UFC 256: Figueiredo vs. Moreno prelims live results, discussion, play by play

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as UFC 256 goes down live in Vegas. WATCH LIVE!…

By: Tim Burke | 3 years ago
UFC 256: Figueiredo vs. Moreno prelims live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as UFC 256 goes down live in Vegas.

Today’s show will feature a title fight in the flyweight division on top. In the headliner, Deiveson Figueiredo will look to make UFC history as he defends his title twice in 21 days against top contender Brandon Moreno. In the co-main, Tony Ferguson returns to the Octagon to face off with Charles Oliveira, who is on a seven-fight winning streak.

This post will cover the prelims. The featured fight on the undercard will see longtime featherweight contender Cub Swanson making his return at long last after a terrible injury. He’ll be squaring off with fellow veteran Daniel Pineda.

Today’s show is a standard PPV, but Covid has taken it down a notch. There is one Fight Pass fight, which should kick off around 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT. Things will move to ESPN 2 and ESPN+ for four more fights at 8 ET, and then we’ll go over to PPV at 10pm ET as per the norm.

Cub Swanson vs. Daniel Pineda

Round 1 – Pineda with a couple of low kicks. He grabs Cub and muscles him around the cage for a bit. Another low kick. Swanson with a lead right but he gets tagged right back. More leg kicks from Pineda. Cub lands solid. Again with the lead right hook. Pineda tags him right back with a lead right hook and a low kick. Pineda slips and Swanson wades into his guard. Pineda attacks a leg for a few seconds, but Swanson evades and jumps into Pineda’s full guard. Pineda gets his legs up and looks for a triangle, then an armbar. Swanson scoots out and they get up. Hard leg kick from Pineda. Swanson rolls into a takedown attempt and they scramble down and up. Big left hook from Cub! Pineda is hurt but trying to disguise it. Swanson digs the body with a left hook. Pineda spins and misses. Hard shots from Swanson right before the horn! Great chin on Pineda, he’s apparently good to go. 10-9 Swanson.

Round 2 – Swanson with a right hook right away, and Pineda is wobbles again. He looks for a takedown but Swanson’s takedown defense is stellar. They battle on the fence. They get at distance and Cub drops Pineda with a nasty right hook at the end of a combo! Pineda went down, and Cub thought it was over, but he gave him the Hendo on Bisping treatment to put him away! NASTY!

Cub Swanson defeated Daniel Pineda via KO (strikes), 1:52 of round 2

Renato Moicano vs. Rafael Fiziev

Round 1 – Tepid start. Body kick from Moicano. Low kick from Fiziev. They trade rights. Another low kick from Fiziev. Those are hard as hell. Moicano with his own kick. Left hook to the body from Fiziev. Jab from Moicano, low kick from Fiziev. Again with the kicks. Inside leg kick from Moicano. Jabs from each men, and Moicano lands a hard right as Fiziev throws a kick. Beautiful combination from Fiziev. Fiziev grabs a kick and just throws Moicano to the floor. Big shot from Fiziev and Moicano is down! IT’S OVER! HOLY CRAP! He seemed like he was still good to go, or acted like he was, but he basically fell down again when he tried to get up. Fiziev wrecked him! Wow! Left hook to the body and right hook right on the chin. One more shot and the ref jumped in.

Rafael Fiziev defeated Renato Miocano via KO (strikes), 4:05 of round 1

Gavin Tucker vs. Billy Quarantillo

Round 1 – Tucker with a quick left that connects. Body kick from Quarantillo. Inside leg kick from Tucker. Quarantillo with a hard right hook, and he might be stunned. Tucker ties him up, and gets a sweet trip takedown. Not for long though. They reset in the center and trade shots. Nice jabs from Tucker. Quarantillo with a nice right. Tucker with a lead left and he engages in the clinch. They break but are still fighting in close. Short elbow lands for the Canadian. Knee to the body. Quarantillo is active but not landing a ton. Clinch against the fence, briefly. Nice straight right from Tucker, but Quarantillo fires back quickly. More clinch work in the middle of the cage. Two knees to the body from Tucker. Another knee from range. Quarantillo lands two knees of his own. Head kick from Tucker connects! Quarantillo ties Tucker up on the cage, but Tucker trips him to the mat at the horn. 10-9 Tucker.

Round 2 – Quarantillo with the quick start this time, he lands a good straight right out of the shoot. Tucker with a straight left. Ste-in knee to the body from Tucker. Quarantillo lands one of his own. Tucker with a knee and a right hook. Quarantillo with a jab. Two more knees from Tucker. Those are pretty. Nice lead left hook from Quarantillo though. They trade knees to the body. Again. Straight left from Tucker. And an outside leg kick. Quarantillo has slowed a bit, likely from the knees to the body. They trade hard lefts. Tucker clinches and scoots to Quarantillo’s back. Quarantillo grabs a single and looks for a takedown but Tucker so too strong for that. Tucker ducks a shot and puts Quarantillo in his back, and moves straight into side. Quarantillo gives up his back. Tucker has hooks, but Quarantillo deftly spins away and back to his feet. Hard knee to the body from Quarantillo now. Tucker plays possum and lands a straight right. 10-9 Tucker.

Round 3 – They touch up. Tucker with a straight left right out of the gate. They tie up. Tucker with a body lock takedown, twice, but Quarantillo pops up immediately both times. Tucker with a beauty counter straight left. Quarantillo with a knee to the body in the clinch. Tucker defends a takedown and puts Quarantillo on his back. And jumps into his guard to keep him there. He was working in half, Quarantillo gives up his back again. And gets up. The ref stops them due to…a clash of heads i think? He resets them quick, but Billy Q is bleeding from it. Tucker with a lead right hook. Quarantillo looks to scoot to the back and get a takedown, but Tucker wasn’t having that and got his own takedown a few seconds later. Quarantillo immediately frames up a triangle but Tucker sweeps his legs aside. They’re up. And back down courtesy of a Newfoundland slam. Tucker backs out and Quarantillo lands a couple of upkicks. He gets up but Tucker is still leaning on him. He looks for another pretty trip but can’t get it. Quarantillo with a knee to the body but Tucker takes him back to the floor. That’s it. 30-27 Tucker on my card.

Gavin Tucker defeated Billy Quarantillo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Tecia Torres vs. Sam Hughes

Round 1 – Torres comes out firing right away. Hughes scores with a leg kick. Torres with a four-punch combo and a head kick. Hughes closes the distance. They battle for underhooks on the fence. Front kick from Torres. She presses the action. Body kick from Torres, and a Superwoman punch! Hughes spins and misses. Torres throws a bunch of kicks. Head kick from Torres. Body shots from Torres. She fakes another Superwoman punch. Hughes tries to shoot but Torres just sluffs her off and lands three big shots. She gets a late takedown. All Tiny Tornado. 10-9 Torres.

The fight has been stopped. Hughes can’t see out of one of her eyes, told her coach, and it’s done. The doctor wouldn’t let her continue, understandably.

Tecia Torres defeated Sam Hughes via TKO (injury), 5:00 of round 1

Chase Hooper vs. Peter Barrett

Round 1 – They touch up. Both throw some feints, and Hooper dives on in a takedown. Can’t get anywhere though. Leg kick from Barrett. Again. Nice counter right too. Leg kick from Hooper. Barrett with nice jab. Hooper with a right hook. Side kick. Barrett lands low. Cornuts cam confirms. H takes about a minute and they reset. Barrett lands two low kicks. Barrett with a lead left hook. Jab. Barrett catches another kick. Hooper hoofs Barrett in the cup. He takes a bit of time to reset. Leg kick from Hooper. Side kick. Barrett jumps in with a right hook. Hooper scoops a single but Barrett fights him off. Elbows from Barrett as Hooper continues to try for the takwdown He switches to a double, then pulls guard with a leg lock. Time runs out though. 10-9 Barrett.

Round 2 – Hooper looking to kick the legs early. Hooper with a straight left that lands hard. Barrett is chopping his legs now. Hooper’s front leg is jacked, he’s checking kicks now. Both land at the same time. Barrett kicks the front leg again and Hooper is having trouble putting weight on it. He’s trying to pull guard but nada. Hooper is trying to throw kicks of his own but there’s nothing behind the,. He tries to shoot but the damaged front leg made it super telegraphed. HE IMANARI ROLLED! And snatched up Barrett’s leg! He was defending well, but then rolled the wrong way and was in danger. He perseveres though and lands a couple of hammerfists and gets up. Good leg kick by Hooper. JJabs from Barrett. 10-9 Barrett.

Round 3 – Hooper has a kick that gets caught. He backrolls away. Barrett lands a clean lead right. Straight left lands as Hooper tries to shoot. Big right again from Barrett. Imanari roll again! He gets a hold of a leg, but Barrett is defending well. They’re in a weird 50/50. Hooper is landing punches and elbows while he tries to secure the leg. Barrett’s just like whatever, these don’t hurt. Hooper is casually looking for different subs as he advances on Barrett’s legs. Barrett is figuring out that he’s in trouble! HE TAPS! He didn’t respect Hooper’s ground game enough and he won a fight he had no business winning! That was awesome!

Chase Hooper defeated Peter Barrett via submission (heel hook), 3:02 of round 3

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