Bisping slams ‘manipulative little prick’ Fabia for causing Sanchez’s UFC release

Diego Sanchez has been released, and it seems like Joshua Fabia is in the middle of all of it.

By: Anton Tabuena | 2 years ago
Bisping slams ‘manipulative little prick’ Fabia for causing Sanchez’s UFC release
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After over 16 years with the UFC, Diego Sanchez was unceremoniously released from his contract. He was previously planning a retirement tour of sorts with “legend fights,” and was supposed to face fellow tenured UFC veteran Donald Cerrone, but was suddenly let go by the promotion.

Joshua Fabia, who a few years ago took hold of Sanchez’s career as his sole manager, trainer, guru and cornerman, was again in the middle of all the controversy. Apart from him getting into multiple confrontations and arguments with UFC staff, the release seems to have been mostly due to medical issues and “long term effects” that Fabia raised with the UFC.

Sanchez noted how he and Fabia decided that “now is the time to get what we can get, because they are probably not gonna give a shit after you’re released,” but that plan seems to have backfired.

The UFC brass noted that if Sanchez isn’t fit enough to fight and is suffering from serious effects of head trauma, they wouldn’t risk allowing him to compete anymore. Shortly after, Sanchez got his walking papers.

Fellow TUF winner Michael Bisping took to social media about the situation, calling out Fabia, who he describes as “toxic” and “manipulative.” He says Fabia played with medical issues, essentially forcing the UFC’s hand and causing his client’s release.

Sanchez recently released two videos of Fabia’s private conversations (and arguments) with UFC staff. One was even labeled as a “smoking gun,” but neither of them really helped their cause or paint Fabia in a good light.

Bisping also took a jab at the irony of Fabia’s “School of Self Awareness” brand.

Dana White also recently slammed Fabia for being one of those “creepy weirdos” that “leech onto fighters.” Multiple UFC employees were also reportedly concerned that Fabia was handling Sanchez’s social media and “controlling his telephone and his email accounts.”

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