Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren staff picks and predictions

The Bloody Elbow staff has made its predictions for Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren, because why the hell not? Most of the team is…

By: Mookie Alexander | 2 years ago
Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren staff picks and predictions
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The Bloody Elbow staff has made its predictions for Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren, because why the hell not? Most of the team is picking Jake Paul to beat the former Bellator and ONE champion in the boxing ring, which is just incredible to think about considering Paul is still a novice boxer and Askren has well over a decade of MMA and general combat sports experience. On the other hand… we’ve seen Ben Askren strike, and it’s not his strength.

You’ll get your say in the poll below.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

Anton Tabuena: This isn’t going to be a pretty fight. I think that’s the most important part of this prediction. As for who I’m picking to win, I think it’s pretty straight forward because Askren is smaller, slower, and sucks more at boxing.

He looks to be in terrible shape at 191 lbs, and also admitted to not really moving much after retiring and coming off major surgery, but somehow people making the case for Askren are banking on his cardio to save him and win late? If it was wrestling, sure, his experience can carry him, but (like Paul?) Ben won’t be efficient with his endurance in this totally different sport. Askren is old, out of shape, and never bothered to truly learn boxing in his MMA career. This is probably just a paycheck for him. Jake Paul by TKO.

Mookie Alexander: Jake Paul is not some bum athlete. He has at least rudimentary boxing skills such that he might be competitive with club-level fighters, who would represent considerably better opposition than Nate Robinson. I actually think he takes this sport seriously. I’ve been pretty confident in picking him but you know what? I’m changing my mind. Askren is a horrible striker but his chin’s only been compromised by a Masvidal flying knee from hell. He’s also had some level of boxing training in camp for years. That has to count for something as far as learning feints, timing, reads, and clinching. He’s also gone 25 minutes on numerous occasions and should have the cardio advantage. If nothing else Askren can make his ugly and man oh man will this fight be ugly. I expect a lot of rabbit punches, holding and hitting, and basically Askren will do what he can to drag this thing into Teddy Atlas’ favorite “deep waters” and Paul will get some resistance for the first time in his young boxing career. Screw it I feel stupid for even analyzing this and I’m not even sure I believe what I just wrote, but just to be fun… Ben Askren by split decision. (Editor’s note: Let the records show I switched back to Paul after the weigh-ins but will accept full embarrassment for even thinking Ben had a chance)

Victor Rodriguez: Look, we don’t need to give this too much thought. Askren is the guy that trained at Roufusport for over a decade and somehow ended up with even worse striking. How does that happen? It’s a modern goddamn mystery I have neither the energy nor interest to pursue. Laugh at Paul all you want, he had enough power to fold Nate Robinson something ugly.We’ve seen Ben’s chin get cracked and he won’t have his wrestling to fall back on. Paul is younger, more focused and has two functional hips, which means everyone involved in this crock of shit should be ashamed of themselves. Nothing good will come of this and it won’t even be enjoyable. Jake Paul by something stupid.

David Castillo: Kind of shocked by how many people are reluctantly jumping on the Paul train. I mean, I get it. One, Paul has decent mechanics, and hits hard for an Influencer. Two, Askren wouldn’t break wind against a HEB cashier, so it’s kind of hard to imagine this looking anything other than ugly and misguided. Rama vs. The Assassin this ain’t. But Paul vs. Robinson was uglier than Askren vs. Maia. I think Paul is a solid athlete with an investment in learning to box, but he is not a fighter with an investment in learning to survive deprivation. Askren doesn’t have to knock him out. He just has to lean on him. Smother him. Cat scratch him. Fart in his general direction. Askren has been punched and slammed on his head by Robbie Lawler. Weird stoppage or not, he got up with his wits intact, a huge smile, and a win. As long as Askren is standing in front of him, Paul will simply need to feel like it’s a fight and not a boxing match. Ben Askren by Decision.

Scott Christ (from Bad Left Hook predictions): Paul didn’t rattle against Robinson’s wild, ridiculous charges, which is the most real evidence we’ve ever seen that he actually knows what he’s doing when the bell sounds. If it ends in the first few rounds here, it’ll end because Paul caught an aging, pretty hobbled Askren with a few clean shots. But I think Askren might be able — and willing — to ugly this up and survive and make an annoying case of things on the cards in a fight that makes Paul’s non-boxing fan base consider if they ever want to pay to watch this stuff again. Paul MD-8

Wil Esco (from Bad Left Hook predictions): Look, as plainly poor as Ben Askren has looked in some of the videos he’s been releasing I just can’t believe the man can still be that bad after a training camp. I really just have to assume it’s all a trolling tactic to bait Paul into being overconfident. I mean, Paul continually says he’s a real professional boxer yet he’s yet to face another actual professional boxer. Askren certainly isn’t that, but he is at least a professional fighter which is way more than anything Paul has been up against to date.

I think Paul is going to be in for a bit of a reality check when he’s in against a determined fighter who has actual fighting experience — it does count for something. I have no real strong indications here, but I’m just going to play a hunch that Askren is good enough to at least beat Paul. Askren UD-8

Staff picking Paul: Anton, Victor, Stephie, Dayne, Phil, Zane, Connor, Scott (BLH)
Staff picking Askren: David, Mookie, Wil (BLH), Lewis


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