The Mookie & Crookie Show 96: UFC Vegas 14 recap, John Nash answers mailbag questions

Welcome to ‘The Mookie & Crookie Show’, a spinoff of ‘The Level Change Podcast’ that goes a little more in-depth on major combat sports…

By: Stephie Haynes | 3 years ago
The Mookie & Crookie Show 96: UFC Vegas 14 recap, John Nash answers mailbag questions
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Welcome to ‘The Mookie & Crookie Show’, a spinoff of ‘The Level Change Podcast’ that goes a little more in-depth on major combat sports news, as well as takes a humorous look at the crazy world of combat sports social media. The show is hosted by Mookie Alexander and Stephie Haynes and airs every Tuesday.

Here is a summary of the topics discussed or questions asked, complete with the time stamps for when each interview or special segment begins. As always, we hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoyed recording it.


Weekend recap: RDA beats Felder, Khaos reigns, Bud blasts Brook – 2:22


1. Any chance we see crowd events in the middle of next year? (Kenta Thuesen)

2. I heard Joe Rogan refute Luke Thomas’ criticism of UFC fighter pay by emphasizing the expense of running the promotion. Would Nash be able to compare fighter pay as a percentage to general expenses and overall profit? Seems like UFC apologists are just saying ~20% is all that the UFC could pay even if it’s not ideal. (Combat Artist)

3. I’m always amazed the UFC can get away with putting on PPV cards like 255 with absolutely no star power or appeal outside of the hardest of hardcore fans…I know John has spoke about this in the past, but a refresher on how little PPVs the UFC needs to sell for these type of events to be profitable would be cool, thanks. (James Lowson)

4. How major is it that Biden won since Trump and Dana are buddies? With the change in the Labor department coming in January, could we see a renewed effort in classifying MMA fighters as employees versus independent contractors? (Mark from Wombat Sports)

5. Several reports have Zuffa Boxing starting Dec. 11. Since boxing is under the Ali Act, how do you think Zuffa will handle the contracts? (Mark from Wombat Sports)

6. How are fighters benefitting from the extension of the EA UFC deal through 2030? How does the election of Biden affect the Ali Expansion Act initiative? (Chris from Jersey)

7. Has there been any push back on Nevada no longer releasing fighter purses (MMA or Boxing) and does it look like other states’ ACs will follow suit? (Finley Beaton)

8. Andrew Yang has made it clear he wants to take on UFC with labor laws and Ali Act among other things. How realistic do you think is a significant change coming in the stronghold UFC has on the market if such new legislation and laws are passed? (NatrajMMA)

9. What can fans do differently to encourage this conversation within the wider MMA community? It feels like the only way to get the fighters to engage with it is to have fan backing so they can talk freely about pay without fear for retribution from the promotions. (Jordie Weeds)

10. Since Biden has won the election and Andrew Yang is pretty much set to be a member of his cabinet do you see any meaningful full change happening regarding MMA fighter pay and more specifically an increased emphasis on pay transparency? (Chaz Lomack)


Bob Arum’s comments on keeping Bud Crawford

Paul Felder’s risk vs. reward taking the RDA fight

UFC has a packed schedule that will have run 28 weeks straight by the time Christmas week gets here. With covid numbers exploding again, do you think we see a schedule like this next year?

Zelina Vega was released from the WWE 10 minutes after tweeting that she supported unionization efforts. You noted that the NLRB had no teeth at all. Elaborate on that and do you think we get to that point with the UFC?

Last year only 10.3% of salary and wage workers were part of a union. Are we possibly seeing the end of the road for unions?

Details of the Disney earnings call as they pertain to the UFC

ESPN firing 500 employees (any blowback onto the UFC?)

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