UFC Vegas 23 prelims results & video: Danho destroys De Castro, Kasanganay scores no-hooks RNC sub

The UFC Vegas 23 prelims are officially in the books and we got a couple of cool finishes, and a few weird split decisions,…

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 years ago
UFC Vegas 23 prelims results & video: Danho destroys De Castro, Kasanganay scores no-hooks RNC sub
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The UFC Vegas 23 prelims are officially in the books and we got a couple of cool finishes, and a few weird split decisions, but all in all it has been entertaining day so far. Closing out this portion, Jim Miller and Joe Solecki went the distance in a rather underwhelming grappling-heavy decision. Miller had top position in the opening act, followed by Solecki maintaining control for the seocnd and third. Nonetheless, Solecki scored the biggest name win of his career, and Miller set the UFC record for most fights today with 37 bouts.

Before that, Mateusz Gamrot dropped Scott Holtzman in the second-round of their match, and then ended the fight with savage ground and pound. After falling short in a tough split decision in his promotional debut, Gamrot has now earned his first UFC victory, and also his first career knockout.

In what was a predominantly standup war, longtime UFC veteran John Makdessi took a split decision over promotional newcomer, Ignacio Bahamondes. Makdessi did major damage in the opening round, but Bahamondes poured out his heart and did his best to try and rally and win. The veteran proved to be too much, and walked away with a decision that probably shouldn’t have been a split.

After being on the sideline for a lengthy five-years, Jarjis Danho returned to action by knocking out Yorgan De Castro cold in the first-round. De Castro pressed forward aggressively with punches to close the distance, but a lethal overhand right was waiting for him. De Castro went out on impact, and then ate an academic hammerfist for good measure.

Opening up the event, Impa Kasanganay made his return to action by dropping down to the welterweight division to submit Sasha Palatnikov in the second round. Kasanganay brought a grapple-heavy approach, but it was a big right hand that rocked his foe, followed by jumping a slick and hookless RNC to get the tap. He may have suffered a viral loss in his last outing, but Impa is back with a win in a new weight class and has improved his record to 9-1.

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Joe Solecki def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27): Lightweight

The fighters began trading punches as soon as the match began. Miller was pressuring forward while Solecki was aiming to uncork powerful counters. Solecki shot in for the takedown, but Miller stuffed it and entered into the full guard. Solecki did not return to his feet. The second round saw Solecki close the distance right away. He ate a crafty knee from Miller before having his turn at the top of full guard. Miller did not return to his feet. Solecki earned an early takedown in the final round. He was able too maintain the top position while doing just enough to not get stood up.

Mateusz Gamrot def. Scott Holtzman by KO at 1:22 of round 2: Lightweight

Gamrot looked to pressure right away, but Holtzman was utilizing slick footwork to remain in open space. When Gamrot did get the takedown, Holtzman was able to scramble right back to his feet. Holtzman was trying to counter the advances of Gamrot by timing an uppercut. Gamrot showcased some smooth footwork of his own, avoiding the big punches that Holtzman was loading up on.

Gamrot dove on a low ankle pic in the second round to start a grappling sequence. Holtzman was able to fight it off to remain vertical, but then Gamrot unloaded a powerful right hand that dropped Holtzman. Gamrot pounced with fight-ending ground strikes until the referee pulled him off.

John Makdessi def. Ignacio Bahamondes by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29) : Lightweight

Bahamondes was happy to lead the dance right out of the gate. He was picking away at Makdessi with different strikes, but then a big counter punch rocked Bahamondes. Makdessi pressed forward and hurt his foe again with a flurry of hands. The fighters started to exchange back and forth with dirty boxing, and Bahamondes was still fighting but still clearly hurt. Bahamondes started to land some nice elbows in the clinch at the end of the round, but Makdessi unloading a few more punches just before the bell.

Bahamondes got back to his volume to start the second round. he was pumping his jab and poking his opponent, but not dishing out a tremendous amount of damage. Makdessi continued to find success with his hands, and was clearly the heavier hitter. Down the stretch, Bahamondes started to land a lot more, but Makdessi would just bull through with his punches.

Makdessi continued to own the center of the Octagon in the final frame, despite Bahamondes having some urgency in his step. Bahamondes was throwing a ton of volume, while eating the heavy punches of Makdessi. As the round grew on, a bloodied up Bahamondes had Makdessi backing up, but still couldn’t find a way to inflict fight-ending damage.

Jarjis Danho def. Yorgan De Castro by KO at 3:02 of round 1: Heavyweight

De Castro took the center right away with Danho playing the outside. Just when De Castro seemed to be finding his range, he pressed forward aggressively but Danho uncorked a counter overhand right that made Yorgan go limp and collapse to the floor in a rather animated way. Danho dropped a single followup hammerfist to put his foe completely out and end the bout. Yikes!

Jack Shore def. Hunter Azure by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 28-29): Bantamweight

Some feeling out went on to get things going before the grappling began. In the clinch, Shore began to grind on his adversary, utilizing the bodylock to maintain control. Azure was taken down several times in the rinse cycle, but was finally able to land in top position. Azure then broke away into open space, where Shore was the one landing fluid strikes. The competitive scrambles spilled over into he second round. Shore was looking to get his grind on, but Azure wasn’t making it easy. With about a minute to go in the round, the fighters went back and forth, trading blows until the bell.

Azure went for some takedown attempts of his own in the final round, but Shore was too savvy to concede any of them. Instead, Shore was the one hitting the takedowns and not giving his opponent an inch. Azure just couldn’t get any space. No matter what he did, no matter how many scrambles he tried to initiate, Azure just couldn’t hold a dominant position for any extended period of time.

Luis Saldana def. Jordan Griffin by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Featherweight

Saldana came out firing a bunch of variety at his foe, including a coupe of really hard calf kicks. Griffin was finally able to check a kick, counter with some stinging punches, and close the distance against the fence. Griffin seemed to overtake as the one in the driver’s seat. Griffin found top position early in the second round, but Saldana was threatening with submission attempts. Saldana was able to use his submission grappling to get back to his feet, but Griffin was able to snag top position again. Griffin continued to control, and locked up a tight rear-naked choke, but ran out of time before he could finish.

Griffin pressed forward in the final round, backing his opponent up tot the fence. Saldana was effectively counter striking as Griffin was trying to close the distance, until Griffin shot in. That’s when the fight turned into a grappling match. Griffin jumped on the neck, but Saldana was able to secure the top of half guard. Saldana didn’t stay there for too long, as Griffin scrambled out and onto the back just before the bell.

Da Un Jung def. William Knight by unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-27): Light Heavyweight

Being the much shorter fighter, Knight was looking to close the distance right away. He tried to get the fight to the floor, but Jung was bale to adjust and take top position. Not a ton went on as Jung hung around inside the full guard. Knight eventually exploded back to his feet, but after botching another takedown attempt he found himself on his back again. The second act saw more of the same. Knight tried to get a takedown and Jung hit a throw to find top position. Jung made his way to the back and started to pound away at an already bloodied up Knight. In the words of Mike Goldberg, the final round was virtually identical.

Impa Kasanganay def. Sasha Palatnikov by submission (RNC) at :26 of round 2 : Welterweight

The welterweights went right to work, swinging big at one another. Once Impa connected, he was able to score takedown and take top position. Sasha remained relatively safe and worked his way back up to his feet. The fight stayed in close quarters against the cage, with the fighters jockeying for position in the clinch. Impa dropped Sasha with a right hand to start the second round. He then grabbed ahold of the neck in mid-scramble, and despite not having his hooks in, he was able to achieve a tap.

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