andre Muniz snapped the arm of BJJ/MMA legend Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in the first round. It was a gorgeous armbar from the back that broke the arm of the legend, which promoted the referee to instantly step in and stop the fight. The noise it made when the arm broke is unforgettable, and it kind of resembled the sound of celery stalks being cracked in half. Tough break for Jacare, but what an impressive win for Muniz — and what an even more impressive way to do it! Oh, Muniz is now 3-0 under the UFC banner.

Earlier in the night, the middleweight division enjoyed a 64-second finish when Jordan Wright made quick work of Jamie Pickett. It was Travis Browne elbows that first hurt Pickett, and then it was a full-throttle beating from Wright that manifested the finish. In 14 total pro bouts, Wright still has yet to reach a third-round.

We got a cool triangle armbar submission in the women’s flyweight division when the #11 ranked, Andrea Lee, tapped out the #12 rated, Antonina Shevchenko, with just eight-seconds to go in the second act. Shevchenko spent a ton of time inside of the triangle, eating elbows and defending the choke. As soon as Lee heard the 10-seconds sticks, she switched to the armbar and got the tap. This was a big win for Lee, who broke up a three-fight losing skid.

We got another finish in the UFC’s women’s flyweight division when Priscila Cachoeira scored a standing TKO against Gina Mazany with just nine-seconds left in the second round. Mazany found a lot of early success on the ground, but it was a referee standup that put Priscila back on her feet where she let her hands fly. This makes back to back knockouts for Cachoeira, who is proving to be quite dangerous if she can stay on her feet.

Opening up the event, Christos Giagos had to overcome a rough opening act to technically submit Sean Soriano in the second round. Soriano let his hands go early, rocking Giagos on a couple of occasions, but Christos would not be denied. He went to his takedown and snagged up a nasty D’arce in transition, putting Soriano right to sleep. In his post-fight interview, Giagos went big and asked to be Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s final fight.

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Andre Muniz def. Ronaldo Souza by technical submission (Armbar) at 3:59 of round 1: Middleweight

Jacare probed with rangey kicks to get things going. He then closed the distance and put Muniz on his back. The BJJ ace opted to stand back up, and then Muniz blasted a double leg takedown. Jacare scrambled back to his feet and back into open space, but Muniz was still on him. Muniz then jumped on the back and transitioned to an armbar, and then broke the freaking arm of Jacare Souza!!! WHAT?!?

Lando Vannata def. Mike Grundy by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 27-30): Featherweight

This one saw an accidental cup shot, just 60-seconds into it. Vannata was given time to recover before the bout got back underway. The fight resumed and Grundy started hunting for the takedown. He got Vannata down a couple of times, but just couldn’t keep him there. Vannata worked tremendously hard to get back up and return to open space.

Grundy went right back to the takedown attempts in the second round, but again Vannata wasn’t having it. In open space, Vannata was clearly the better striker out there. Lando was flowing, sticking and moving and refusing to give up a takedown. Grundy would occasionally score with a big right hand, but wouldn’t follow it up with anything.

Grundy hunted for an early takedown attempt to begin the final frame, but Vannata was adamant about fighting it off. Grundy ended up jumping on the neck to finally pull Vannata into a turtle position, but even that didn’t last very long. Vannata hit a lifting takedown of his own to put Grundy on his back. Back on the feet, Vannata remained in his flow state, and Grundy kept looking for one big shot.

Jordan Wright def. Jamie Pickett by TKO at 1:04 of round 1: Middleweight

Well, this one escalated quickly! Pickett came out looking to close the distance, pressing his foe against the fence. That’s when Wright decided to unload a savage series of Travis Browne elbows that badly hurt Pickett. Wright went full berserker mode, landing all sorts of aggressive ground strikes. It was a brutal knee from the Thai clinch that sent Pickett falling to the floor. More ground and pound came flying in before the referee had finally seen enough. What a wild ride!

Andrea Lee def. Antonina Shevchenko by submission (Triangle Armbar) at 4:52 of round 2: (W) Flyweight

This started out as a range kickboxing match right away. Both fighters were launching their respective combinations, with neither woman really taking over. Shevchenko grabbed ahold of the Thai clinch and started to pepper the body of Lee with knees. Lee responded with a big left hook, before entering into the clinch for a takedown. She put Shevchenko on her back, and worked from the top position until the bell.

Lee opened the seocnd act with a spinning backfist that initiated a crazy scramble. Lee hit a set of tosses to find top position. She aggressively jumped on a mounted triangle and rolled to her back. Shevchenko ate several elbows and did her best to hang tough, but Lee was constantly adjusting. Shevchenko spent so much time inside of the triangle, and just as time was about to expire, Lee switched to the armbar and achieved the tap.

Priscila Cachoeira def. Gina Mazany by TKO at 4:51 of round 2: (W) Flyweight

There was not a need for a feeling out process here. both athletes met in the middle and started scrapping right away. Mazany closed the distance and earned an early takedown. As soon as Cachoeira stood back up, Mazany took her right back to the mat. Mazany was using her head to keep Cachoeira from looking and moving where she wanted to go. Cachoeira had a moment where she finally got back up, but it wasn’t long before Mazany went right back to the takedown.

Mazany instantly shot in for the takedown in the second act, and put Cachoeira on her back in the center of the Octagon. She stayed in control, surfing atop of Cachoeira, sprinkling down strikes here and there. A referee standup brought the bout back to its feet, and Cachoeira started to connect with her hands. Mazany was shooting desperation takedowns, and failing miserably. Cachoeira kept swinging away and Mazany was fading badly. Cachoeira kept unloading and landing until the referee stepped in to rescue Mazany.

Tucker Lutz def. Kevin Aguilar by decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Featherweight

Lutz was looking to throw heavy strikes right away, with Aguilar looking to throw in combinations. It was Lutz pressing forward, being the aggressor and swinging the harder strikes, particularly his left hook. Whenever he connected he was visibly moving Aguilar. Then, Lutz shifted gears and easily took Aguilar to the floor. The action slowed to a crawl as Lutz controlled his foe until the bell.

The fighters went right back to swinging in the second act. It was the left hook of Lutz that kept finding a home, and was routinely connecting as Aguilar would be finishing his own combinations. Aguilar just shouldn’t seem to sting his adversary. It seemed like the bulk of the damage was being dished out by Lutz.

Aguilar had more urgency to start the final round. He was aggressively pressing his foe, throwing hard and trying to make things happen. The check hook from Lutz was still a thing, but Aguilar was coming. Lutz changed levels and put Aguilar on his back, holding on to prompt several boo’s from the crowd. Aguilar forced his way back up, and went back to pursuing Lutz until the bell.

Christos Giagos def. Sean Soriano by submission (D’arce) at 3:59 of round 2: Lightweight

Giagos landed first, connecting with a stiff right hand that dropped his opponent. Soriano stood up and knocked Giagos to the floor with a leg kick, and a brief scramble ensued. back in open space, Soriano started to throw his hands in combinations, and was wobbling Giagos. The action was abruptly paused after Soriano was poked in the eye, but it the fight quickly resumed. Soriano got back to tagging Giagos, and continued to have a strong round. Giagos did score a last second takedown, but didn’t do anything with it before the bell.

Giagos went right back to his wrestling in the second round, taking Soriano to the mat. As Soriano stood to his feet, Giagos quickly jumped ahold of a D’arce, locking the leg and fully committing to the squeeze. Soriano went to sleep before he tapped out. Wow!

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