Canelo Alvarez vs. Callum Smith live streaming results, round by round updates, How to Watch

Boxing’s big final event for 2020 features one of the sport’s biggest stars. Tonight (December 19th) from The Alamodome in San Antonio, Canelo Alvarez…

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Canelo Alvarez vs. Callum Smith live streaming results, round by round updates, How to Watch
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Boxing’s big final event for 2020 features one of the sport’s biggest stars.

Tonight (December 19th) from The Alamodome in San Antonio, Canelo Alvarez (53-1-2, 36 KOs) takes on WBA super-middleweight champion Callum Smith (27-0, 19 KOs). The WBC belt is also at stake so we’ll have a unified champion by the end of the night. Alvarez is the comfortable favorite but make no mistake about it, Smith is a damn good fighter and taller than the Mexican superstar by six inches. Unlike Sergey Kovalev, Smith is also in his prime.

The undercard… well it sucks. It was supposed to have WBC flyweight champion Julio Cesar Martinez in the co-main and he’s awesome, but he had a non-COVID illness and with it so went a potentially great fight with Francisco Rodriguez. Instead you get a gaggle of prospects ranging from Cuban heavyweight Frank Sanchez to American amateur standout Marc Castro.

Don’t believe what DAZN tells you because usually their start times are way off, but let’s say that the main event will be at 11 PM ET/8 PM PT or thereabouts. It won’t conflict with the UFC whatsoever. We’ll have round by round updates of the main event when it begins.

How to Watch

Pay-per-view on traditional cable/satellite is an option! The cost is $69.99 in the United States and you can turn that into a four-month DAZN subscription.

DAZN subscribers (except in Mexico) can watch the event at no additional cost. Check your region for your monthly or annual subscriptions.

Main Card (8 PM ET, DAZN) – Main event start time approx. 11 PM ET

Canelo Alvarez vs. Callum Smith – WBC and WBA super-middleweight titles

Round 1 – Raucous atmosphere in San Antonio. Alvarez with an early jab. Smith misses the right hand over the top and the jab. Left hook by Canelo is blocked. Smith’s hook is blocked but he lands a body shot. Canelo pops out the jab. Hook by Alvarez is blocked and Smith just misses on the uppercut. Good jab and body shot from Alvarez. Another jab by Canelo. Alvarez with a body blow. They trade jabs and then Alvarez fires off a hook and misses the right hand. 10-9 Canelo.

Round 2 – Smith sneaks a right hand around the guard of Alvarez. Uppercut by Smith is slow and doesn’t connect cleanly, if at all. Alvarez chops down Callum’s body. Good jab by Smith upstairs. Alvarez pressuring and trying to cut off the ring. Smith with an uppercut to the body but a jab, hook to the body, and then a blocked right hand from Canelo. Another good jab by Smith. Right hand by Canelo glances and forces a hold from Smith. 20-18 Canelo.

Round 3 – Smith pops that jab from distance with his big reach advantage. Left lands for Canelo. Lunging left hook off target for Alvarez. Just off on the uppercut. Smith jabs the body. Nice two-punch combo by Smith. He’s unable to connect on the uppercut. Big straight right by Canelo. Body shots exchanged by these two. Good head shot from Alvarez. Glancing right hand by Smith. A right hand by Alvarez gets through and two jabs score for the Mexican. Body shot by Smith. Jab and right hand from Canelo. More body work by Smith. Big body punch by Canelo. Competitive round! 30-27 Canelo.

Round 4 – Triple jab by Smith and then a right uppercut and another jab. Canelo with a hard right hand on the forehead. Canelo with a body shot and now he’s really throwing with conviction. Jab by Canelo. Slapping body shot from Smith and then a right hand down the middle by Canelo. Big body shot by Alvarez but Smith answers back! Blocked right hand thrown by Canelo. Good uppercut by Smith. A 1-2 by Canelo snaps Smith’s head back. Another right hand by Canelo and he gets Smith with an uppercut. Not much else happens in the waning seconds. 40-36 Canelo.

Round 5 – Once again it’s Smith trying to work his jab and now he gets in a body shot and an uppercut. Stinging jab from Canelo. Amazing defense from Alvarez as Smith whiffs on all of his punches in that four-punch combo. Hard hook upstairs by Canelo and Smith can’t quite land the uppercut. Another uppercut by Smith but he can’t connect on the right hand. Wicked body shot by Alvarez but it’s blocked partially. Short right by Smith. A lovely straight right by Canelo. Two-piece by Canelo. Smith with soft jabs and Canelo evades his uppercut. This is an outclassing. 50-45 Canelo.

Round 6 – Canelo with a right hand to the body. Up jab from Alvarez. Big right hand by Canelo and then a body shot certainly get Smith’s attention. Smith tries to throw the right off the jab but to no success. Decent right hand by Smith but Canelo responds with a hook. Callum trying to let his hands go now. Another brutal body blow by Canelo. Jab by Smith is there. One more jab to the body by Smith. 60-54 Canelo.

Round 7 – Alvarez going back downstairs with the jab but he gets hit with a jab upstairs. Nice hook to the body by Smith. Blocked power shots by Canelo. Uppercut and a body shot by Smith. Quick by Smith and effective but he is jarred by an uppercut. Canelo consistently able to pressure him and walking Smith down. They trade against the ropes and it’s good work from both men but Alvarez is clearly the more damaging of the two. Long jab by Canelo and an uppercut. Right hand by Canelo, a right by Smith and then another right by Canelo. Double jab by Canelo. 70-63 Canelo.

Round 8 – Alvarez looking too fast and too skilled for the Englishman. Hard uppercut and a straight right by Canelo. Just measuring up and firing away. Lead uppercut by Canelo and a right hand. Sharp counter left by Alvarez. Smashing left hook from Canelo. Smith with a left hook that does nothing to budge Canelo’s brick head. Two rights by Smith as Canelo walked in on him. Body shot again by Canelo. Two right hands get through for Smith but a bigger uppercut from Canelo lifts Smith’s head up. Sharp jab from Canelo. Alvarez snaps Smith’s head with the jab. Good right by Smith. One more shot on the belt line to end the round. 80-72 Canelo.

Round 9 – Another right hand by Alvarez and then a jab. Smith trying to fight back but Canelo rips him with a combination. Smith is bleeding out of his nose. A good right hand by Smith. Alvarez unable to land the uppercut but he three-pieces Smith. Oh Canelo is feeling it. Smith with a two-punch combo but Canelo doesn’t give a damn. Hard right hand and Smith is hurt! Ropes kept him up but the ref does not score a knockdown. Smith fires away but not landing enough consistently. Canelo fakes with the jab and then slams home an uppercut. Another jab by Canelo. Double body shot by Canelo. Three-punch combo by Smith that is doing nothing. Smith is getting demoralized. Body shot doubles Canelo over. Another right hand. This is a beatdown. 90-81 Canelo.

Round 10 – Jab by Alvarez. Nifty left hook from Smith but Canelo drills Smith to the body. Left hook by Canelo. Right hand to the midsection and a jab and then another right plus an uppercut. This is a bruising. Smith hurt to the body. Jab by Smith. Another body by Alvarez. Right hand by Smith but he’s landing one for every four for Canelo. More punishment dished out by Canelo. Double body shot by Alvarez. GOD DAMN these body shots are murderous. 100-90 Canelo.

Round 11 – Fight will continue even though this probably could be stopped at any moment. Right hand downstairs and upstairs. Left hook to the liver. A left hook upstairs shifts Smith’s body. A straight right down the pipe scores and Canelo delivers more body shots. Big right hand by Canelo. Smith in trouble. Smith lands a right but Canelo has him cornered. Two more body shots and one of them might have been low. Ref says nothing. Jab by Canelo. Smith is trying to survive. 110-99 Canelo.

Round 12 – Pair of punches by Canelo send Smith back. Uppercut again by Canelo as he looks for the knockout. Jab and right hand by Canelo. Smith with his own combination and he’s showing heart but he is getting whooped. Chopping right hand by Alvarez. Three-punch combo by Canelo against the ropes. Smith just smiles and laughs. Smith ties up and the crowd boos haha. Canelo wails on Smith some more. Under a minute to go. Looks like Smith will go the distance but he’s lost his title for sure. 120-108 Canelo.

Official result: Canelo Alvarez def. Callum Smith by unanimous decision (119-109, 119-109, 117-111) to become the WBA and WBC super-middleweight champion

Undercard results

Marc Castro def. Luis Valdes by KO, 1:59 of round 3

Frank Sanchez def. Julian Fernandez by KO, 1:35 of round 7

Raymond Ford def. Juan Antonio Lopez by KO, 1:14 of round 7

Austin Williams def. Isiah Jones by TKO, 1:29 round 1

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